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Chakor drags herself in Karan’s maha-mayajaal Imli overjoyed (Upcoming Twist)

Chakor joins Karan's business proposal Saanvi turns Imli's easy target


Udaan: Chakor (Meera Deosthale) drags herself in Karan’s (Keith Sequeria) maha-mayajaal Imli (Vidhi Pandya) overjoyed

The TV Serial Udaan is showcasing a troubling time in Suraj and Chakor’s life where Karan and Imli are planning their evil conspiracies.

Karan’s devil mastermind got Suraj in arrested where Chakor is left helpless.

Thus Chakor comes to take help from Karan where Karan is faking his sympathy over Suraj’s ill condition in jail.

The shocking twist comes when Chakor seeks help and evil Karan puts bitter condition forth Chakor.

Suraj and Chakor drastic clash

Karan will ask Chakor to join the project in return he will get Suraj’s bail.

However, when Suraj knows about the condition he stops Chakor from accepting the condition as she have to take care of Saanvi, but Chakor accepts Karan’s condition against Suraj.

Chakor’s this step will land Chakor in Karan’s trap while now overjoyed Imli will take advantage of this situation as Chakor will give the most time to project not Saanvi.

Chakor is in dilemma as she has to save Sooraj from jail trap and for that she had to go against Sooraj’s decision.

Chakor takes the step and agrees to Karan’s proposal and frees Sooraj, Sooraj isn’t happy with what Chakor had done.

Chakor and Sooraj’s major rift

Sooraj and Chakor had their major rift over it but Chakor has to fulfil her promise and joins Karan’s business proposal and works for it.

Sooraj is much furious as he doubts Karan’s intentions and also fears about Saanvi, Karan does his part of the plan and now Imli will target Saanvi.

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