Naagin Season 2 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Privthi wakes up and finds himself tied in a cave. He shouts for help. Ruchika/Sesha takes Avni to another cave. Avni asks how will she kill Shivangi and what she has to do. Sesha grips her in her tail. Avani aks what is she doing. Sesha says releasing a movie, horror story with nagin, she can watch it in her eyes. She shows Avni searches Shesha in room. She told her name is Ruchika, how does she know she is Sesha, only Shivangi can tell her, so she is with Shivangi and betrayed her. She throws Avni on floor. Avni pleads spare her. Sesha says does not spare betrayers and calls snakes.

Ranveer walks excitedly shouting 50 crores. Sesha asks where is he going. He says none of her business. Yamini on the other side scolds Tanya and Jadoonath that they are fit for nothing could not capture Shivangi. Sesha enters and yells they are gossiping here and Ranveer is going out suspiciously and is up to something. Yamini says let us follow him then. Sesha then goes out and sees Shivangii and Rocky going together. Rocky then goes in front. Mansi stops him and says Avni is missing. Rubel and Aaliya says they searched whole house and did not find Avni. Rocky asks them not to worry, he will find Avni. He then goes to Shivangi. Shivangi says they have to find Avni first and then kill Ranveer. Rocky asks her to behind Ranveer while he finds Avni. Shivangi goes behind Ranveer. Rocky sees Sesha going out and thinks she must have kidnapped Avni and follows her flying. He sees Sesha going into a cave. He sees 3-4 caves and thinks where she went in and searches her. Sesha walk back to injured Avni and asks if Rocky and Shivangi are together. Avni says they hate each other, but she tried to reunite them. Sesha says she is asking one last time. Ranveer on the other side reaches cave and calls Prithvi excitedly. Shivangi turns into Prithvi. Ranveer asks where is money. Prithvi asks him to relax and chat with his son. Ranveer says Shivangi killed his mother, he wants to kill Shivangi. Prithvi says let us fulfill his wish and turns to Shivangi. Prithvi panics. Shivangi grips him in her tail and confronts that he killed her papa. Ranveer pleads to spare him. Shivangi reminds I he spared her papa, so he will die. Yamini enters with her team. Ranveer pleads to save him. Rocky comes and grips Shivangi and frees Ranveer. He asks Yamini to take everyone away, he will tackle Shivangi. They all leave. Shivangi confronts Rocky why did he save Ranveer, trying to prove Yamini and her puppets that he is on their side. Rocky takes her to cave and shows ashes. Shivangi asks whose ashes are these. Rocky reveals that Sesha killed Avni and reminisces whole incident. He says Sesha challenged if shivangi kills her dear ones, even she will kill Shivangi’s dear ones, so he just wants to save Mansi, Rubel, and Aaliya first and then think of tackling Sesha and her team. Shivangi thinks she has to fight with Sesha first.

Back home, Yamini yells at Ranveer why did he go there for 50 crores, Shivangi would have killed him. They wait for Rocky. Rocky returns. Sesha thinks Rocky did not betray her. She goes to Rocky’s room. Rocky angrily grips her and shouts nagin why did you kill Avni, I will kill you. She bites him. He says he will kill Shivangi for killing Avni. Sesha relaxes and asks is it. Rocky says yes, she killed Avni, he will not spare her. He apologizes Sesha for gripping her in anger. She says that is fine.

Ranveer gets Prithvi’s call who tells that he was hiding in cave and is the one who called him earlier, but Shivangi came there and gripped Ranveer, so he hid. Ranveer says he does not believe his lie. Prithvi sings his childhood poem. Ranveer repeats with him. Prithvi asks to him to come to cave and save him soon. On the other side, Shivangi grips Prithvi. Pritvhi says her and Rocky that he did as they told, they should spare his pappa. Ranveer enter and is shocked to see Rocky and Shivangi together. He pulls gun and shoots Shivangi. Shivangi escapes, grips him in her tail and kills him. They both then spare Prithvi and warn him to go back to jail. Pritvhi pulls gun and tries to shoot Shivangi. Rocky kicks him and warns to go back, they don’t want to kill innocent people. Pritvhi tries to pull gun again, slips and falls on sharp stone and dies. Shivangi says shivji punished sinners. Sesha reaches there and fumes seeing Pritvhi and Ranveer dead. She says she will not fight with weak nagin Shivangi and will kill her dear ones instead.

Rubel and Avni tell Mansi that they will not spare Sesha for killing Avni. Mansi says she will not let them out. Sesha comes and asks to try their luck. She reveals that she is 119-yea-old nagin Sesha and takshika who killed Avni. She says Shivangi killed Ranveer and Prithvi, so she will kill them. She attacks them repeatedly, but a protective barrier forms around them. She flies away. Rocky and Shivangi enter. Mansi thanks Shivangi for saving them. Shivangi reminisces giving her nagmani saying Sesha cannot harm them. Rocky asks how did she get it from takshak lok. Shivangi says she knew Sesha would attack them, so she brought nagmani. She asks Mansi, Aaaliya, and Rubel to hold each other’s hands and engraves nagmani in their body. Mansi sees Shesha and says she is here. Sesha disappears. Rocky says Sesha will return to take back revenge.


Naagin Season 2 18th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jadunath looks at nagmani book and says this nag/nagin look like Shivangi and Rocky, how can Takshak and seshnag nag nagin be together. Shivangi tells Sesha that her aunt was nagin and now is takshika, even then she fell in her trap. She reveals how she went to Jadunath as Tanyaa and taunted him that he is afraid of Shivangi so much that he is hiding in Yamini’s house. Rocky as Jadunath enters Tanya’s room.


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