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Bepannaah 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Anjana’s Increasing Bitterness Towards Zoya


Bepannaah 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update, Bepannaah Written Update on

Bepannaah 25th July 2018 Episode Start With Anjana asks Aditya if he will join Airlines once again if he passes the test. He nods and bids everyone goodnight. Arjun too heads to his room. Anjana is happy. If Aditya passes this test then he will join Airlines again. He wont get time to meet Zoya and their chapter will be over. Harsh says I dint keep the test tomorrow for no reason. He will pass if he goes there. Anjana knows he is bright kid. He will have the happiness of the world when he will pass the test. Zoya will be out of his life then. Harsh jokes that food is away from his plate as of now. They smile.

Wasim tells Zoya it seems her day was really busy. She nods. He says Arshad kept calling you but you dint pick it even once. He called me in the end. She says I was busy. I thought to call him once I am home. He hands her his phone and asks her to call Arshad. I will send tea. Noor comes there. Zoya and Noor speak of privacy. Zoya suggests telling their parents about her private life. Noor stops her. I was just joking. She goes.

Zoya calls Aditya who is in deep sleep. She begins mumbling the moment he picks up. Why do parents make us do what they want? Aditya asks her who she is. Zoya asks him if he does not recognize her voice. You are asking me this question? He looks at the phone. There is only one person in my life who says “Hum”. What is it? She shares that she cannot speak to anyone else but him about this. I don’t want to marry. I don’t want to meet any guy. He is super sleepy and dozes off for few seconds and does not hear any of it. She calls out to him when he is shaken from his slumber. She says I am discussing about my life and you are sleeping. Are you listening? He asks her about it. she says I am talking about trust which is the base of every relation. Am I right? He agrees. Why are you giving me lecture about trust at 2 am? She says it isn’t lecture but I am discussing about such an important matter. He decides to make coffee. She asks him if he is making black coffee or with milk. He says I only drink black coffee. Do you add sugar? They both add half spoon sugar. He asks her what happened. She refuses to discuss it anymore. My mood is better now. He hears some sounds. He asks her what this noise is about. She shares that she likes eating black coffee with chips. He finds the combo strange but tries it upon her askance. He finds it to be nice but does not admit it. She knows he is lying. I heard your lie. He says you must have thought of your childhood. She says the kids of 90’s are really lucky. Life was different without phones. He nods. There were no mobiles back then. She gets the hint and bids him goodnight.

Noor is outside the kitchen. You spoke to him at 2:30 am and say that you don’t like Arshad? Noor advises her to marry Aditya instead. Zoya tells her she says anything anytime. Sleep now.

Anjana is instructing her servant for the kitty party when Zoya enters. Zoya greets her but Anjana ignores her. Zoya asks for charger from servant who sends her to Aditya’s room. Zoya knocks at Aditya’s door twice but gets no response. She finds the charger on the shelf and puts her phone on charging. She notices the box of chips there. Their last night’s convo flashes in front of her. He was telling me that the combo was yuck but he left it here only. He should have atleast kept it at the right place. She picks it up when Anjana asks her if she is Aditya’s wife or mother. Zoya shakes her head. Anjana asks her why she is cleaning up for Aditya then. This is my son’s bedroom! Zoya keeps the chips and coffee mug back. I forgot my charger and was sent inside. Anjana advises her to buy a new charger and give them invoice. We will pay. Always remember that the client’s house isn’t yours. Zoya says sorry but Anjana asks her to leave instead. We are done for the day. There is a kitty party at our home today. I don’t want anyone here. Zoya agrees to come back after the party. She leaves. Anjana thinks I just threw you out of the house today but I will very soon throw you out of our lives as well!

Anjana is enjoying her kitty party. All women are gossiping. One lady tells Anjana that she made the biggest mistake of her life by allowing Aditya to marry Pooja. Anjana says I am a mother. I couldn’t say no to him. She says my Sweety was perfect for him. Anjana agrees. That lady shares that Sweety is still ready. Anjana politely apologizes. I got my son back just now. I cannot upset him by talking on this matter. That lady tries to convince Anjana but Anjana is sure he does not have that in his mind right now. He has gone to give his pilot test and once he clears it, he will concentrate on that completely. I don’t think a girl or a wedding is on his mind!

Aditya is dressed in his uniform. He looks at the return ticket and the flying test pass in his hands. I don’t know what I should do. He decides to speak to Zoya and calls on her number.

Zoya is on her way back. She begins searching for her phone when she realises she left it in Aditya’s room only. I get so scared whenever Anjana aunty comes in front of me. She wont spare me. She asks the driver to go back.

That lady tries to convince Anjana to make Sweety meet Aditya. A guy is always on the lookout for a girlfriend. Anjana is still unsure but that lady fears that he might have someone in his life already. Anjana boasts that he never hides anything from him. I got him back after so long. She focuses on serving the guests again. Zoya goes inside avoiding everyone’s eyes.

Aditya fails in reaching Zoya. He burns the letter. Past got burnt and my future will be different. New story will start in some other place. I am here only till anniversary. I will leave right after Ma Pa’s anniversary. It is my last decision!w


Bepannaah 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Aditya and Zoya get drenched in the shower. She slips on the soap and he holds her. They share an eye lock. Her hair get tangled on his shirt.


Bepannaah Details

Bepannaah (English: Unguarded) is an romantic thriller and drama TV series.The Serial is produced by Cinevistaas Limited. Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopra are in lead roles, with Sehban Azim and Namita Dubey in supporting roles. The show is telecasting from 19th March 2018 on Colors TV.


Namita Dubey
Jennifer Winget
Harshad Chopda
Apurva Agnihotri
Shehzad Sheikh
Sehban Azim
Rajesh Khattar
Parineeta Borthakur

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min