Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update on teleshowupdates.com

Ranveer asks Suman if she remembers what happened last night. He says Badi Maa and Nupur Chachi gave you a responsibility and asks if she remembers. Suman recalls everything. She gets up from bed and comes downstairs. Everyone is having food. Dadi asks Antara to bring kachoris. Suman says she will bring and goes. Sindhoora goes after Suman followed by Antara and Sanjana. Sindhoora stops Suman and says from today you will not step inside this kitchen. Sanjana and Antara are shocked. Sindhoora asks Antara and Sanjana to give whatever Dadi asks, but Suman is not allowed there. Antara asks Sanjana to give kachoris. Sanjana says ok. Antara asks Suman what happened to her, why did she sleep last night.

Veer cries and tells Kalavati that Suman promised me that she will teach me, but now I will fail. Kalavati says your mum will not come and says I will teach you English. He asks her to translate the words, she couldn’t and he gets upset. Antara tells Suman that food was not ready last night as we don’t know how to make food.

A fb is shown, Sindhoora accuses Suman as food is not made at home and Suman slept. Sanjana says we will order food from outside. Sindhoora says Maasa and Bade Papa don’t have outside food. Sindhoora apologizes on Suman’s behalf and says she will make food for everyone. She goes to kitchen and asks Chaman Kaka to give cooker. She makes food. Antara and Sanjana offers help, but Sindhoora tells that she will do herself. Sanjana goes to Suman’s room and tries to wake her up, but Suman is fast asleep. Sanjana tells Antara that Suman is not waking up. Sindhoora makes food, but the dal tadka falls on her hand as she tries to speed up the cooking process. Ranveer and others rush to her. Dadi asks Chaman to make khichdi for everyone. Fb ends.

Suman cries and thinks how could she sleep. Sanjana gives call to Suman. Kalavati tells her that Veer went to school crying and tells that she would have informed her that she is not coming. Sanjana takes the phone and tells Kalavati that Suman slept early yesterday and woke up late in the morning. Kalavati thinks now Suman will not come, and then she can go to Mittal family.

Suman apologizes to Dadi and tells that she never wanted to sleep, but slept. Sindhoora scolds her and asks her to choose between two families. Ranveer says Suman will handle and will give you no chance to complain, being management student. Suman recalls saying that. Ranveer tells that she has a proper schedule Project A, B and C and will do all her duties well. Sindhoora says she don’t want to listen to his nonsense and says Suman can go to kitchen if she choose our family. Suman apologizes to her. She tells Dadi that she didn’t know why she was sleepy. Dadi says you got tired after handling both homes. Suman says she will try to handle both homes and asks Sindhoora to permit her to go to kitchen. Dadi asks Sindhoora to forgive her. Sindhoora says she can’t forgive her and says it seems she can’t choose between two sasurals and asks her to go and stay there.


Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sindhoora says you don’t have time to answer your husband’s call and asks Kalavati to take Suman from there. Kalavati says this is Suman’s house now and acts to get attack and faints. Everyone panics.


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