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Aarambh 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarambh 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devsena thinking of Jaldev’s words. Padmavija says a king will be killed in darbar today. Devsena is given the sword. Devsena goes to Silamban and cries recalling the childhood moments. Everyone closes eyes. Devsena doesn’t strike Silamban. She makes his crown fall down. They all smile. Padmavija says you have gone against the traditions, I told you to kill king. Devsena says you are this Rajya’s present and I m the future, present shouldn’t have any tears to make future cry, I have killed a king, one who doesn’t have crown can’t be a king, crown is his respect, see I have killed that respect, I have killed King Silamban. Padmavija says my command was not this.

Devsena says this is my rule, I m would be queen of this Rajya, a princess did her Karm and a daughter did her Dharm, I will make a new rule, relations will be worshipped before throne here, today King Silamban died for Dravid Rajya, but a father is alive for his daughter, he will be alive, today I have stopped a daughter’s hands from doing a crime, I saved my father and your husband as well. Silamban, Jaldev, Meghla and Siyaa smile. Devsena hugs Silamban and cries.

Jaldev signs Devsena and smiles. Jaldev comes to Devsena and bows down, saying someone told me to bow down for two people, for mum and for whom you have respect in heart, today you gave life to one who gave you birth. She says I did what I felt right, my hands and heart were shaking when I went to Silamban, if I have to kill dad to become queen, I don’t want to become such queen, I have ended his respect today. Jaldev says earnings is not saving, earning is when people come forward to wipe your tears, earning is people’s support, you have earned Praja, who will praise a daughter, not history, you will become that queen who will win all battles by love, not by sword. She smiles.

Indramitra gets flowers. Swami asks him to obey him. Swami says princess loves me. Guard taunts him. Swami says I got Shivgam here last time and he stayed in palace, you don’t stay here, go ahead, I will come. Indramitra thinks to get rid of him. He throws soil in Swami’s eyes and says I will get water. He goes.

Devsena says you talk like a king. Jaldev says if I m princess’ friend, I will walk and talk like a prince. She laughs, and asks can I call you Shiva. He says my friendship will not get less, whatever you call me, your smile looks good. She says you gave me this smile. He says I learnt smiling after meeting you, I m not one what I appear, I m not your friend, I m in love. She gets shocked. He says yes, I m in love with you, I don’t know why and when. She says you are my best friend, you are forgetting you are my bodyguard. He says love doesn’t happen seeing position, I just know I m in love with you, I just see you everywhere, if you think I did a crime, you can punish me. She says if anyone else said this, he would have got beheaded, I m leaving you as I regarded you a friend, but don’t tell this again, a princess’ life is for Praja, princess doesn’t fall in love. She goes. Indramitra looks on. Jaldev says I came to kill you, I didn’t think I will love you, maybe its a relation of old birth. Indramitra gets angry and goes.

Padmavija flirts with Mahisha. Silamban comes and sees them. He shouts Sambhavija. He calls soldiers to arrest Mahisha. Padmavija acts and laughs. Silamban says king died, but your husband is still alive. She says a queen’s husband is king, call me with respect, you should get punished for coming here without my permission, what rights do you have, soldiers are mine. She scolds him. Silamban leaves. Mahisha also goes. Padmavija tells Sambhavija that she will kill Silamban. Sambhavija says when a daughter comes to do anything for her parents, she doesn’t leave anyone, I wish my son is also like Devsena. She recalls giving birth to son and telling Daima that sons are killed in this Rajya, they need a princess, take this boy far so that he stays alive.

She says he will be alive, as his birth happened in same Nakshatra, he will also have powers, that power will surely come in this palace one day. Siyala holds Silamban’s feet. He asks why did she come here. She says I m a daasi now, not queen, forgive me for that bad behavior, I m feeling love for Devsena, I feel this is my good luck, Devsena is your shadow, I learnt what is love, love is not snatched, love is earned. He says you are still doing wrong. She says mistake is mistake even if Sambhavija does it. He says you mean to say about Mahisha and my wife. She asks do you know it, even then you love her. He says I feel its not Sambhavija, she is someone else. Mahisha comes and says you are right, this is not your Sambhavija, she is mine.

Mahisha insults him and puts him in fire round. He holds Siyala and threatens to burn her. He goes. Siyala worries for Silamban. Devsena says how did Shiva tell such a big thing easily, love with a princess. She imagines Jaldev and thinks to focus on Dravid Rajya. She thinks what’s happening to me, no Meghla loves Shiva. Mahisha comes there and holds her. She says maybe I also love you, no….. He says I wanted to hear this from you. She gets shocked seeing Mahisha. He says my restless heart got peace today, I got my love. She says I have to go for practice. She thinks to kill Mahisha, just Hahumaa can tell me how.

Jaldev sees Indramitra. Indramitra points sword at his neck and taunts that Jaldev was his student, today he has seen him bending down in front of a woman, what happened to you, did your shame die or the man inside you died. Jaldev says no. Indramitra says I have come to do my work, how did you like my fake fight, I m proud of you, you chose love weapon to work on enemy, it will attack her heart, she will be in your feet, you thought of this. Jaldev thinks I m really in love with Devsena, she can’t be enemy. Indramitra asks him to go and get the metal sign, his powers went after coming in Dravid Rajya. Swami comes. Indramitra says I was asking your old servant for water. Jaldev asks him to come and signs. Swami asks Indramitra to be away from Jaldev.

Devsena calls Hahumaa. She says I need you, Mahisha is fire and I m water, if I blow off the fire, it will revive again, I have to kill him, tell me how to get that strength. Hahumaa says there is a place for every power, find the fire place and kill Mahisha. Devsena asks where is it, how to find that place. Hahumaa says fire weakness place is his thumb, go and find him, three dangers are close to you, one that reached your place, your throne and your soul, you are alone, you have to fight and win, you can rule on Dravid Rajya by killing them. She goes. Devsena worries and says who are these two enemies, I don’t know about them.

Mani Karnika sees the throne. Devsena hears ghungroo sound and goes to see. She sees Mani Karnika dancing and sitting on throne. She gets shocked and says just queen can sit on throne. Mani Karnika says we have to see who becomes the queen. Devsena asks how did you cross Narmada and come. Mani Karnika says like you came there, you got me here in Maa’s sindoor, keeping on your head. Devsena gets shocked. Mani Karnika says I m Dravid, I can sit on throne. Devsena says you won’t get throne that way, you have to earn it. Mani Karnika says earning is one to get by power, not by ancestors. She says you have to win land by heart and respect. Mani Karnika asks her to win then. Devsena asks when did I lose to you. Mani Karnika says its your failure that I m sitting on throne. Devsena goes to attack. Mani Karnika disappears. Devsena says she looks Mayavi, and recalls Hahumaa’s words.

She says sindoor is also land element, so Mani Karnika has also come to rule here, just he can show me the way now. Jaldev says I have to tell Devsena why I came here. Devsena comes and says I have to tell something, I did friendship with you, I have hidden something from you about my identity, the Nakshatra in which I was born, others were also born and have powers, like I have power of water, I have to kill them, Mahisha is from fire element, I got to see land element Mani Karnika, I have to kill all of them, else they will ruin Dravid Rajya. Jaldev thinks it means I m also her enemy, she has to kill me to rule on Dravid Rajya, but we both are water elements, we are same. She apologizes and says I came to you for help, help me in killing them, will you support me. He holds her hand and says always, till my death. She asks him to come, first Mani Karnika…. He nods.


Aarambh 3th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Manisha shoots arrow at Siyala. Devsena says he is here, I can see him now. Devsena beats the dhol and Mani Karnika comes.