Dhhai Kilo Prem 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pankaj giving money to Deepu. Deepu takes the money and tells Pankaj that this is one day Salary of Kishore so she will go after working for a day. Pankaj says ok, you can work. I am not like your family. Kishore comes to the shop and asks Madhuri if she wants anything as he is going to market. Piyush asks if he is fired by Pankaj. Kishore says no, and tells that Deepu is handling the shop. Piyush asks Madhuri to come to shop. Madhuri asks Kishore when she came. Kishore says she came an hour before. Madhuri says he called me, but didn’t say anything. She tells Piyush that may be Deepu will convince him. Piyush thinks it might be Kunal’s work and thinks Pankaj will write last chapter of her story. Madhuri asks Kishore to have food.

Pankaj calls someone and tells envelope is ready. Customer comes and asks Pankaj to pack 5 kg dry fruits. Someone else come to take the envelope. Deepu says I will do, and packs the dry fruits for them and takes money. She gives them chocolate box for their daughters wedding. Lady gets impressed and asks her husband to buy the marriage grocery for this shop. Other guy comes there and says you gave me just 4000 in envelope. Pankaj says I have kept 6000 in my hand and recalls and realizes his mistake. He tells that I gave you wrong envelope and apologizes. Man gets angry and asks him to do carefully. Deepu says he is apologizing, and asks him to talk with respect. Pankaj recalls Ragini telling that she kept 5100 Rs in envelope and don’t know how 500 came out. He call Mishra ji and tells them something angrily. Mishra ji gets tensed.

Piyush and Amit are at home. Amit says shall I send goons. Piyush says it is my shop and can’t bear loss. Mishra ji, Ragini and Taya ji come home. Piyush calls Madhuri. Mishra ji tells Madhuri that Pankaj called him and asked to come home, said Deepu have done drama in the shop. Madhuri says Deepika is in the shop with him. Pankaj comes home with bruises on his face. Madhuri asks what happened? Pankaj goes inside. They ask Deepu to tell. Madhuri cleans his wound and asks what happened? Piyush asks Deepu to tell.

A fb is shown, Deepu is lifting the rice bags and taking to shop. The local goons there tease her. Deepu says I have food with hard earned money, don’t roam like you. They throw ball on her, and tell that they will lift the bag. Deepu asks why they are misbehaving and takes out the chappal. Pankaj comes and slaps the goon asking them to leave. Goon pushes him on ground. Pankaj falls down. He gets up and beats the goons. Deepu also fights with them. Pankaj says if you put eyes on my bahu and daughter, then I will kill you. He fights with all of them. Deepu also fights with them. The people gather there and asks what happened? Deepu asks them to apologize to Papa ji. They apologize. Fb ends. Pankaj changes his clothes and tells Madhuri that Deepika walks with trouble.

Mishra ji apologizes to Pankaj and says we didn’t know this will happen. Pankaj says she said she will work in the shop all day. Deepu and Ragini apologizes. Ragini asks why did you go there? Deepu asks him to punish her. Pankaj says girl is picking up the bags in my shop and says he don’t let bahu or daughter do work in the shop. Mishra ji asks what did you say? Pankaj says I don’t let bahu work in my shop. Kunal says Bau ji said right, Deepika is our bahu. Namrata is Lakshmi. Pankaj says she didn’t do this intentionally. Deepu touches his feet and takes his blessings. She hugs Madhuri. Ragini also hugs Madhuri. Amit says uncle did wonder. Piyush is shocked. Pankaj says this girl don’t know to accept defeat and this thing touched my heart. Taya ji and Mishra ji hugs them. Pragya Bua come home and asks how did bharat milap happened? Namrata asks her to bring sweets. Pragya Bua congratulates Mishra ji and Ragini.

Kunal asks piyush to take Deepu inside and make her wash her hand and face, says she is hurt. Taya ji says her face is looking dull. Piyush takes her inside. Kunal smiles. He asks her to use her bathroom and gives towel. Deepu asks if you are angry with me. Piyush asks why you didn’t tell me. Deepu says she don’t want to trouble him. Piyush says this marriage is happening as you wants. Deepu asks if he don’t want to marry. Piyush says I don’t want to marry you. Deepu is shocked. Kunal comes and asks him to see that he is joking and tells that she is already tensed. Piyush smiles. Deepu is relieved. Meghna and Namrata come there and appreciate Deepu for making Pankaj changing his decision. Piyush goes. Taya ji tells that Pankaj will not get bahu like Deepika. Madhuri says she couldn’t get a better bahu than her. She asks Piyush and Deepu to take God’s blessings. Kunal asks Piyush to come. They stand together and pray for God.

Madhuri tells that they shall complete the engagement ritual after 2 days. Kunal congratulates them. They congratulate each other. Piyush is angry.

Dhhai Kilo Prem 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Ragini tells Rukmini that Deepu convinced her inlaws and will get engaged in 2 days. She asks her to eat sweet and talk sweet. She says I respect jeth ji, else you would have shown you the door.


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