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Bepannaah 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Zoya’s Grahpravesh In Huda House


Bepannaah 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update, Bepannaah Written Update on

Bepannaah 5th October 2018 Episode Start With Zoya shouts for help. She ties her dupatta around Aditya’s wrist. Someone calls doctor. Zoya encourages Aditya not to break his promise. You promised you wont leave me. She sucks the poison out of his hand. Everyone looks on in shock. Zoya begs Aditya to open his eyes. He holds her hand in semi conscious condition. How can something happen to me till you are with me? Nothing can go wrong till you are with me!Someone is watching the wedding video.

Harsh runs downstairs and tells Anjana that Vatsal called just now. Aditya dint have an accident but he got bit by a snake. Anjana is taken aback.Doc checks Aditya. You saved him. You shouldn’t have done it though as it would have risked your life too. Aditya gives credit to her for saving him always. Nothing can happen to me till the time she is with me. Anjana enters and rushes to Aditya. Are you fine? You got bitten by a snake? He assures her he is fine. Doc also tells her he is fine because of his wife. Huda family looks at Zoya. Anjana’s eyes widen in shock seeing her mangalsutra. She lets go of Aditya’s hand immediately and stands up. Wife?

She looks at Aditya. I couldn’t think you will do something like this. Aditya tells her to bless them if she wants to give someone. Anjana asks him if he knows how much concerned they were worried for him while he was happily getting married here. Harsh suggests keeping her emotions in check. Important thing is that Aditya and Zoya are fine. Anjana begins to argue and calls Zoya that girl when Aditya stands up. He shakes his head at her. She is my wife! Harsh tells Anjana that Aditya is fit and fine. Is your hatred towards Zoya greater than your love for Aditya? You should thank Zoya for saving our son’s life.

Anjana thanks Zoya sarcastically. She saved his life but she I am sure she only would have put his life in risk. She is like that only. I will never accept her! Aditya tells her not to accept Zoya if she does not want to. We are ok with that. He holds Zoya’s hand and begins to walk away but Anjana requests him to stop. Aditya calls it useless. You wont talk nicely to Zoya and I will only keep fighting with you. It wont do any good. Zoya tells him it will happen. This is the chance to accept your loved ones; forget the past mistakes and move on in life. Please understand. Anjana tells Aditya she cannot promise to love or respect Zoya but she wont give her any chance to complain.

Please come home with us. I only want you to come back with us. Aditya looks at Zoya who nods at him. Please. He agrees but keeps a condition. I will stay in that house till the time Zoya is able to live there peacefully. Anjana nods. Harsh heaves a sigh of relief. Let’s go home. We have to go somewhere else first. Arjun shares that he made a very big mistake. Aditya asks him about it. Zoya and Aditya looks at everyone’s faces.

Aditya shouts at the Inspector to get Wasim out of the cell right away. Roshnaq and Noor hug Zoya. Harsh withdraws his complaint. Wasim looks at Zoya from top to toe. Aditya tears the complain copy into pieces and asks Inspector to open the cell asap. Inspector complies. Zoya says Abbu but Wasim holds out his hand for her. Stop right there. Zoya tells her Ammi she dint know about it. Wasim says how would she know after all. It wasn’t her fault. She was busy marrying the guy whose family wanted to see me behind bars. Harsh accepts his mistake. I panicked seeing the condition of Aditya’s car. I thought I lost him for forever. It’s all my fault. I am sorry. I apologize to you too. I have hurt you very much.

Zoya explains that she too had no idea about it. Our phones were in the car. Harsh seconds her. I apologize to you (Zoya) too. Wasim expresses his wish to go home if everyone is done apologizing. Aditya asks Anjana to say something. She asks him what he means. He asks her to atleast apologize. She asks him if she wants her to apologize to them. I wont do any such thing! How can you expect it from me? Aditya begins to say something when Wasim refuses to engage in any further drama. He calls out to his wife before walking out of there. Roshnaq tells Zoya to take care of herself and Aditya. Zoya also tells her to take care of herself and Abbu. Anjana looks on.

Aditya asks Harsh why he should come back. Ma dint even say sorry once. Zoya thinks of her mother’s advice about maintaining relations. Anjana says why should I apologize. I was worried for you. He said he will destroy you. What else could I say? He reasons that the truth came out in front of you now so you could have just apologized. Why aggravate the matter? Zoya says there is no need to say anything. The day was really long. A lot happened that shouldn’t have happened. We were prepared that come what may we will find a way to be together. He says you don’t understand. She holds his hand. I understand everything. I understand the meaning of relations and the meaning of staying together. We will all go home as one family.

Arjun says sorry to her. It was entirely my fault. She tells him it was no one’s fault. Whatever happened today was a lesson for all of us. Arjun denies. It was my fault. If I hadn’t thought of all that then! She cuts him mid sentence. Arjun apologizes to her again. She holds his hands and calms him down. How will we unwind if we wont get stuck? I have lost a family today. I need all of you very much today. She wipes Arjun’s tears. He tells her he is with her. Aditya smiles. Harsh tells Aditya he is proud of him and of his choice. Zoya nods back. Harsh looks at Anjana but then asks Zoya to come to her home. She nods.

Aditya and Zoya enter Huda House and find Anjana standing there with a puja thaal. Harsh smiles. Anjana asks Zoya to do grahpravesh. I think you know it already. Aditya is about to argue but Zoya stops him. Zoya hits the kalash and enters inside. Anjana does their aarti with a blank face. They bend down to seek her blessings. Anjana thinks Zoya might have come to this house but she wont get anything except pain here.


Bepannaah 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Aditya and Zoya are about to kiss when her phone beeps. She is shocked to read the message – how are you feeling after marrying the one who killed your husband!


Bepannaah Details

Bepannaah (English: Unguarded) is an romantic thriller and drama TV series.The Serial is produced by Cinevistaas Limited. Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopra are in lead roles, with Sehban Azim and Namita Dubey in supporting roles. The show is telecasting from 19th March 2018 on Colors TV.


Namita Dubey
Jennifer Winget
Harshad Chopda
Apurva Agnihotri
Shehzad Sheikh
Sehban Azim
Rajesh Khattar
Parineeta Borthakur

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min