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Bin Kuch Kahe 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abha takes Sandy to a room and says she wants to know what they are doing. Sandy says not them, she, why she is creating problem. She says she is not joking, if he thought whether they are ready for their relationship. Sandy says he has thought well, but she must have not. Argument continues and says she is talking about practicality, where will they stay after marriage. He says in each other’s heart. He says she is serious, he just informed his mother he will marry Abha. He says his mom would have taught well, she is intelligent. She says his mom told to think carefully. She says she will not leave her cafeteria and house after marriage, where will he keep them. He says she means he is thinking he will enjoy her business and house, congrats she caught his fraud. He leaves disturbed.

Kabeer asks him all good. He leaves without reply. Myra and Mandy walk into Abha’s room. Abha cries that she does not want to fall in new relationship and does not need anyone’s support, Aryan is everything for her, she is fine the way she is, she does not deserve another chance. Myra consoles her.

Myra and Mandy then go out and ask Aryan where are others. Aryan says naani is in Kabeer’s room. Kabeer tells Sudha that Sandy and his mother’s thinking is obvious, but they should have thought calmly and taken decision. She asks him to speak to them. Kabeer assures not to worry, he will do something. Myra enters and asks Sudha what happened. Sudha says nothing, she wanted to talk to Kabeer. Myra takes her for them for dinner. Mandy brings Abha for dinner. Aryan gets up and says he is going to his room. Abha says if this is way to protest against her, she does not care, it is up to him to go or stay. Aryan says he knows she does not care about him, he wishes his dad was here. Everyone are surprised seeing his behavior. Kabeer says let us go to his room and watch his favorite show. They both watch show. Kabeer says he did not do right down at dining hall. Aryan says mamma insecure that Sandy will take her place and become important. Kabeer asks how he understands so much, he could not handle even video game in his age. Aryan says that is why he is man of this house.

Kabeer helps Abha in her canteen. Sandy comes and gives his resignation to Kabeer and hopes Abha accepts it. Kabeer asks him to relax and speak what he means. Sandy says he knows his background and can buy a house in London, New York or any part of world. Kabeer says Abha did not mean it. Sandy says he can settle anywhere and just wants to settle here for Abha, he does not need her cafeteria and knows what it means to her. Kabeer says he should make Abha realize secure and give her time. Sandy says he cannot take it anymore. Kabeer says let us sit and talk calmly. Sandy agrees. Myra speaks to Abha and says she does know what Sandy told to Aryan that he needs father figure now. Myra asks she means Sandy is getting Aryan away. Abha says no. Their discussion continues. Kabeer brings Sandy and asks Myra to let him and Abha speak. They both stand aside. Sandy gives his financial statement to Abha and says these are his investments, properties, shares, retirement plan, etc. He will buy a house in Jaipur’s top real estate and will do whatever she says. She emotionally hugs him and patches up with him. Their confessions continue. Kabeer and Myra smile looking at them.


Bin Kuch Kahe 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Myra tells Kabeer that he cannot go next Tuesday as doctor advised him not to travel till he gets well. Kabeer says he has promised dad and already booked ticket.