What will Happen in – Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th June 2017 Written Update

Today You had read Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th June 2017 Written Update The Episode starts with Ravish asking Kailash to look at him and say why is hedoing this acting.He asks him to say why is he acting that he got mad, is he lying.Kailash says yes, I m lying, I m in senses, I m fineKailash says you all are mad. Ravish says you are the player and playing thisgame.Kailash says I always do drama, even when I m alone, everyone thinks I mdoing this as I m scared of Atharv’s anger, Atharv is helpless, I m scared of mychildren, Vividha’s anger, Atharv is like dust, everyone is in control except Uma, she has doubt on me that I m acting.

Ravish says I also had doubt on you and felt you are doing drama, I have seenyour look when you looked devilish, not mad. Kailash says you got to knowsomething, but can’t do anything, your fate is bad, I m the fate king.Kangana hears car coming and says maybe Atharv and Vividha came.Kailash laughs and tells him, how he has hurt himself by hitting his head on thestick.Kailash says you are less emotional and less foolish, everyone else is emotional.

Ravish asks why do you want to ruin your daughter’s family.Kailash says Atharv, he was just a name, he snatched my Vividha and made myfamily away, I will not leave this chance, Vividha trusts me, I will separate herfrom Atharv forever.Ravish asks really, how can you divide one soul, tell me, Atharv and Vividha aresuch, you can never divide them, tell me what plan did you make to separatethem.Kangana hears Vividha and says Ravish said no one disturbs him till hisquestions are completed, I have to stop them.

Vividha asks her why did she lie, principal did not call us.Kangana says no, maybe it was a misunderstanding, come we will make tea foreveryone.Kangana comes after them and gets shocked seeing Ravish.Plays Everyone come there and get shocked seeing Ravish dead. They all cry.She says you killed my Ravish, tell me why did you do this.

Kangana says nothing happened to him, he promised me, how can he go thisway.Madhav screams seeing Ravish and asks him to get up.on Next Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th June 2017 Written Update you will read Kangana cries seeing Ravish. Inspector asks Atharv if there is any witness for the murder. Kangana says I know who killed my Ravish, I m the witness. She points at Vividha. Keep visiting this page to get the Latest Updates of  Jaana Na Dil Se Door


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