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Aarambh 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarambh 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Jaldev telling Devsena’s idol that he will tell Devsena that he has come to kill her, but he lost his heart, he fell in love, whatever she punishes, I will accept it, I will either die by her sword or become her shield by being alive. It starts thundering. He gets to see Varundev’s idol and gets shocked. He says this is my idol.

Devsena cries and says why could I not identify the enemy in him, I have just seen love in his eyes. Hahumaa says I told you, he will come as dear one and hurt your soul, he is your enemy, you have to kill him. Devsena says I can’t kill him, I also have a heart, my heart is not in my control. Hahumaa asks her to kill her love first, and then awaken the Devi in you, who made you protector of your kingdom, go and kill him.

Devsena recalls Indramitra’s words and says yes, his love is poison, he is a cheat and he has no right to stay alive. Jaldev holds the idol and recalls the past. He cries and thinks this is a reincarnation, I have to tell Devsena about this, we are made for each other, we have to unite two Rajyas. Devsena aims arrow at him and asks him to stop. She says you are not my bodyguard, or friend, you are my biggest enemy, an Arya, Jaldev, tell me I want to hear it from you, I want to see shame in fraud’s eyes, tell me who are you. Jaldev says Jaldev, an arya warrior, enemy of Dravid Rajya, I came here to kill you, but my aim was left much time before, our birth happened for love. She says lovers don’t cheat, and cheaters don’t love, I will do what I should do with an enemy. He says its fate to die by your hands, kill me like you have killed me 200 years ago.

She shoots aside. He asks how did your aim miss, shoot me. She says I can’t shoot you, knowing you are my biggest enemy, why can’t I kill you. He tells her about their love story which became immortal by dying, he has come in world for her. She asks how can this happen. He asks her to come along and shows Devsena and Varundev’s idols. He says we came to this world before, this is our second birth, you were Devsena and I was Varundev. Everyone knew their bravery, not their incomplete love story, we took rebirth to complete it. She asks what are you saying. He makes her hold the idol. She recalls the past.

She gets shocked and says no, how can this happen, we have won heart but lost world, and now we met again to unite both Rajyas. He says yes, we have got one aim to end enemy, there won’t be any Aarambh by killing enemy, we have to make our own way. Devsena says Hahumaa would have told me, but she didn’t say, how shall I believe this, I can’t. She goes.

Meghla asks Devsena where is she going. She apologizes. She says I got Mani Karnika inside palace, I didn’t know he is enemy, I would have killed him. Devsena says he was our blood, his death here is our failure, he was part of our family, he was our brother. Meghla asks how. Devsena says I also don’t know this, what’s happening with us, its a new problem every day, a new secret is coming out, there are many questions, but no answer, I m going to Hahumaa to get answers. Jaldev says no, you got to know the truth. Meghla asks what truth is he saying. Devsena says before my decision changes, go to your Rajya, before that arrow shoots again. She goes.

Meghla asks Jaldev what’s all this, what was Devsena saying. He says Devsena and I love each other, we came in this world for each other. Meghla cries and says no, this can’t happen, I love you. Jaldev says Devsena and my love is of many births, its written by fate. She hugs him and cries. He says calm down. She says I m Sambhavija’s daughter, I get what I like, you are my love, I can’t let you become of someone else. She goes.

Devsena asks Hahumaa to come out and answer her, who is my enemy, if its true about my rebirth, why did you not tell this to me till now, you asked me to kill Jaldev, I went to kill him but I couldn’t, why. Hahumaa comes and says you also fell in love with enemy, like Maharani Devsena fell in love with Varundev, even your mum was in love with an Arya, I taught her to kill her love or die, I was wrong so I m cursed even today, I never thought love is bigger than war, world can be won by love, I m asking you now, go and unite both the Rajyas, unite Dravid Rajya and Arya Rajya, your win will be possible when your and Jaldev’s powers unite, you will win together, forgive me if possible, free me from this curse. Devsena smiles. Hahumaa goes.

Indramitra comes to the throne and says I will place this sign under throne and entire Dravid Rajya land will shake, they will get weak. Jaldev packs his bag and says if Devsena and I are made for each other, none can stop us from meeting. Indramitra places the sign. The land begins to shake. Jaldev says did Gurudev keep sign under the throne, no Devsena’s powers will get less, Mahisha can do anything, I m coming Devsena.

Swami sees Indramitra. Indramitra says I just had one aim, Arya Rajya win over Dravid Rajya, I will attack on them with my enemy, then we Arya will rule here. Swami says so this servant reached the throne. He sees the sign under throne. Devsena tells Mahisha that Jaldev is her love, her engagement with Mahisha was fake. Mahisha says how dare you insult me, you love a servant, I can’t give my love to someone.

She says I knew you have Agni powers. He asks her to come along with him. She refuses. He threatens to burn her and ignites fire around her. She tries to put off the fire and thinks why am I unable to use my water element powers. Swami goes and says I should have such gold shine. Jaldev comes and sees Swami taking the sign from the throne. Swami sees Jaldev and says its not mine, its of my new servant, he kept this here, don’t tell this to Devsena. Jaldev thinks its better it stays with Swami, who doesn’t know its power. Swami asks him to keep it. Jaldev says no, you keep it, go before anyone sees you. Swami goes. Jaldev says I have to go and stop Indramitra. He sees Mahisha taking Devsena. Mahisha asks will you stop me now.

He says I m not an ordinary man, you can’t beat or kill me, I will take Devsena along. Jaldev says I have sworn to not let Devsena fall in trouble, you think I will break my promise, no, I will take her and keep my promise. Mahisha throws fire. Jaldev defends by water powers. He says if you know igniting fire, I know putting it off, if you are fire, I m water. He hits Mahisha and takes Devsena.

Mahisha angrily says I will not leave you, I will burn everyone. Siyala gets conscious. Silamban asks are you fine. She asks what happened, your hands burnt. He says I removed agni arrow from you. She says you saved my life, we have to go from here, who will save Sambhavija. He asks what happened to her. She says this Sambhavija is someone else as you doubted, Sambhavija is trapped by her sister Padmavija. He gets shocked.

He says it means Devsena’s life is also in danger, we have to leave from here. She says but how will we go. Mahisha comes to Padmavija. She asks did you catch Siyala, I have caged Sambhavija, why are you angry. Mahisha says I will burn this palace, Devsena loves Jaldev. She asks who Jaldev. He says one who came as Shivgam, he is an Arya, he came to kill Devsena but fell in love with her, I will kill them. He angrily burns the place. She stops him. She says I will help you in getting Devsena and throne, don’t break my heart. Mahisha says I want Devsena, not you. She attacks on him angrily. He says you can’t kill fire, I will kill Jaldev now, then Devsena will be mine, Silamban is her weakness, you will die here in this fire. He goes. She gets angry and leaves. Daasi comes and sees the fire.

Devsena says Jaldev you are here, I felt you left. He says I was going to see Indramitra. She says my powers are not working. He says I know, Indramitra has kept Arya sign under throne. Mahisha comes to Silamban and Siyala. He catches Silamban. Mahisha gets Devsena to Silamban and asks her to come with him if she wants to save Silamban and Sambhavija. Devsena calls him a coward. She says if you are a man, leave my dad. Mahisha leaves Silamban and asks her to come to him. Devsena says fine, I m coming. Jaldev asks her not to go.

Devsena takes Silamban and sides. Jaldev fights with Mahisha. He says I got rebirth for Devsena, I will put off your fire at once. Devsena shouts Mahisha and fights. She signs Jaldev. They both attack Mahisha together. Mahisha dies.


Aarambh 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Indramitra says we will rule on Dravid Rajya. Devsena and Jaldev catch Padmavija. Indramitra joins hands with Padmavija.