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Abhi unaware Tanu and Pragya to first face off digging bitter past (Upcoming Episode)

Abhi green eyed seeing King Pragya's kiss of love for Kiara


Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi unaware Tanu and Pragya to first face-off digging bitter past

The bitter time has come when Pragya will arrive back to Mumbai in TV Serial Kumkum Bhagya.

Pragya has yet not revealed to King that she had a bitter past where her husband distrusted her and broken all chords with her.

Destiny has now started playing its game after King plans to arrive in India.

Pragya is trying her best to avoid Mumbai and avoid Abhi but eventually, she will end up reaching Mumbai.

But who knew that she will first meet Tanu, not Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya hit n miss

Pragya, King, and Kiara will come to a shopping mall wherein a hit n miss situation Abhi and Pragya will fail to see each other in spite being so close to each other.

And the interesting twist will get unveil when Pragya will meet Tanu and the duo will dig their bitter past.

King Singh and Pragya returns to India for concert and now Abhi and Pragya’s destiny will bring them infront of each other.

Pragya who was praying to not encounter with Abhi anywhere soon will get major shock.

Abhi and Kiara will cross their ways and will share good rapport, Abhi will turn friends with Kiara.

Abhi and Kiara’s father, daughter bond

Abhi and Kiara’s this friendship will turn trouble for Pragya as she can’t let Abhi know that Kiara is his daughter.

While Pragya is also happy that Kiara had met her father and both shares good bonding with each other.

It was earlier seen that Abhi is married to Tanu and just showing off his relation of husband and wife with Tanu on face value.

In real Abhi still loves Pragya and thus has not moved on with Tanu.

On the other hand, Pragya too loves Abhi and is working for King Singh as his manager.

Moving ahead, Abhi and Pragya will come face to face in Mumbai where both of them gets surprised seeing each other.

Abhi jealous seeing Pragya with King

Pragya will not step back and will go ahead meeting King and share a kiss with their daughter Kiara leaving Abhi green eyed with the entire situation.

It would be really interesting to see what Abhi will conclude seeing this scenario.

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