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Bepanah Update : Zoya warns father Wasim


Bepanah: Aditya saves Wasim from jail, Zoya (Jennifer Winget) warns Wasim over attacks on Aditya (Harshad Chopda)

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Bepanah is up for high voltage drama.Aditya and Zoya gets attacked again and this time Zoya is sure that someone is trying to harm them.While now Aditya and Zoya gets news of Wasim’s arrest and rushes to get him out and here Aditya shouts at his parents for getting Wasim arrested.

Zoya gets Wasim out of jail and is in tears while Wasim is unaffected and asks Roshnaq and Noor to leave for home.Zoya warns Wasim,Zoya goes to Wasim and takes him aside and thus warns her father to not harm Aditya as her life lies in him.Zoya also tells Wasim that if anything happens to Aditya then she will not leave him.

Zoya and Aditya are happy to be together although Zoya has fear of something as she notices that someone is keeping eye over them.Aditya is trying to calm down Zoya but yet another mishap turns Zoya’s doubt into reality.Anjana makes Wasim land in jail to end Aditya and Zoya’s relation. Aditya and Zoya enjoy romantic moments. Their happiness doesn’t last long.

Someone tries to attack them again and again. Zoya feels threatened and tells Aditya that someone is after their lives. Zoya learns that Wasim is in police station. She rushes to meet Wasim. She feels bad seeing her father behind bars. She has no idea that Wasim was really attempting to kill Aditya. She doesn’t know to what extent can Wasim go. Zoya can’t imagine that Anjana and Wasim has sent the attackers after Aditya and her.

Zoya is shocked as truss falls over them and they got saved by nick of moment while here Zoya is much tensed.Wasim hates Aditya and wants him out of Zoya’s life. Zoya wants to live her future with Aditya. Zoya doesn’t understand who is planting problems in her life now. Zoya regrets for Wasim’s condition, while Aditya wants to know what is Anjana up to.

Zoya refuses to marry Aditya

Vatsal and Ishita tries to calm down Zoya but she refuses to marry and now they gets news of Wasim’s arrest and rushes to police station.Here Aditya lashes at Anjana for getting Wasim arrested and gets him out while Zoya is in tears, Zoya tells Aditya that she will not marry him until they convince their family.Aditya asks Anjana not to target Wasim because of his decision to marry Zoya.

Aditya gets Wasim bailed out, but fails to win Wasim’s heart. Anjana can’t tolerate Zoya in Aditya’s life. Aditya and Zoya realize the new problems cropping for them since their union. They don’t want their families to suffer. Aditya and Zoya wants to find a solution of their problems, but are determined not to get separated. They don’t want to lose their love because of conspiracies of their parents.

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