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Aapke Aa Jane Se Update: Ved suffers cancer, Sahil and Vedhika is Ved’s parents


Aapke Aa Jane Se: Not Sahil Bhoomi but Sahil Vedhika’s marriage ahead

In the upcoming twist of Zee Tv popular show Aapke Aa Jane Se loyal viewers will get to witness interesting story as not Sahil Bhoomi but Sahil (Karan Jotwani) Vedhika’s (Suhasi Dhami) marriage ahead.It seems during the Sahil and Bhoomi’s marriage Ved will collapse where he will be rushed to hospital.

Ved’s health will be declared critical as he will need bone marrow transplant on immediate basis.Doctor will thus ask Sahil to get Ved’s siblings bone marrow which is only possible of Sahil and Vedhika will have one more kid of their own.

Sahil and Vedhika is Ved’s parents truth revealed

It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show as it will also be proved that Ved is Sahil Vedhika’s son.Sahil and Bhoomi’s wedding was going on and amid all this Ved faints and thus the wedding stops.Family is tensed as Ved had fainted earlier also and they couldn’t understand what is happening and calls a doctor.

Sahil and Vedika’s life comes down shattering as doctor reveals that Ved is suffering from cancer and Vedika breaks in tears.

Ved suffers cancer

Sahil bursts at doctor for not diagnosing it right and rather telling such thing but doctor shows them way to save Ved.Ved’s this state will bring Sahil and Vedika closer again,Keep reading if Sahil and Vedhika agree to marry each other.

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