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Aarambh 26th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarambh 26th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devsena showing Siyala rajya palace and saying we have to free Silamban from there. She says I will go alone, by making my hands a weapon, my plan is my army, I will go in and find out where is Silamban trapped, then I will free him, we have to send a message about the attack in morning. She says I want enemy to see the army and I will get Silamban from palace. Jaldev says but….. Devsena looks at him and goes.

Silamban is tortured. Siyala comes and asks him to hug her. He says its better I die, love is not any war to win by power, its won by heart, you don’t have it, Devsena is Sambhavija’s daughter, she is not scared of anyone. She says you have refused to good fate, shout and bear this. She asks the men to beat Silamban much. Jaldev tells Devsena that he will support her as a friend, will she not help him if needed. He says I will surely help, you didn’t see Devsena’s friendship. He says you see a bodyguard’s friendship then.

Mani Karnika comes to palace and doesn’t get any entry. He argues with guards. Meghla comes there. Mani Karnika saves Meghla from the snake. He throws the snake away. Meghla sees blood and says snake has bitten you. Mani Karnika says its said its shubh if any kinner is hurt and has bleeding, but your guards have done inauspicious thing, I came here to serve you, but they didn’t allow me. Meghla takes him in.

Siyala’s soldiers get the arrow and show the message to Siyala. She says just Devsena can do this. Devsena and Jaldev try to enter the palace. Jaldev says there are many guards here. Devsena says we have to dress up like them. Jaldev hides her from the guards. They have an eyelock. They take disguise. Guard asks them to come, Siyala called them. Siyala tells the guards to fight the war so well that they win the war over enemies, we will have a great plan to nab them. Siyala scolds Devsena for standing among male soldiers. Devsena apologizes. Siyala says we have to win this war. She shouts Devsena….we have to win over her. Meghla praises Mani Karnika’s dance and laughs. Mani Karnika says I came here to make everyone dance, come dance with me. They dance.

Padmavija comes and asks them to stop dancing. Meghla says this is Mani Karnika. Padmavija says he is a kinner. Mani Karnika holds Padmavija’s hand. Padmavija asks him to leave her. He applies lep to her hand. She pushes him. She sees her hands sores got fine. She asks who are you. Mani Karnika praises himself. He says I like dance and cure very well. Meghla says he saved my life from the snake. Padmavija says you should get a prize. Meghla says yes, I will give him a prize, I have a beautiful thing. She gives Aryavarth’s sign to him.

Jaldev and Devsena hear some guards’ talk. She says we have to face the demon first. She thinks to move the guards first. She lies to them about queen Siyala’s command and sends them out. Indramitra prays and parts the sea water. He walks ahead. Mahisha gets free from Indramitra’s clutches. Indramitra stumbles and thinks what’s this sign, why is earth shaking. Mahisha burns the guards. Indramitra thinks why is my power not working here. Indramitra thinks what’s the power opposing me in Dravid Rajya. Siyala thinks where did all guards go.

Siyala scolds the maid. Maid says your soldier told this command. Siyala asks who was she, what was her name, it means….. Devsena has come to palace, all this attack thing is a drama, Devsena played a game, she has come here but she will not go alive. Devsena asks maid to take her to demon, she will give him food. Maid asks what, you can’t go there, none came back alive. Siyala asks them to catch Devsena and get her.

Devsena gets shocked seeing Silamban’s bad state. She cries and calls him out. She hugs him. Siyala asks did you get Devsena, she have reached Silamban, I won’t let her take Silamban, he is just mine, go and free the demon. She says Devsena didn’t come here, her death got her here. Silamban asks Devsena what is she doing here, her life is in risk, Siyala can send the demon. Devsena asks who is this demon. They turn and see a flying creature.

Jaldev comes in between to fight with the demon. He asks Devsena to take Silamban and leave. The huge bird expels fire on them. Devsena looks on and uses her water powers to freeze the fire demon. Thee bird freezes and falls down. Jaldev and Silamban get shocked. Siyala comes and says there is no guard here. Devsena hits on her head. She says I don’t leave any enemy if they dance on head.

Its morning. Swami thinks I was so colorful before. He lies about his wounds. Indramitra thinks I lost my powers, but I can enter the palace, till then I have to live somewhere else. He hears Swami’s words. Indramitra requests him to make him his Das. Swami agrees. He takes Indramitra along. Jaldev cures Devsena’s wound. He says I m touching you as a friend, not bodyguard. Devsena thinks why does my heart wish you always stay with me, all the time.

Devsena and Jaldev get Silamban back, and bring Siyala in chains. Swami signs to Shivgam. Indramitra looks on. Soldier informs Padmavija about Siyala and Silamban. Padmavija says Devsena you have won outside this Rajya, how will you win here. Devsena tells Padmavija that she lost Mahisha in Aryavarth, she had to do her duty and get her father back and also caught my enemy. Padmavija scolds Siyala and asks her to become her Daasi. Siyala thinks I will become your death and take Silamban back. She accepts becoming her Daasi. She asks Siyala to change clothes and dress like a maid right now and right here. Siyala and everyone get shocked. Devsena says no, eyes are already bowed down by shame, don’t ashame us doing this, you are a woman and know Maryada. Padmavija asks will you teach me my Maryada, she is my Daasi and she will do what I say. Devsena says this is a failed queen, such behavior doesn’t suit her, you can punish me for stopping you.


Aarambh 27th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Padmavija says Devsena will give death to Silamban tomorrow. Jaldev looks on. Devsena hugs Silamban and cries.