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Bigg Boss Season 12 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Surprises Housemates


Bigg Boss Season 12 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update, Bigg Boss Season 12 Written Update on

Bigg Boss Season 12 10th October 2018 Episode Start With Day 23, 7:00pm

Sree decides to stop KV first and then Urvashi. He tells that to singles and pairs as well. Romil asks Sree to let Deepak go then. He will stop KV. Sree says it will create fight then. Deepak comes in place of girl. Sree indeed stops KV and he’s out.

Sristy and Urvashi are left. Jasleen replaces Deepak from police team. Deepak says he decided with Sree they won’t stop anyone. Whoever runs first will be winner. Jasleen says she didn’t talk anything like that. Deepak asks her to let him go then. Jasleen says she hasn’t gone in any round and refuses to let him go instead of her. Somi also says she hasn’t gone in any round and asks Sree to let her go. Sree refuses. Somi argues with him. Deepak tells Sree that he trusted him and let Jasleen come

on his place. He should stick to his plan of not stopping anyone. Romil tells Deepak he should not have given up his place to Jasleen. He feels it’s clear strategy from Sree. Deepak goes back to Sree to clarify that Jasleen won’t stop Urvashi. Sree says to believe him. Buzzer rings. Sree and Jasleen block Urvashi and Sristy wins. Deepak is disappointed. He says he learned a good lesson from this. Surbhi blames herself for letting this task go. They could have won easily. Romil, Urvashi say just take learning lesson from this.

Bigg Boss announces Sristy and Saba-Somi are contenders for next captaincy.

Sristy is not happy with Somi as she didn’t support her openly like she did. Somi says at that time Sristy looked stronger to her. Sristy says she just wanted to hear that and now she will be playing for herself as well.


Surbhi tells Jasleen that she doesn’t like him walking on Deepak’s face and talking about shoes. Deepak might not have muscles and good shoes, but to walk on his face is wrong. Jasleen agrees and says she talked to him. (Might be talking about Sree).


Neha talks to KV regarding not defending her when Saba said something. Saba comes and tells KV that he should have said something when she said Neha is not a good sanchalak and didn’t do much as captain. KV says he said they could have made him sanchalak then. Saba says being a friend, he didn’t feel like telling that to Neha? KV says no. Saba then asks he takes Neha as a friend or a competitor. KV says as both. Inside, Dipika tells Sree that after that call, Neha has become little insecure. She takes small things to heart.

Later, Neha shows her displeasure to KV for him taking their matters to pairs when they had decided to keep their differences among themselves.

Dipika, Sristy, Urvashi discuss that Saba-Somi wanted to make fight between them. They don’t like singles’ unity.


Shiv exchanges his blanket with Surbhi’s. Jasleen laughs and says she will come and say why he took it without asking her. Surbhi comes and figures Shiv did something. She asks for her blanket. Shiv says to take from someone else. Surbhi takes from Sourav.


Jasleen is singing in shower. Surbhi dances outside. Anup comments very nice singing.

Romil asks Sree whether he was trying to steal appy fizz. Saba and Somi were telling him. Sree argues with Somi telling her not to say if she doesn’t know what he was doing. Somi says she felt he was finding key or something, so she told captain. KV tells Somi not to assume. Sree says he feels a lot of things as well. Somi leaves from there and cries outside saying she doesn’t like how Sree talks to her and asks Romil to talk to him. Saba tells Somi when she wasn’t sure then why did she tell. Romil tells Sree to talk with respect and not call girls “tu”. Sree says that’s how his Hindi is. He calls “tu” to everyone.


Somi tells Saba that Sree is messing with her. She will make his life hell. Saba says to do it then. They then complain about KV. Yesterday Deepak was also hurt and KV was just caring about Sristy.


Bigg Boss announces surprise mid-week eviction. He calls KV, Sree, Neha in activity area. All contestants are shocked. Dipika is crying.

Bigg Boss asks contestants that are safe to take 1 name from nominated contestants who doesn’t deserve to be in the house. Dipika is asked to go first. She cries and takes Sree’s name saying he himself wants to go home. Other contestants tell her that this is not the reason. Bigg Boss asked to take name who has not shown his/her full potential and doesn’t deserve to be in the house. Dipika says then she finds all capable. Surbhi interrupts. Dipika says this is her point of view. Neha, KV, Sree are standing in some box. Some guys come and pour something in Sree’s box.

Deepak, Urvashi take Neha’s name as they feel Neha has not opened up fully in the show. Now something is poured in Neha’s box.

Sourav-Shiv take Sree’s name for not doing tasks properly.

Jasleen takes Neha’s name saying she’s trying but in compare to KV and Sree, she is able to express herself less.

Saba-Somi also take Neha’s name for more or less same reason.

Surbhi-Romil take Neha’s name as well for same reason.

Sristy takes Neha’s name as she feels Neha has held herself back for some reason.

KV is crying. Neha asks him not to cry. It’s okay.

Bigg Boss tells housemates that they gave their decision, but here only viewers’ decision matter. Based on viewers’ votes, contestant that is eliminated is…. other housemates can’t hear Bigg Boss now or see KV, Sree, Neha on TV.

Bigg Boss tells KV, Sree, Neha that Sree has been eliminated. KV and Neha are sad. They are asked to go back in house.

Other housemates see KV and Neha joining and figure Sree has been eliminated. Surbhi says he can’t go.. he was good. Has India gone mad or what? Whatever he said, he was doing, he was a good person. Dipika hopes he waits for her explanation and don’t take her wrong.

Saba tells Jasleen what a reason Dipika gave. Even she had said she wants to go home. Inside, Surbhi, Urvashi, Deepak mock singles for using Sree. Somi, Romil also join and share same opinion.


Sree comes to secret room and meets Anup. Sree says he wants to see what’s happening in the house. Anup says they will show soon.

Bigg Boss announces that voting is resumed and nominated contestants who were declared safe are still nominated. One contestant from Neha and KV will be eliminated later this week. Dipika, Neha, KV get more shock. Neha says she expected this.. double eviction. Shiv asks that means Sree won’t be back? Jasleen says nope, he has been eliminated already.


Bigg Boss Season 12 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Sree tells Anup that he is shocked Dipika took his name. Dipika tells KV that her bond with Neha is very strong, that’s why she took Sree’s name. Fight / pushing between Sristy and Saba in captaincy task.


Bigg Boss 12 Details

Bigg Boss 12 will be the twelfth season of Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss that will be premiered on Colors TV. Salman Khan will host this season for the 9th time in Bigg Boss history and 4th time in a row. The show will be premiering on 16th of The timings of the show will be same as last season i.e. mon to fri 10:30 pm and sat to sun 9:00 pm.On 15 April 2018, Colors TV have invited the common people to send their video clip in order to participate in this season.

Contestants :

Anup Jalota
Surbhi Rana
Srishty Rode
S Sreesanth
Roshmi Banik
Romil Chaudhary
Nirmal Singh
Neha Pendse
Mital Joshi
Kriti Verma
Karanvir Bohra
Dipika Kakar
Jasleen Matharu

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 60 Min