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Aapke Aa Jane Se Update: Vedhika Bhoomi’s Navratri challenge, Bhoomi tags Vedhika second woman


Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedhika Bhoomi’s Navratri challenge to win Ved Sahil

In the upcoming episode of ZEE TV popular show Aapke Aa Jane Se loyal viewers will get to witness interesting drama with Vedhika (Suhasi Dhami) Bhoomi’s Navratri challenge to win Ved Sahil (Karan Jotwani).It seems Vedhika passes the Agniparikhsa which was meant for the safety of Ved while Bhoomi faisl to complete this test.

Vedhika thus asks Bhoomi to support her keeping aside their differences.Unfortunately, Bhoomi gets extremely insecure and challenges Vedhika to kick her out from Sahil’s life within Nine days of Navratri.

Sahil’s dilemma to support Vedhika or Bhoomi

It would be really interesting to see who will win this challenge Bhoomi or Vedhika.Bhoomi gets irked seeing Vedhika getting all the importance in Sahil’s life.Bhoomi starts scolding Vedhika and tags her second woman in Sahil’s life.

Sahil lose out his cool and bursts out at Bhoomi asking her to apologize before Vedhika.Unfortunately, Bhoomi does not budge and walk off saying that she will not give away her Ved to anyone.

Vedhika thanks Sahil for immense support

Vedhika thanks Sahil for supporting her and tries to hug him but Sahil shoves off Vedhika.Whom will Sahil support Bhoomi or Vedhika?

Let’s wait and watch.