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Daayan 20th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Aaakarsh Celebrates Jahnvi’s Birthday/Satrupa Is Out Of Red Stone


Daayan 20th April 2019 Written Episode Update, Daayan Written Update on

Daayan 20th April 2019 Episode Start With Jahnvi asks Aakarsh to let her meet his mother. Aakarsh stands nervous. Jahnvi says she knew he would not agree, whatever it is they are married and cannot change it, she wants to see her mother’s human face. Aakarsh asks why. She says she wants to meet her and request to let Aakarsh and her alone, but if he does not want to, that is okay. Aakarsh agrees and says if she wants to see his mother’s real face, then let us go. Jahnvi thinks she will find out truth now. Aakarsh takes Jahnvi in his car to jungle and says they have to walk a bit to meet his mother. She agrees and gets thirsty walking. Akarsh offers her water via black magic. She refuses and hearing water sound from fountain nearby asks him to take her there. He takes her there and watches her drinking water.

A romantic song starts in the background. Dayan finds this out via black magic and should she will not let Jahnvi know her true identity and orders Kalnemi to stop Aakarsh and Jahnvni. Aakarsh takes Jahnvi to burial ground and says his mother stays here. Kalnemi warns Aakarsh to return back as no body should know daayan’s true identity. Aakarsh warns him to go away. Kalnemi attacks Aaakrsh. Aakarsh defeats him and walks into hut where he shows an old lady and says she is his mother. Jahnvi asks how can such an old woman be his mother. Daayan asks where is mani and what did king say before dying, strangulating Jahnvi’s neck. Aakarsh stops mother and says he brought Jahnvi here. He goes in when Jahnvi searches something. Daayan says she will not get anything here. Jahnvi picks axe to attack daayan. Aakarsh returns and stops her and asks not to attack seeing his weak mother. Jahnvi thinks when she knows she cannot kill daayan like this, why she is unnecessarily trying and why daayan is so weak as human, she has to find out how to kill daayan.

Brijesh chacha does pooja and gets magical knife to kill Aakarsh. Jahnvi returns home and thinks where red stone must be. Veer walks in and questions same. Brijesh with Prithvi and Vishakha and asks if Aakarsh is here. Jahnvi says no. Brijesh says he got a magical sword and during birthday party, Jahnvi should stab Akarsk with this knife and kill him. Jahnvi asks how can she. Pritvhi reminds that Aakarsh troubled their family and even kidnapped Rimpy, and if she does not kill Aakarsh, he will kill their whole family. Jahnvi again says she cannot. Prithvi says he will stab knife into Akash then. On the other side, Kalnemi provokes daayan that Aakarsh is mad in Jahnvi’s love and will betray her. Aakarsh warns him not to provoke maa against him. Daayan says she does not have much time and should need devyani mani back soon.

Aakarsh walks away. Jahnvi in her room thinks she cannot kill her love Aakarsh, but then thinks thinks what if he kills her family, so it is better she kills him. Aakarsh emerges and says he got a birthday gift for her and keeps a small stone on floor and with magic turns it into big red stone. Jahnvi is amazed to see that and asks if it is same red stone. He says yes and says he kept both his promise, took her to his mother and even got this red stone. Once he leaves, Veer walks in and asks if it is same stone. Jahnvi says yes. They both remember king telling about satrupa in red stone and decide to break it to get Satrupa out. Jahnvi brings iron road and hits stone, but it does not damage a bit. Veer brings a big hammer and hits stone, but nothing happens. Jahnvi reminisces king’s words before dying nad repeats them. Stone breaks and Satrupa emerges out of it and runs away.

Jahnvi runs behind Satrupa. Satrupa runs into party venue. Nandini sees her and asks who is she. Satrupa asks which decade is this. Nandini asks what, if she barged in here seeing party. Satrupa sees Jahnvi and runs from there. Jahnvi runs behind her, but Aakarsh sees Jahnvi and stopping her asks where is she going and sends her to get ready. Jahnvi walks to her room where Asha gets her ready and praises her beauty. Aakarsh waits for Jahnvi at birthday venue. Jahnvi walks down. Everyone clap for her. Aakarsh says he told her that he will make her birthday special with her favorite cake and music. Jahnvi asks where is music. He snaps fingers and Bulawe tujhe jo yariya meri galiyaan…song…plays in the background. Aakarsh dances wiht Jahnvi. Veer sees Satrupa n stairs and follows her. She runs away and changing her dress is seen between party guests. Jahnvi’s family revolves around Jahnvi and Aakarsh while they dance. Prithvi walks to Aakarsh and stabs knife in his chest. Jahnvi stands shocked. Pritvhi asks family to escape now. Jahnvi resists, but family drags her aside and hold her. Brijesh and Vishakha show fire torch to Aakarsh to control him. Aakarsh collapses while family tries to drag her away.


Daayan 21st April 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Jahnvi pulls knife from Aakarsh’s chest and saves his life. Aakarsh asks why did she return and should have let him die. She says she cannot as she… Satrupa gets mesmerized with Aakarsh’s handsomeness. Aakarsh asks who is she, hotel is closed for guests for sometime. Satrupa says she she fell in his love, how can she go away from him.