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Aarambh 27th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarambh 27th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Padmavija saying you have kept my respect, you have all qualities Devsena, you are future of Dravid Rajya, you are the would be queen. She tells Siyala that Devsena saved her from getting humiliated in front of everyone today. She says Devsena got my husband back, she will get prize, Silamban should be respected. No one chants Silamban’s name. Padmavija asks what happened. A man says a failed king is not respected, but given death, you made a failed queen a maid, how can you be biased and make a failed king win respect. Padmavija thinks its great that my Praja is saying what I wanted to. The lady says if Silamban is respected, then traditions will break. Padmavija says how did I forget I m a queen first than a wife, Praja is there, so king and queen exist, I announce death for this failed king today. Devsena, Silamban, Jaldev and everyone get shocked.

Devsena says no Maa. Padmavija says not Maa, Maharani Sambhavija, even Maharani Devsena killed her dad many years ago, this tradition is going on since long, I told this story to you many times, I didn’t know we will live this story, Devsena will give death to Silamban, I give this decision to you as a prize, decide about your dad, will he get king’s death or an ordinary man’s death. Devsena gets shocked.

Swami praises himself and says I can’t be someone’s servant, I have given many servants in palace. Indramitra thinks I will go palace and get my answer about Jaldev, I will also get my Rajya sign. Jaldev thinks what’s this tradition, where Devsena is asked to kill his father. Mani Karnika looks on. Padmavija says I will take a decision, I m a wife and a queen too, traditions are imp than relations, I decide to give him death of an ordinary man. Devsena says no and cries. Padmavija says Silamban will be killed tonight. She goes.

Devsena sees her idol and cries. Jaldev comes and asks are you putting flowers here, your father is going to die, you can save him, go and save him. She asks what happened many years ago, that Devsena killed her dad, did a daughter’s hands not shake up. Jaldev says no daughter can do this, tradition will be made by you today, stop this. She asks what shall I do, tell me. He says you have to walk on such a way that you win as princess and a daughter.

Jaldev goes in sabha and thinks it will be wrong if Devsena doesn’t stop this injustice. Silamban is brought there. Padmavija asks them to give him an ordinary man’s death. Everyone gets shocked when Silamban is getting killed. Devsena comes and shouts stop. Devsena says I don’t want my dad to get an ordinary man’s death, he should be given a king’s death. Padmavija says you know a would be queen have to kill the king. Devsena agrees. Padmavja says Devsena will become an example for everyone tomorrow. Devsena makes Silamban wear the crown.

Mahisha comes in Dravid Rajya and hears about Devsena killing her dad, as per old tradition. He burns the man in anger. Indramitra looks on and thinks who has done this. Devsena angrily sword fights and asks Jaldev to fight with her. Jaldev says you are stone hearted, better kill me, you are going your dad tomorrow, your hands will not shake to kill me. She says some attacks are such which is not seen, there is no bigger sword than time, I have taken one night life for Silamban, now this night will decide, what will happen tomorrow. Jaldev asks what do you mean. She says this night will decide about his life, I will find some way. He says yes, like we saved Silamban from Siyala, we will save him from Sambhavija. She says you are going against my mum. He says so let it be.

She says this is the problem. He asks what’s this tradition to kill father for Praja, this is a sin, not any tradition, this bad story will be heard and told by everyone, relations should be worshipped, not traditions, become an example in a positive way. She asks how did you learn these things. He says from Arya Rajya. She gets shocked and asks who are you. He says I told you, I m raised in jungle, I went to Mahishi temple and learnt this from Indramitra, whose sword I stopped in temple, you have to save your dad, you will become justice, a new chapter for Dravid Rajya, a daughter will surely understand me, I know. He thinks why does I feel like I m related to you since many births.

Mani Karnika performs dance. Padmavija praises her. Siyala comes there. Padmavija makes Siyala angry by her talk. She says your broken heart’s curse affected Silamban, he will die tomorrow. Siyala says this is injustice. She gets angry and thinks to kill Padmavija one day. Devsena and Jaldev go to free Silamban. The Arya Rajya stamp breaks a jar. Padmavija stops Mani Karnika and asks who are you, you are not an ordinary kinner, your dance has the power to break the pot. Mani Karnika says sorry, I won’t dance more, your hand is bleeding. Padmavija says my Daasi is just seeing this. Siyala gets hurt. Padmavija heals herself. Mani Karnika says you do magic. Padmavija asks what magic did you do. Mani Karnika says I just dance, people call my dance a magic. Padmavija asks him to go. She says this is called tantra vidya, if you are thinking you will kill me, don’t think, I know healing wounds. She goes.

Devsena meets Silamban and cries. She says we have to leave from here. He says you will be removed from throne, you know there is just one heir, that’s you, Dravid Rajya needs a queen like you, manage Rajya, end enemies and become example, fulfill tradition for Praja, go and keep Dharm. She says no, I won’t let you die. He says its fine if I die and this Rajya gets a queen like you, this is my command, punish me. She says no, a daughter came to you. He says go and give respect to all daughters of this Rajya, become an example of a daring custom keeper. She asks how are these customs a pride of this Rajya, the hands who taught me walking, how can I do this. He says you are a question and answer too. Devsena hugs him and cries. Jaldev says I think soldiers are coming. Silamban says take her. Jaldev takes her.

Mahisha comes to Padmavija. She says you are burning, who burnt you. He says who can burn me, I want to burn Indramitra, he has trapped me, but who can cage fire. She says there is fire around you. He says I m fire myself, Agnidev’s blessing, none can burn me, so I burnt Aryavarth prison and came here. She flirts with him. He says don’t come close, you will get burnt, I m going to become Devsena’s husband. She says you are my minister, Dravid Rajya needs a protector. He says I just want Devsena with me. She says you have to take Silamban’s place tomorrow. He says I have one enemy now, Shivgam. She says he is an ordinary bodyguard. He says he will rule on your throne. She asks what. He says he is walking with Devsena today, you know the meaning. She says Shivgam will move off your way, its my promise. Devsena calls out Hahumaa and says I need you, I can’t kill my dad, come and show me the way. She recalls Jaldev’s words. She says Shivgam….

Meghla holds Jaldev. He says I was coming to you. He turns and sees Meghla. Meghla cries and asks him to save Silamban. She hugs him. He asks her not to cry. Devsena comes and sees them. Meghna hugs Devsena and goes. Jaldev says there is just some time left, if this is your justice, your friend will also die, you have to decide to save us, or get away forever.

Padmavija comes to talk to Sambhavija and tells her about Devsena’s gift, Devsena is not dead, but someone else will die today. Sambhavija gets puzzled. Padmavija shows black clothes and says Kaal will take your husband, you will become a widow, Devsena is going to kill Silamban. Sambhavija gets shocked. She says a daughter can’t kill her dad, if kingdom is given to such daughter, it will be big mistake, I should have given this Rajya to my son, not daughter, don’t know where is my son.


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