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Aarambh 3rd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarambh 3rd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mani Karnika praising herself in the mirror. The mirror breaks by Aryavarth’s sign. Mani Karnika says this ornament is magical, its powerful, they will lose to a kinner now. She dances. Daasi comes. Mani Karnika scolds her for stopping her from dancing. She hits the Daasi by using the stamp. Daasi sees the tattoo on her feet and asks who are you. Mani Karnika says I was abandoned by my parents. Daasi says he is Maharani Sambhavija’s son, whom I have left in water. Devsena looks for Mani Karnika and steps on ghungroos. Jaldev comes. Devsena says she is here. Jaldev asks why can’t we see her. Devsena says she will find us now, I m going to Rajdarbar, you come there with sena.

Swami hears ghungroo’s sound. Indramitra scares him about ghost. He sees the sign in Mani Karnika’s hair and thinks how is she here, how did she get Arya Rajya sign. He goes to Mani Karnika. She asks how did you come here, its a magical, you have invitation and came as uninvited guest, for what did you come. Indramitra says I need the sign which you have worn in your hair. She says its mine. He says anything can happen if this goes in wrong hands. Mani Karnika says you came to find this, I will not return this. Indramitra threatens her. Mani Karnika hits him by the sign powers and goes. Indramitra falls. Jaldev sees him and asks who did this. Indramitra says Mani Karnika has that sign, you have to stop her. Jaldev thinks Devsena laid a trap for Mani Karnika, she doesn’t know her life is in danger now. Mani Karnika hears dhol and goes to see. She sees Devsena playing the dhol. She starts dancing.

Sambhavija says maybe a power came here again, so this mirror broke, who is this power. She sees Daima and says I have given her my son many years ago to take my son. She comes out of mirror and holds Daima. She asks who did this, I will take you to vaid. Daima says no, I have done a sin, I didn’t know about your son, he is alive. Sambhavija asks where is she. Daima says I had sent him away and applied a tattoo to his foot, he has come back, he is in this palace. Sambhavija asks who is he. Daima says he is a kinner, Mani Karnika, he is your son. She dies. Sambhavija says how can my son be a kinner.

Siyala comes and asks did you kill Daasi also. Sambhavija asks how are you in this state as Daasi. Siyala asks her to stop this drama. Sambhavija says fate played game with me, my own sister locked me in a mirror. She tells everything about Padmavija, and says she has taken my avatar and ruled in Dravid Rajya, I got cheated Siyala, we fell in love with same king, forgive me for making Silamban away from you, I didn’t know you love Silamban, else I would have not married him. Siyala says no, Silamban always loved you. Sambhavija says we have to find my son, he is here. Siyala asks what’s his name. Sambhavija says Mani Karnika is here, Devsena is his younger sister. Siyala says I have seen him, come. Padmavija and Mahisha come there and smile.

Mani Karnika says I heard dhol is played for princess here, but princess is playing dhol for me. Devsena says this is to announce a war for this throne. Devsena controls water and ties Mani Karnika by it. She makes Mani Karnika fall down. Mani Karnika disappears as sindoor and flies. He says land ties the world, who can tie the land. Devsena attacks her. Padmavija scolds Sambhavija and Siyala. She says Siyala has to die. Sambhavija takes a knife and asks Siyala to go and tell truth to Devsena. Padmavija says why are you hurting your hands, you can’t kill me. Siyala says yes, this knife won’t affect her. Sambhavija says yes….. She cuts her thumb. Padmavija gets hurt too. Sambhavija asks Siyala to go to Devsena. Padmavija asks Mahisha to stop Siyala. Sambhavija tries to kill herself. Padmavija traps her in mirror and says I will kill you today, every blessing and every curse will have a solution.

Jaldev comes with guards and asks them to catch Mani Karnika. Devsena asks Jaldev to be careful. Mani Karnika kills the guards. Devsena recalls and says his power is sindoor, Shiva go to temple and get the sindoor, that sindoor will end him. Jaldev goes. Swami roams in the village and says I will tell my servant to drop me home. Jaldev turns to water. Swami gets shocked and says Shivgam became a ghost, save me. Mahisha asks Siyala to come out. Indramitra calls out Mahisha. Mahisha says so you came to death yourself, you will die now, you showed your powers in Arya Rajya, your powers won’t be useful in Dravid Rajya. He uses powers and throws fire. He doesn’t touch Indramitra. Indramitra tells him that he has made herbal remedy so that Mahisha’s powers doesn’t affect him. He thinks he can’t fight with Mahisha for long, he has to get Arya rajya sign to fight with him. Mahisha thinks I have to kill Siyala.

Padmavija asks Guru ji to open eyes. Guru ji scolds her for ruining his puja and asks her to leave. She asks him to help her, Sambhavija has cut my thumb, do something and join it. He says it can’t be joined, your power is by Sambhavija. Padmavija says she tried to kill herself and kill me, I trapped her in this mirror, tell me some solution by which just she dies, not me. He says fine, leave this mirror here, I will find some way, you go now, don’t worry, none can kill you now. She goes.

Jaldev takes the sindoor. He sees Siyala and asks how are you here. Siyala says I m finding Devsena to tell her that her brother has come in this palace, he is Mani Karnika. Jaldev thinks no, this can’t happen, I can’t let this happen. Mahisha shoots an arrow at Siyala. Jaldev holds her. She asks him to tell this truth to Devsena, else Dravid Rajya will be ruined. Jaldev goes. Mahisha catches Siyala.

Jaldev comes to Devsena. He gives sindoor to Devsena. Devsena says now this sindoor will get Mani Karnika out. She puts the sindoor in water vessel. Mani Karnika comes in the vessel. Devsena smiles. Devsena freezes the water. Jaldev recalls Siyala’s words and stops Devsena, saying you can’t kill him. She asks why. Jaldev says he is your brother. She says this can’t happen. He says he is a child of your parents. He was born in same Nakshatra. She asks what are you saying. He says this is true. She says I can’t kill my brother. Mani Karnika attacks. Jaldev pushes Devsena and puts hand inside the vessel to boil water. Mani Karnika screams. Jaldev gets the Aryavarth sign.

Mahisha throws Siyala inside the fire ring and asks her to be with her lover. Silamban asks about her wound. Mahisha says you both will die together. He goes. Siyala cries. Silamban removes the arrow from her leg. She faints. Devsena gets treated by Vaid. Jaldev thinks to give the sign to Indramitra. Meghla stops him and says you have saved my life by saving Devsena, how to tell you, how to say you are so good. Jaldev says it was my duty. He goes. Meghla smiles.

Devsena gets conscious and recalls Jaldev. She thinks Shiva is also from those five elements, he came by changing his identity, why. She follows Jaldev. Jaldev meets Indramitra and gives the sign to him. Indramitra smiles. He prays and regains powers. He says Jaldev, I m proud you are my student, you changed your name, identity and Rajya for me and Arya rajya, the Dravid Rajya and princess Devsena you hate, you acted of love with her, you have won her trust and heart, now we will place this sign under Dravid Rajya’s throne, all their powers will get weak, then we will attack on them, love poison is the biggest one, Devsena whom none could fail, you failed her by love, I felt you are really in love with her, but you cheated her, so that you can place Arya Rajya here, my blessing is with you, go and kill Devsena. Devsena hears this and gets shocked. Indramitra asks him to fulfill his aim. Devsena thinks this was enemy’s chat, his love was a poison. She goes. Jaldev says I promised my vow and got this sign to him, you return to Arya Rajya now. Indramitra says Devsena has to die, till she is alive, Dravid Rajya can’t be won. Jaldev says no, I can’t kill her.

Jaldev says it means you really love Devsena, you forgot your Karm, Dharm, aim, its to win Dravid Rajya, you have to kill Devsena. Jaldev says I can’t kill her, she loves her Praja, she always does right, I can’t kill anyone innocent. Indramitra says when she knows you are a Arya, she will kill you. Jaldev says let her kill me, I m cheating her, I will think I got punished. Indramitra says I will kill her then. Jaldev says you can’t kill her, you have to cross me if you have to reach Devsena. Indramitra gets angry.

Devsena goes to Hahumaa and cries. She says one whom I trusted the most, he cheated me, I loved this Rajya’s biggest enemy, an Arya, how did I do this big mistake. She recalls Jaldev and says why could I not identify an enemy hidden in a friend, why did I just see love in his eyes.


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