Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mando cries and tells Raghu that they are ruined. Amla is shocked and is about to fall down. Karuna holds her. Raghu says we are ruined. Mando asks your punishment have increased, and asks how could you live with this baby. She says we are ruined. Karuna asks her to stop it and says we have to think about her, and says we need to go and confirm with the doctor. She says there are many options, we can abort the baby too if she don’t want. Mando asks what you are saying, you wants to kill baby. Karuna asks her to stop it and says Amla will decide what to do, and says if you really cares for Amla then you wouldn’t have taunted her every moment. Abeer looks on shocked. Karuna asks Amla to come to hospital and says the report can be negative too.

Karuna asks Nurse for the report. Nurse says you will get it in an hour and asks them to wait. Karuna says if you want, we can have a cup of tea. Amla nods no. karuna says everything will be fine, and says she wants to drink tea. Amla nods ok. Karuna buys tea outside the hospital, and says you might be thinking a lot and asks her not to worry or think about Mando’s words. She says whatever the report may be, your destiny shall be decided by you, and you have to decide what to do, move on or leave the past behind. Amla looks at her carefully. Karuna asks what happened? Amla says nothing. Karuna says I know you don’t trust me, and says even I am guilty of you being Abeer’s maaso. He says I don’t want to save anybody except you. He says that day even I lost the strength, but took you to hospital and tried to file police complaint, but they didn’t listen. I just wanted justice for you. Amla recalls Karuna taking her to hospital and standing at her side. Karuna also cries. Amla looks at her while crying. Karuna forwards her hand. Amla holds her hand.

Archie does poetry seeing Dev. Dev asks you? Archie says she was returning from call centre work, when she saw him. She asks where is he going? Dev tells that his booking ended and he came to search the hotel room. Archie says ok and asks him to call her if needs help.

Abeer is cutting the plywood and checks his phone. He writes message, but then deletes it. Hema tells Rishan that they were thinking to name some property on Raunaq and Evan. Rishan says now ladies will tell us what to do. Hema says except one lady. Rishan says don’t forget that business is on Pallavi’s name. Pallavi comes there and says nobody missed me on table. Rishan says I thought you have your breakfast already. He says we have to discuss about Udaipur deal. Pallavi says I have to come to office then and asks him if she gives him thump, then she wonders if he ever turn to her. Rishan says I will search you. Pallavi asks servant to send her breakfast to room and goes. Rishan says pallavi doesn’t know about Dev. Viren says I don’t let anything happen to Suveer. Hema asks about Evan. Rishan says nothing will happen to Evan. Hema gets upset and goes.

Mando tells Abeer that he has ¼ chance of being Amla’s baby father and says now he can’t leave them and escape. She asks Raghu if she said right. Raghu says you are always right and asks what did you say? Mando asks him not to use his mind. He says he understands everything.

Karuna asks Nurse to give Amla’s report. Nurse gives her report and Karuna is shocked. She turns to Amla with tears in her eyes.


Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raunaq tells Rishan that Evan will handle Udaipur project..Rishan says who told you, and says what do you think that I will let him handle big project alone. He says I am not doing charity here. Karuna tells Amla that she will make food for Abeer and herself. Amla says she made food for everyone. Karuna smiles.


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