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1st Epi – Manmarziyan 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with a scene in Rishikesh. Samaira is shown wandering on the roads and following maps. Radhika is shown studying and gets a call from her sister. She reads some poetry and smiles. Her sister asks what did she write, its so tough, she needs some other thing to explain this, she wanted two lines to wish happy anniversary. Radhika asks her to come to her as she does not get anything that interests her. Samaira comes to Mishra Mini market and talks to Radhika.

Samaira asks for a rope which could balance her weight. She gets a call from her mum and disconnects it. Radhika asks how much in metres. Samaira asks how much will it take to hand. Radhika says it depends on from where to hand. Samaira calculates and says I think 15 metres and Radhika imagines her hanging to fan. She says there is a thick rope and she will get it. Samaira gets a call and says keep the actress ready, I m getting the rope. Radhika calls Saral and says someone came here asking for rope for suicide, and asks him to come soon.

Samaira asks for rope and Radhika gives her a lecture on life. She does not give the rope to Samaira. She tries to change her suicide decision. Samaira asks how did she learn this spiritual talk. She says she will buy rope from someone else. Samaira asks what. Radhika says problems should be hanged, she can’t be mad and stops her. Samaira asks what and Radhika stops her. The men come and they both say each other mad, as Samaira was going to commit suicide. Samaira asks what, and laughs. She says she is buying rope for shoot, its ad shoot. Saral introduces himself and gives his card.

Samaira asks him does he know this girl. Ankush says he is Radhika’s brother. Samaira takes the rope and says mental hospital is best for such people. She leaves. They laugh. Radhika says I felt so.

Samaira calls her dad, who resides in Mumbai and laughs on what happened. She says she is not doing anything wrong, and talks about her mum. He says he loves her. She says love you too Paa and ends call. Saral and Radhika are on the way. She asks why does wrong happen with me, that girl was weird, but so confident, as if she knew everything what to do and what not. He says even I know, managing family business, marriage and two kids. She says I don’t know what to do. He says she does right, that she calls him when she falls in problem. He says its just you who come by one call. He says he can come anywhere, even in her dreams and asks does he come in her dreams. She says I don’t get sleep. He says yes, as I m always on your mind.

He says when heroine says no, it means its her yes. He drops her home. She asks her sister is it her yes in her no. Jiji says even she does not know. She says she came home with Saral. Jiji says its good Devar ji taxi service is doing good and asks their mum to fix Radhika and Saral. Radhika goes to her Dada ji and asks can’t girls do anything other than marriage. He asks why, if your Dadi was not my wife, how would your dad come. They laugh. She says I m not saying this, I want to say can’t I become something myself and identify who is Radhika Mishra and what can I do, before becoming someone’s wife.

He says she can do anything and how many jobs she changed. She says jobs changed me and recalls the job, shown in FB. She asks can’t I do any work ever, I m afraid that she will lose herself in this life game, and will be bound in any relation, that becomes her identity. She says she can’t become Radhika Mishra, can’t she identify herself. He asks her to realize and know her words what rings in her heart, what she keeps on writing, then door to life will auto open for her.

Ankush comes and greets Dada ji. He gives shop keys and asks her to give dad. She says she forgot to take money from Samaira. Dada ji asks her to hear the ring. She smiles and comes to see the ad shoot. Ankush says its great, see that mountain. Radhika sees the rope and Samaira. She waves to her. Samaira asks why did she come. Radhika says she came to take money for rope, 400rs. Samaira says I m so sorry and pays the money. She asks her to see shoot and she will come.

The ad shoot is done and the model says this line is old, she heard this line for a slipper ad. Samaira checks on her phone and says its paragon’s line, what would we do. The man asks him to change line, and take two hour time. The model says she can’t wait, she has to leave and she will be gone for two months. Samaira says we have to launch ad in one week. The man asks Samaira to talk to her mum. Samaira says no, give me 20mins, I m ad incharge and asks her team to think of a tagline. She calls Neil and can’t connect. Radhika looks on. Samaira worries as the shoot can get cancelled and they will have to bear loss. Radhika makes the lines in her mind and smiles. She tells her new lines for Samaira’s ad, and Samaira is puzzled. She repeats it and smiles. The ad is shot. Samaira says good job, not bad you do some work, its not easy to give a good line in so less time, you have good talent, why don’t you become writer, and gives her visiting card thankfully. Radhika smiles and says it rung Dadda ji. Manmarziyan………………plays……………

Radhika thinks to find her career options and Samaira gets scolded by someone. Radhika comes to meet Samaira and smiles.