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Chandragupta Maurya 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update

Chandragupta Hurts Dhananand’s Ego


Chandragupta Maurya 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update, Chandragupta Maurya Written Update on

Chandragupta Maurya 15th May 2019 Episode Start With Acharya tells Chandragupta that Dhananand is heading in their direction only after winning over all 16 districts. Chandragupta says I have waited for this moment from last 5 years. It is an indicator of fate. We will once again fight to burn down all the enemies of our motherland. Acharya tells him to calm down and think through. Think that if these 3 enemies get united then he is nothing in front of them! You are an ordinary kid who has nothing but anger in his possession which he cannot control. You have no identity! You are neither the prince of Peeplivan nor do you lead any army! Truth is you have nothing with which you can defeat these enemies!

Chandragupta asks him if he should end up being a mere spectator then. It cannot be! I will face them without fearing about the consequences. Acharya says we will plan everything and then face them. There will be 3 Samrats and 3 armies. We have to divide and rule and make sure they kill each other! Chandragupta understands his logic. I have to take part in this war and create such circumstances that they end up killing each other in the end. Acharya tells him that he would need to get inside Ambiraj and Selecus’s army as an ordinary soldier. Chandragupta says I know how to do it.

A soldier reprimands Chandragupta for taking his horse first and now coming back to him. Chandragupta says I kept telling your horse to stay but he took me away with him. I got him back for you after so much difficulty. The soldier accepts the horse and asks Chandragupta to leave. Chandragupta tells him that he can take part in this war too. The soldier says you have to feed water to soldiers during the war. Patriotism isn’t shown by wearing an armor and fighting. This is a part of it. He points at a pot and asks Chandragupta to start his work.

Ambikumar asks the soldier (Durjan Singh) to fix something. Durjan Singh nods. Chandragupta is asked to feed him water. Chandragupta offers water to the Ambikumar. Can I fix your horse’s saddle if you don’t mind? He agrees. Chandragupta fixes it by the time Durjan Singh returns. Ambikumar asks him to give armor and sword to Chandragupta. Durjan points out that he only feeds water to soldiers. Ambikumar tells him that the boy fixed his saddle in seconds. He is a good soldier. He leaves on his horse. Chandragupta teasingly asks Durjan about his armor and sword. Durjan points at a corner.

Selecus and Ambiraj are on one side while Dhananand and his brothers are on the opposite side. Chandragupta recalls all that happened 5 years ago as he heads towards the battlefield. I have to pay the debt of motherland by killing the enemies! I will hoist our flag once again!

Chandragupta joins Selecus’s army. Acharya is watching from far. Great, you became a part of this war but now you have to do take our plan to the next level. Flashback shows Acharya telling Chandragupta that during any war the commanders stay in the middle so as to implement their strategy properly. They don’t get down in the war themselves! You have to make them step into the war thereby breaking that norm. They must head towards their doom. You have to showcase before them that you are a strong warrior. Chandragupta looks on. Now I will use your desire to prove yourself better than others against you all! The war begins.

Acharya looks at Chandragupta during the fight. He kills many soldiers of the enemy in one go. Selecus asks Ambiraj to look at Chandragupta. He is fighting so bravely! Ambiraj seconds him. His son tells him that he found this soldier. I brought him here myself. Ambiraj is impressed. Selecus is focused on that soldier. Make sure we win this war with the help of that soldier so you get the praise! His son nods and heads towards Chandragupta.

Acharya and the old guy look on. Ambikumar came in the battlefield himself. Acharya is sure Chandragupta will very soon compel others to join in.

Amatya also looks intently at Chandragupta. He brings Dhananand’s attention towards him. He is killing so many soldiers singlehandedly. Dhananand looks at him from his binocular. I know the difference between an ordinary soldier and a warrior! This isn’t an ordinary soldier.

Chandragupta continues fighting with the enemy. Ambikumar compliments him too. You will stay with me only from now onwards. You are promoted! Chandragupta thanks him. It means a lot to me. Selecus and Ambiraj’s eyes are fixated on Chandragupta. Dhananand’s brothers decide to kill Ambikumar. It will break them and Samrat will also regard us highly then. They head towards Ambikumar. Chandragupta notices this. He recalls Acharya telling him to attack the enemy on their weakness during a war. A father is at his weakest when his son gets attacked during the war where they are participating together. Chandragupta says I have to risk Ambikumar’s life to bring Ambiraj in the war. Acharya nods. Chandragupta loosens Ambikumar’s saddle stealthily. Ambikumar falls down from his horse when the moment he mounts on his horse. Ambiraj rushes to his son’s side. Dhananand’s brothers overpower Ambikumar but Chandragupta intervenes at the last second. Ambikumar is wounded. Ambiraj asks his son to leave with the soldiers. He tells Chandragupta that he wont forget this favor ever. Chandragupta tells him to take revenge of every single attack on his son. Ambiraj runs off to fight with Dhananand’s brothers.

Dhananand is smiling from far. Chandragupta thinks Acharya was right about him. He is as selfish today as he was yesterday! Flashback shows Acharya telling Chandragupta that Dhananand wont be affected if his brothers fall in any trouble during the war. He is only focused on victory. Nothing else matters to him except his ego! You have to hurt him there to bring him in the battlefield! Chandragupta says we have to attack at Magadh’s dignity (the flag) to hurt Dhananand. Flashback ends.

Chandragupta kills a soldier who was running towards him holding Magadh’s flag. He takes the flag and sets it on fire shocking Dhananand and Amatya! He throws the burning flag towards Dhananand.

Chanakya Neeti:
The most dangerous and effective attack in any war is to attack enemy’s confidence. You have to hurt his ego so as to make him lose his temper. This ends up in him taking wrong decisions. You succeed! An attack on the ego is greater than any other ego!

Chandragupta Maurya 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Amatya says that soldier set fire to our flag. Dhananand asks his army to move ahead. Acharya remarks that he had been waiting for this moment since so long.



Chandragupta Maurya Details

Chandragupta Maurya (Hindi: चंद्रगुप्त मौर्य) is an upcoming Hindi Historical Drama TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Kartikey Malviya are in the lead roles in show. This serial is made under the Production of Porus series.Chandragupta Maurya will be continuation part of series Porus, which is coming to its end. So those who love watching Porus series will also like Chandragupta Maurya too. Porus TV show gained huge popularity.

Cast : 

Kartikey Malviya
Saurabh Raj Jain
Tarun Khanna

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min