Meri Durga 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer training Durga. He says you have to win championship right. Subhadra rings the bell. Amma asks her to leave. Subhadra asks Shri to open the door. She shouts for help. Shri opens the door and stops her. She asks her not to do this drama. Subhadra says we will go inside and talk. Shri says you did wrong with Durga. Subhadra says I will tell you truth. Shri says you did wrong with Yashpal and Durga, I can’t stay with you, leave from here. She shuts door. Subhadra says I will not leave Durga, I will bring her truth out, see what I do.

Durga comes to school. The boy says Sanjay and Aarti had a fight. Durga asks Saru about it. Aarti hits the ball. Durga gets hit by it. Aarti says you are the reason of our fight. Durga asks what did I do. Aarti says I will not let this go on. Durga asks what’s happening. Sanjay comes there. He asks Aarti to show her attitude to someone else, you won’t trouble Durga from now on. They argue. Durga does not understand anything. Sanjay asks Durga will become his friend, you have made our school name shine, its so cool, so I want to become your friend. Durga says I will think and goes. Sanjay says I will wait and smiles. Aarti gets angry and steps on his foot.

Dulaari tells Rishi that she wants revenge. Rishi says if Madhav knows marriage broke by our lie, what will happen. She says did you forget Madhav was crying in my feet, he met me after many years, I became Lord for him, your dad gave him values, but he calls me mum, he will do everything for me, his goodness will be useful to us.

Yashpal says we have to kick Madhav out of here, I don’t want him here. Madhav calls Amrita and says I don’t want to lose you, how will we tell everyone. Amrita says wait till evening, Durga can help us. Yashpal asks did Madhav try to impress anyone. Annapurna signs no. He goes. Durga recalls her race and says I will run happily, I felt happy like I m getting my dreams fulfilled, I will work hard and then when dad will see everyone clapping for me, he will be proud of me and forgive me, he will permit me to run. She keeps the papers in book and says I have to study hard.

Amrita comes and gives her sweets. Durga asks what’s the matter to get sweets. Madhav comes and gives icecream to Durga. Durga understands they want something. She says I know everything, you both want me to convince family. Madhav says no, its nothing like that. Durga says you want me to do this by having sweets, I m honest and daring, if you trouble Amrita, I will beat you a lot. Madhav says I got scared, forgive me. She says Amrita loves you, but what did she see in you. Amrita smiles and says don’t call him frog now. Durga says fine, why shall I convince everyone. They request. Durga says I have to think something. Subhadra comes home. Dadi asks what happened. Subhadra says I was upset and my husband has sent me here to stay till I want, I miss you all. Annapurna says Yashpal wants to buy laptop for Durga, so he is doing another job, Durga is playing with her friends. Subhadra smiles.


Meri Durga 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shilpa says Sheela is on strike and wants Madhav to leave. Subhadra gets some proof and shows to Yashpal.


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