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Aarambh 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarambh 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devsena thinking she has freed the Praja from the curse, now she will be going to free Silamban. Mani Karnika takes the stone avatar and hears tribal people praising Devsena. Jaldev gets fruits for Devsena. She says its jungle fruits. He praises the things so precious found in jungle life. She says I have forgotten myself, my life is tied by rules, I have left all my wishes, I m a princess, but bounded. He says even this Narmada has its own problems, like a mum divided heart into two pieces, one area is of Aryavarthh and other of Dravid Rajya. She says you are saying right, jungle life is the best. Jaldev and Devsena recall each other.

Mani Karnika gets jealous of Devsena and says you are a complete woman and I m half woman, just this is the difference. Some years ago, Mani Karnika watches some girls dancing and wears ghungrooos to dance with them. The people ask his dad what’s his son doing, a Mujra. His dad slaps him and takes him to a tantric, who tells that Mani Karnika is a kinner, he won’t be a woman or man. Mani Karnika says everyone used to laugh on me thinking its curse on me, its a blessing on me, I m in Devsena’s world now.

Jaldev signs Devsena. She holds the sword. He catches a butterfly and gives in her hand saying this is also a miracle of nature but be alert, sometimes beauty has poison hidden. She says but not this time, everyone is free here in this jungle. She leaves the butterfly. Jaldev smiles seeing her. Kalketu looks on. Padmavika drags Sambhavija to the Kaksh and traps her in mirror. She says how did mirror break, how did Sambhavija come out, what’s the power in this palace that helped Sambhavija. Jaldev comes to Devsena and says you have to be alert, take the sword and come out to see many Devsenas outside. She asks what. They go out and see little girls practicing swordfighting and saying I will become Devsena. Jaldev asks Devsena to think if they become like her, Dravid Rajya’s color will change.

Devsena plays with the kids and catches Jaldev. Mani Karnika turns invisible and says Devsena caught Shivgam, Devsena got me in this Rajya. Jaldev says I m not any prince, I m Shivgam. Mani Karnika says I will not go empty hand and goes. Devsena recalls playing the game with Silamban in childhood. She cries. Jaldev asks are you crying. Devsena says no, Meghla and I used to play like that, I have to get my dad from Siyala, I will leave right now.

Silamban says you are saying right Siyali, what did I get by Sambhavija, she can’t love me as you, I m yours from today. Siyali gets glad. She drinks a juice and faints. He says sometimes wine becomes a reason for death. He faints. Siyali gets up and sees him. She gets angry on his cheat. Kalketu attacks on Jaldev and says Kalketu has come as Devsena’s Kaal. Devsena sees Shivgam and scolds him for cheating her and breaking her trust. She sees Kalketu and asks who are you in Shivgam’s avatar. Kalketu says your death.

Jaldev gets up and says who has hit me. He asks a lady where is Devsena. The lady says she went with you. Jaldev says it means someone took my disguise and took Devsena. He leaves. Kalketu turns into a giant and laughs. Devsena attacks him with her powers. Padmavija starts getting unwell, when Kalketu is attacked. Devsena gets attacked. Padmavija gets sores on her hand. People ask her is she fine. She says I m unwell, I end the sabha tonight. She goes to her Kaksh. Devsena says evil ends in such a way.

Padmavija says my blood will burn if this goes on. Sambhavija thinks how did she get sores. Padmavija asks Kalketu to come out, where is he. Kalketu comes as smoke and says I can’t come in front of you, I m dead. She asks who killed you. He says Devsena, she has some power, Divya power, I couldn’t do anything. Sambhavija smiles. Padmavija asks what power does she have. He says she has some special powers. She gets angry and says Devsena….. I wanted to kill her, how can this happen, what powers does she has. Sambhavija says she is herself a power, she is my princess Devsena, Dravid Rajya’s future, you can’t kill future, soon she will kill you.

Jaldev comes and sees Devsena. She hugs him and asks are you fine. He says I also want to ask the same, are you fine. She nods. Mani Karnika dances and prays. She says I m that Nakshatra’s blessing, that first moment and first Rajya are here, that first throne…. Mani Karnika recalls his Guru’s inspiring words and that he will start his rule with Dravid Rajya, the throne will be his one day. Mani Karnika says its time to go to the palace.

Devsena says I just thought you were going to kill me today. Jaldev asks how did you think this, the one who saves you will kill you. She says it means that magical person came to me. Jaldev says someone has hit on my head and I fainted. She asks who was he. He says your enemy maybe. She says all my enemies are across my Rajya limits, who is my enemy in Dravid Rajya, yes Hahumaa told me. He asks what. She says that someone dear can be my enemy. He asks how can a demon be your dear one. She says yes, but can be sent from someone dear, its all enemies around, Indramitra was in Mahishi temple, he has attacked on me with a sword, I didn’t understand how did he identify me, just you and Mahisha knew this. He says I heard he is very knowledgeable, its impossible to get saved. She asks how did you get saved then. He says by cheat, I fooled him and left, Mahisha fought with him, he didn’t come, it means they have caught Mahisha. She worries.

Indramitra monitors everyone and says Jaldev said sign should be around somewhere in palace, but where is he, I can’t see him. He sees Jaldev with Devsena and says he is with Devsena again, he should be busy in finding the sign, is he saying something to me and doing something else, did anyone steal sign or did he give it to anyone by his hands. Devsena says what are you saying, Indramitra caught Mahisha and someone came here to kill me, everyone is cheating me, can just trust you. Jaldev thinks I m a cheat. She says I know, you will not cheat me, will you get friendly with me.

He says I m a protector and can’t get friendly with you. She says I got a sword instead doll in hand, I just heard of killing enemies of Aryavarth, I just heard of war instead fairy tale stories in childhood, you are my good friend from now on, tell me do you agree, think, I will become queen tomorrow and will make you Senapati of Dravid Rajya, I will settle your family, I mean you will marry someone. Jaldev smiles and looks at her. He forwards hand. Devsena gets glad and holds his hand. She asks what happened. He says when I touched your hand, I felt like touching water. He thinks we both are from same elements, water. She asks why. He says I have held a girl’s hand for the first time, I mean a friend’s hand. She asks can you keep the friendship. He assures her. They smile.


Aarambh 26th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devsena asks Jaldev to protect her. Mahisha says Jaldev will rule the Dravid Rajya. Padmavija says burn the enemies.