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Bepanah: Aditya proposes marriage to Zoya, Zoya increase closeness with Arshad


Bepanah: Aditya proposes marriage to Zoya (Jennifer Winget), Waseem slaps Aditya (Harshad Chopda)

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Bepanah is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.Aditya had his night out at Zoya’s house and is lost thinking about Zoya, Aditya dreams that Zoya brings noodles for him.Zoya makes him eat noodles with her own hand and it’s all Aditya’s dream and in his dream he is lost in Zoya’s thoughts.Aditya realise how he had felt when he feels that he had almost lost Zoya and thus proposes to marry Zoya.Aditya and Zoya’s new beginning of love.

Waseem comes and slaps Aditya for thinking about it and soon his dream breaks into shatters.Is this dream of Aditya soon turn into reality with Arshad’s entry when Aditya will start to feel jealous.Zoya knows that Aditya will never listen to him in matters of his Paris decision and thus decides to not talk over it.Zoya now agrees to meet Arshad and will increase her closeness with Arshad and praise him infront of Aditya.Zoya and Aditya’s jealousy game

Aditya is miffed and rather jealous hearing Arshad’s praise from Zoya and feels too insecure but doesn’t say anything.Aditya will decide to meet Arshad and Zoya insist on it while now Aditya will find about Arshad’s real intentions and will try to warn Zoya but Zoya doesn’t pay heeds.Aditya and Zoya are together where still Zoya and Aditya fears of their separation.Aditya also realized love for Zoya where he can’t let Zoya to go away from him.Where further Waseem wants Zoya to get married to Arshad while Zoya is not ready for this.Zoya decided to stay with Aditya

However where further at this point Zoya decided to stay with Aditya where she doesn’t want to get married to Arshad, while they crop idea to consummate their accidental marriage that happened.Aditya manages to save Zoya’s life, he seeks shelter at some unknown building.Aditya lights bonfire as both Aditya and Zoya are drenched due to heavy rains further Zoya’s condition is getting worst.Zoya starts shivering due to cold where Aditya makes her wear his jacket.Aditya realises love for Zoya during process of warming ZoyaHowever, Zoya continues to shiver where Aditya tires his best to rub Zoya’s legs and hands making her body warm.

During this process, Aditya realises that he has completely lost himself over Zoya and will not be able to survive without her.

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