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Bigg Boss Season 12 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss Season 12 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update, Bigg Boss Season 12 Written Update on

Bigg Boss Season 12 21st September 2018 Episode Start With

Day 4
Kriti says to inmates that we played fairly. Kriti says it was Romil’s idea and now he wants to become great. Deepak says Romil asked us to run to washroom. Kriti says I play fairly, you asked them to run to washroom. Romil says you won so have a good captaincy in place.
Neha says to Karan that its difficult to stand infront of them. Karan says no dont tell this, if you keep repeating that then it will become reality, see who won.

Deepak says to Kriti that Somi wanted Deepika to become captain but she said that Kriti and Roshmi did a deal, we dont need it but they did it, Deepak says I said why did you do it then?

Kriti and Roshmi have decided for duties, for kitchen everything should be controlled to Deepika, she will look after utensils,

food, everyone should clean their dishes. Kriti says Somi, saba and Karan will clean washroom and store room. Saba says I will work in kitchen only otherwise I wont work, Kriti says its night, I dont have time for this, Saba says I will not do it, she leaves.

Sree says to Karan that I am not that strong, I am respecting them but its a competition for others. Deepika says its a competition for others. Sree wipes his tears. Deepika says its very serious for some people like matter of death and life. Sristy brings milk for him. Sree says I am trying to see goodness in everyone, Karan says this is not a show like that, people say everything is fake here. Sree cries. Jasleen says you are a strong man, dont do it. Deepika says you are not like this, Sree weeps. Karan says dont do it, I feel bad. Sree says I am sorry, Karan says stop it.

Deepak says to Sourabh that I told Romil to make Anup emotional, make him look like a king, swell him like you do when you drink water after food. Sourabh laughs.

Day 5
Inmates wake up to song hum tum ek kamre mein plays. All dance and enjoy.

Romil says to Sourabh that you are playing safe but you have to come out of your shell, we have to do it, you have to come on front. Sourabh says you play as you want, you and Deepak can play, I will play slowly and not pain anyone. Romil says you are giving me pain.

Saba says to Somi that we have to irritate her, do whatever, she thinks we are nothing, we have to irritate her and fail her as captain.

Kriti is handling things in kitchen. She asks Sourabh to hand over sugar. Saba taunts that she is papa’s queen. Kriti says to Saba that I told you for one thing in morning, I asked you to not work in kitchen. Kriti says I want everyone to have good mood in kitchen thats why I didnt want Saba in kitchen, I feel bad when I am eating too. Kriti says you dont have to taunt me. Saba says you are not a queen, I know who are you.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time to choose who will go to jail, you all have to choose one pair and one single who deserves to go to jail, you all have to mutually decide, Sree is not feeling well and should go there. Kriti says I feel Somi and Saba should go. Anup says I feel Romil should go with his partner as he doesnt want to work more. Karan says Romil works only when he is asked to, Romil says I feel Anup-Jasleen should go, Karan should go as he worked too much. Deepika says Karan should go only because alarm played as he was sleeping. Sourabh votes for Sristy. Sristy says Karan because of sleeping. Karan gives Deepika’s name as they lost task because of her. Roshmi says Karan was damaging property too. Anup says we wanted Deepika to become captain but she didnt protect her roses so I want to name her. Deepak says Karan said that our class is not to run like we were doing in task, but you did run behind us. Roshmi says you were sarcastic. Karan says I respect girls but if girls are snatching and all so I said its not my class to harass them. Saba says I feel Neha doesnt interact much. Kriti says to bigg boss that we have decided Karan, Romil-Nirmal should go to jail. Bigg boss says we heard your thoughts and your selflessness too, its a mutual decision so we accept it, they will go to jail. Bigg boss says we want to tell you that all think they should go to jail so Karan, Nirmal-Romil will be nominated for next week too. They will get a bag to go to jail and cant take anything else.

Shiv says to Karan that it was not your mistake. Sristy says let it end.
Deepak says to Romil that you could tell that you would work.
Shiv says to Nirmal that policeman now you are going to jail yourself.

Kriti says I am opening jail, Karan says policeman will go first. Nirmal, Romil and Karan goes in jail.

Deepak says to Romil that let me know if you need anything.
Neha says to Deepika that we have to be more expressive now, Deepika says I lost my captaincy, I feel

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Bigg Boss 12 Details

Bigg Boss 12 will be the twelfth season of Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss that will be premiered on Colors TV. Salman Khan will host this season for the 9th time in Bigg Boss history and 4th time in a row. The show will be premiering on 16th of The timings of the show will be same as last season i.e. mon to fri 10:30 pm and sat to sun 9:00 pm.On 15 April 2018, Colors TV have invited the common people to send their video clip in order to participate in this season.

Contestants :

Anup Jalota
Surbhi Rana
Srishty Rode
S Sreesanth
Roshmi Banik
Romil Chaudhary
Nirmal Singh
Neha Pendse
Mital Joshi
Kriti Verma
Karanvir Bohra
Dipika Kakar
Jasleen Matharu

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 60 Min