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Aarambh 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update [Last Episode]


Aarambh 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devsena looking for Sambhavija and getting worried seeing the fire. Padmavija comes and shows fake concern. Devsena says I have killed Mahisha, none can badly eye Dravid Rajya, Hahumaa called us together, come fast. Padmavija asks how did this water come. Devsena says there is big storm outside. She catches Padmavija by water. Devsena scolds her for trapping her mum, you are my Maasi Padmavija, I got to know your truth, my biggest enemy.

Devsena recalls Silamban telling her about Sambhavija. He tells about Padmavija ruling as Sambhavija. Devsena says Hahumaa has made this kaksh safe from your magic, tell me where is my mum. Padmavija laughs and asks her to kill her. Devsena swears to save her mum. She goes. Jaldev says sunset will happen. Your and Hahumaa’s powers will get less, think of killing Padmavija. Devsena says I can’t kill her, just she knows about mum, she will go to my mum after sunset, I will follow her and meet my mum. Padmavija gets free and says how did this miracle happen, I m free now, I should go to my Guru ji.

Devsena and Jaldev follow her and hear her chanting mantras to trap Sambhavija forever. Devsena shoots arrow and gets the mirror. She asks where is my mum, tell me. Sambhavija asks Devsena to save her. Padmavija and Devsena fight. She frames Jaldev in her evil powers. She shows the mirror. Devsena faints. Padmavija sends her inside the mirror. Sambhavija asks Devsena to get up.

Indramitra says my ancestors dream will get fulfilled today, its time to make Dravid Rajya lose and establish Arya Rajya. The monument shakes. Indramitra stabilizes the place. He sees Swami having the sign. He worries. Devsena gets up and sees Sambhavija. She apologizes to her for not saving her. Sambhavija says I m proud of you Devsena, I couldn’t raise you, you are my daughter, you saved your dad. Devsena says you have blessed me, I will free us from here. Devsena tries. She calls Hahumaa and asks her to free her from mirror. Hahumaa asks what’s this maya, my power is not affecting her. Jaldev says just Indramitra’s sign can break this mirror. Sambhavija says he is saying right, Meghla has worn it in her hair and mirror cracked, it was that power. Jaldev says I will get that sign.

Swami’s wife asks Swami to sell the sign and get a good servant for her. She tells the things she wants. Indramitra comes there to take sign. Swami apologizes and gives the sign. He goes. Jaldev comes and asks him to give the sign to him, Devsena and her mum are in problem. Indramitra asks do you want to save enemy. Jaldev says we will end this enmity by love, its time both Rajyas unite. Indramitra says you are right, we will make Dravid Rajya, Arya will rule on it. Jaldev says no, just love will rule, give the sign to me. Indramitra asks him to kill him. Jaldev freezes him.

Jaldev says I can’t kill you, you are my Guru, my pride, I request you, let me take this sign today, take my life. He cries. Indramitra gets freed by Jaldev’s tear. He says you proved Guru can be wrong as well, you taught me a lesson today, lesson of love, you said right, Arya and Dravid Rajya will unite by love, have this sign. Jaldev nods and goes.

Padmavija does black magic. Guru ji asks Padmavija to kill Devsena. Jaldev comes with the sign and breaks the mirror. Devsena and Sambhavija come out. Devsena says we have to stop Padmavija now. Sambhavija says no, just I can kill her, because her death is mine too. Devsena says no, I won’t let you die. She asks Hahumaa how will she kill Padmavija, she is her Maasi. Hahumaa says there is one way now, that Padmavija’s evil dies, take her to the temple, the sisters’ link will break, then purify her and end her evil. Devsena asks how will we take her to temple. Indramitra says its my work, I m with you, my aim is same as you, peace and prosperity of both Rajyas.

Devsena reaches the temple and prays. She says my aim was different and I couldn’t understand the sign when Jaldev’s name sindoor fell in my maang, today I came to end evil. Indramitra stops Padmavija and says Devsena and Jaldev are not there. She asks him how did he come here. He says I just came to help you, I want revenge from Devsena and Jaldev. He wins her trust. He says Devsena and Sambhavija have hidden in temple, if you have to kill them, you have to come with me. She says I can go anywhere to kill them. He thinks your evil will die today.

Devsena makes an idol by sindoor. She says I will win this fight today. Pandit asks her to sacrifice to please Maa. Devsena says I can’t sacrifice anyone innocent. He says then you won’t get blessing. Devsena says I will end evil, I will shed my blood. She cuts her hand. Indramitra and Padmavija come there. Padmavija says your death is certain. She attacks Devsena. Indramitra says your powers won’t work here, I had to get you here.

Padmavija asks why did you cheat me. He says we want to end evil. She gets angry. Devsena pushes her inside the sindoor idol and breaks it. Padmavija falls down. Devsena apologizes to her. Padmavija thanks her for giving her a new life, by ending her evil. She says I will repent for my sins, I will go far, my blessings will always be with you.

Indramitra tells Jaldev and Devsena to unite both Rajyas by love, Devsena has to manage Dravid Rajya, my blessings are with you. Hahumaa gets free of the snake curse. Siyala touches Silamban’s feet. Silamban stops her and makes her sit. She apologizes to him. He pacifies her and forgives her. He asks her to spread happiness in her Rajya. She goes. Indramitra tells Aryas that love is founded which teaches friendship, joining, ruling together, there won’t be any war now, Arya and Dravid are one now.

Devsena makes Sambhavija wear the crown and asks her to sit on throne, her victory is in her victory. Sambhavija says but this throne got free of enemies for you. Devsena says no, its for you, I will stay in your heart, you will be the queen always. Sambhavija says call me mum, not queen, you are my victory. Devsena makes her sit on the throne. Devsena and Jaldev smile seeing each other. Everyone smiles.

The show gets a happy ending with the union of two clans.