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Aarambh 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarambh 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devsena telling her plan to conquer Siyala. Padmavija blesses her. Devsena leaves with Mahisha and Jaldev. Jaldev thinks you are going with your biggest enemy to save your dad. Padmavija does black magic and creates a disguising demon, who takes Devsena and Meghla’s avatar. She says you don’t entertain me Kalketu, you have to kill Devsena, go and kill her. He agrees. Devsena gets shocked and shows the signs of danger to Mahisha and Jaldev. She shoots the enemies. She asks them to stay there. She finds the enemies and shoots arrows. Mahisha says she is an unique warrior, if we unite, we can conquer the world. Jaldev says but you guys can’t unite, as you are her enemy. Kalketu looks on.

Devsena sword fights with the attackers. Jaldev too joins the fight. Devsena scolds him for coming and insulting her command, she can protect herself. Jaldev holds her and stabs the enemy behind her. Devsena and Jaldev have an eyelock. He apologizes. Mahisha too kills a man and gets angry. The tribal people apologize that they did not identify her.

She asks who killed those women, did you punish the culprit. He says we respect our tribal women, but we are helpless to kill them. Sh says how dare you, women are respected in Dravid Rajya. He says we have curse on us, to kill women after they grow up, they become murderers by curse, a woman in our clan insulted Kuldevi, there is a solution, but we failed to fulfill it. She asks the solution. He says a Dravid woman has to go across Narmada and pray to Lord, she should get sindoor, it should not get wet in water, many women tried but none returned. She says its tough, but not impossible. Jaldev thinks what will I do if Devsena goes to Aryavarth, anyone will identify me. The man asks her to rest at night.

Devsena dresses up in tribal clothes and talks to kids. She sees Mahisha. She goes to Jaldev. He smiles seeing her new look. He apologizes to her. It starts raining. Fire blows off. Mahisha ignites fire. Jaldev protects her. He apologizes to her for protecting her from the enemy, he did not doubt on her skills. She says I scolded without any reason. He asks her to take rest, they have to save Silamban. She sleeps. She recalls Jaldev. She wakes up and thinks of Silamban. She cries.

Padmavija laughs and talks to Sambhavija. She says I m ruling here, over your daughter, who knows what happens in fate, your fate is good, you are alive, Devsena has death in her fate. She gets inside the mirror and teases Sambhavika. Sambhavija attacks her and says I will save Devsena. Padmavija falls down.

Kalketu follows Devsena as snake and then takes Jaldev’s avatar. She says I have to get sindoor and make the tribe away from this curse. He thinks to kill her, else his powers won’t work on her. She says I trust you, will you help me. He is about to attack her. Jaldev comes and asks her to come. She asks you… He says I just came here, come fast, we have to go. Sambhavika tries to leave from mirror. Padmavija gets up and laughs. She says Devsena will surely die and comes out of mirror. Devsena shows their aim. Mahisha says I can help you in reaching Aryavarth, but we have to save Silamban first. She says I m going ahead for right motive, Silamban taught this to me. Jaldev gets tensed.

He says we are just three people, how will we fight with an army. He says you both are good warriors, I m ready to take risk, I have to save my Praja from my problem. Jaldev says we can go at night and danger will be risk. Mahisha and Devsena agree.

Kalketu takes Silamban’s avatar and comes to Padmavija. She says you think you can cheat me. He says I was just testing you, you look happy. She asks did you kill Devsena. He says yes, I will kill her, Shivgam saved her, Devsena has gone across Narmada to get sindoor from temple, she loves Praja more than her dad, she does not know I will kill her once she returns. She says no, you will kill her first.

Silamban wakes up and sees Siyala. She says we will start a new life. He blames her for attacking his palace. She says yes, I did all that as I love you, I waited for 20 years to get you. He says this can’t happen truth is I never loved you, I love Sambhavija, I m going back to him. She says no, you are just mine. She asks soldiers to catch Silamban. The man says Sambhavija’s army is attacking us. Silamban says my daughter is coming to save me. Mahisha sees Devsena and gets mesmerized by her beauty.

Mahisha says I will go and hunt, I m unable to bear hunger. He asks Shivgam to take care of Devsena. He goes. Jaldev asks what are you doing. She says I m waiting for the night to occur, tell me about your family. He tells about his parents, who stay there. She asks why, that’s enemy land. He says I miss my parents a lot. She says I also miss my dad, my duty came first than father’s love. Kalketu comes and says she is resting here, she does not know death is close to her. He turns into a rabbit and runs. She likes the rabbit and runs after it.


Aarambh 13th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kalketu catches Devsena. Jaldev looks for her.