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Bigg Boss Season 12 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Romil Fights With House


Bigg Boss Season 12 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update, Bigg Boss Season 12 Written Update on

Bigg Boss Season 12 27th September 2018 Episode Start With

Day 11
Inmates wake up to song I am the best, they all hug and dance.

Deepika says to Sristy that I felt bad for Saba and Somi for first time, they were scared when you slept walking. Sristy says what did I do? Deepika says Saba was scared when you started talking.
Somi says to Romil that Sirsty was scary.

Jasleen says to Anup that I dont like Deepika’s behavior, Anup says you shouldnt leave conversation with her. Jasleen says I felt she have negative energy around me, Anup says then make it fine. Jasleen says you want me to reconcile? She goes and hugs Deepika. Deepika smiles and hugs her back. Anup says this is good.

Girls are getting ready. Jasleen asks Anup how is her makeup? He says best. Romil says Jasleen was praising before, all laugh. Romil says she applies blush like a mop on her face. Karan asks Jasleen to kiss Anup. Jasleen asks Anup to not take off what she wants to do. She kisses his head and cheeks, all cheer. Karan asks to not leave lips. Anup blushes.

Jasleen sees Karan and Romil fighting. Karan says there are rules there, you are wasting food. Romil says Roshmi was throwing food too. Kriti says you cant blame people like that. Sourabh says they got serious. Shiv says to Romil that you dont understand? Romil says I take take your ego out easily, dont show me attitude. Kriti asks Shiv to calm down. Shiv sits on couch. Jasleen asks them to calm down. Romil says we were joking, Shiv says you could have accepted that you are wasting food. Romil says you are double faced, Shiv says you want me in action? Romil says show me action, they both charge at each other. Romil says who are you? you are nothing, you are ********. Sourabh takes Romil from there.
Sourabh asks Shiv to remain away from Romil, he is angry about yesterday. He asks to not come to garden, Shiv says I will sit wherever I want.
Romil says Shiv wants to show manliness? I can show it.

Deepak says our team is playing against each other, Kriti and Roshmi were nice. Romil says we feel like you switch to singles team but I know you will be with us, Deepak says I nominated Deepika and Neha even if they are my good friends. Romil says you have to be clear that it will be pairs vs. singles.

Jasleen wears bikini and jumps in pool. Anup says this mermaid is better. Deepak and Sourabh jumps in pool too.

Bigg boss asks people to statue. Bigg boss says many things happened in house in 10 days, you would want what people think about you, so last season’s mastermind Vikas is here. Vikas comes in house. Vikas says to Neha that I like you a lot, he shows her mirror and says fans want you to leave, you are not shown a lot. Vikas says to Urvashi that you are my favorite, you stood for truth and against your team too, be who you are. He says to Sristy that you think that you shouldnt mingle with pairs, it will be your loss, people are disappointed. Vikas says to Sree that I was like you, I used to try to runaway but then I understood this game and played it but you give up easily, you can win as you want. He says to Karan that you are my brother, you have to take lead, you are advising others, you have to set an examples, celebrities are not doing well.
Vikas makes Somi and Saba sit together, Vikas says you both look true here but you have to keep a balance. Vikas says to Jasleen that people are supporting you, love can be at any age, he says I was disappointed when you didnt confront Urvashi when she said that you cheated, he asks Jasleen to lead more. Vikas says Sourabh that I saw goodness in you, you have took someone’s chance and didnt do anything? you have to show your personality. He says to Romil that if you dont take stand for whats right or wrong then it will be bad, you can do a lot. He comes to Deepika and says I am really happy that you did this show, I know you had responsibility, she cries. He hugs her and says no, you leaded Simar for 7 years but you are lost here, you are a leader, take care and be strong, he is waiting outside. Vikas brings Kriti to garden and says you are opposite, he says Roshmi have to keep taking after your mess. He says to Shiv that some people call you fake, you take fights to extreme then die down, you wont get this chance again. He says to Deepak that you were favorite in start, you played well, you didnt go against your team in task, be what you are. Vikas says I just wanted to show you people mirror, play well. He kisses Neha’s head and leaves. Bigg boss release everyone. Deepak says I voted for him so much.
Sourabh says to Jasleen that he said I took someone’s chance and doesnt do anything.
Sree says to Karan that Vikas was just saying lines given to him. Deeepak says he was right, Sree says I am what I am, he didnt show what he is, he says to Vikas that dont give me crap of giving up, I am what I am, if you were in my place, you wouldnt survive for a bit.
Sourabh says I am deserving thats why I am here, why should I keep shouting?

Bigg boss asks inmates to choose a pair and single to send to jail deciding on their performance, Roshmi and Kriti are captains so they cant be chosen, Sree is ill so he will not be chosen. Kriti says lets vote, Sree takes Romil and Nirmal’s name, Deepika says Romil and Nirmal forced water on us so much, Sristy chooses Romil and Nirmal, Karan takes Romil and Nirmal, he says you people applied garlic on my face so much. Neha says Romil was not sorry for what he did, Romil says I was uncomfortable, she takes Romil and Nirmal’s name. Karan says to Romil that we had connect with you before this task. Sristy says to Nirmal that you people started all that in task. Neha says when we used same tactic, you couldnt bear it. Kriti and Roshmi takes Romil and Nirmal’s name too, Nirmal says you could have stopped us in task only if we were wrong. Nirmal says if we hurt someone then you could have stopped us, you were saying that I was doing right in task. Kriti says lets move forward. Sourabh says I said sorry to Neha as a female but Romil didnt, he chooses them, Shiv takes Romil and Nirmal’s name too. Deepak says I said that they were wrong for assaulting so much. Nirmal says you started it, you didnt do task. Deepak asks him to not shout. Karan asks them to shut up, Saba says I agree with Neha but your team did it too, Deepak was using spices and blaming us, I dont understand Sourabh so I take Shiv-Sourabh’s name. Anup says Urvashi and Deepak should be with team, Deepak was torturing them but then he decided to be nice, nobody was saying anything but they did, he takes Deepak and Urvashi’s name. Sree says I respect you but Urvashi was right when she said that Saba cheated in cushion task, Urvashi took side of truth only. Sristy says we used water too but they forced us. Romil says if water was bad then Bigg boss would have said it. Sristy says you people forced water so much that it was like hitting with water, Sree says Bigg boss said loudly to not hurt, you are educated people. Romil says it was my trick so I wont say sorry. Sree leaves from there. Romil says Nirmal didnt want us to stop breathing but to throw water on their mouths. Sree comes back and says you people forced water on them. Romil says I was just swinging water, I didnt force. Sree says all saw you throwing water, we didnt do it with girls, he shouts that game is a game, you cant do it. Sree asks Bigg boss to call him, he leaves from there. Romil says he is wrong.
Sree comes to garden and says you want this? he knocks on door. Kriti comes to him. Sree says I cant be here. Deepika comes to him, Deepak hugs Sree. Sree says they have no shame, there are girls here, they have no shame, I cant be here.


Bigg Boss Season 12 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update Precap: Nirmal shouts that if I was wrong then stop me. Sree shouts to tell policeman to accept. Sristy asks Romil to accept he forced water too much. Romil says I can hold feet but I wont accept about water thing, I performed well in task, Nirmal says that Sree is destroying game by going. Sree is emotional and says they want me to hit them, Romil says no one can hit me.


Bigg Boss 12 Details

Bigg Boss 12 will be the twelfth season of Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss that will be premiered on Colors TV. Salman Khan will host this season for the 9th time in Bigg Boss history and 4th time in a row. The show will be premiering on 16th of The timings of the show will be same as last season i.e. mon to fri 10:30 pm and sat to sun 9:00 pm.On 15 April 2018, Colors TV have invited the common people to send their video clip in order to participate in this season.

Contestants :

Anup Jalota
Surbhi Rana
Srishty Rode
S Sreesanth
Roshmi Banik
Romil Chaudhary
Nirmal Singh
Neha Pendse
Mital Joshi
Kriti Verma
Karanvir Bohra
Dipika Kakar
Jasleen Matharu

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 60 Min