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Daayan 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Aakarsh’s Superpowers


Daayan 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update, Daayan Written Update on

Daayan 24th March 2019 Episode Start With Viraaaj serves Kundini/Jahnvi. Jahnvi hides behind pillar. Aakarsh asks why is she hiding from her husband. Jahnvi says he wants to apply color. Aakarsh asks who else should apply her color than her husband and tries to call Viraaj. Jahnvi shuts his mouth and hides with him. Their eyes lock. A romantic song plays in the background. Joli celebrations start at hotel’s ground. Viraaj wishes happy holi to Narendra. Jahnvi wishes happy holi to Prithvi and Vishakha. Pritvhi angrily says holi is wishes to dear ones and not strangers, Kundini Roy. Taiji interferes and says during festival, one forget all differences and asks them to wish holi to Kundini thinking as his sister. Prithvi wishes happy holi. Jahnvi wishes happy holi to Aakarsh. Veer holds their hand and runs.

Viraaj gets jealous seeing Jahnvi and Aakarsh together. Chandrika provokes him that Jahnvi and Viraaj must have come closer while staying with each other. Viiraaj confronts Jahnvi what was she doing with Aakarsh, if she is lured by his wealth. Jahnvi says she wished hotel’s owner, thats all. Viraaj insists to prove her love for him by kissing him in front of everyone right here, else he will take her back to Mumbai. Jahnvi gets nervous and says she will later. He gets happy and walks away apply holi on her. Chachaji gives bhang milk to Jhanvi and asks her to give it to Aaakarsh, it is very potent bhang from Banaras and if he does not get inebriated, then he is daayan or is possessed by Daayan.

Jahnvi gives bhang milk to Aakarsh. Chachaji takes normal milk for Jahnvi next. Chandrika requests him to check someone’s kundali and changes it with bhang milk silently. After checking kundali, Chachaji gives milk to Jahnvi. Jahnvi drinks it and gets inebriated. She sees Aakarsh dancing and starts dancing with him. Slowly she gets closer to him and sitting on swinger gets romantic with him talking about their past and him proposing her long ago, etc. Viraaj gets more jealous seeing them, and Chandrika provokes him again, then tells Nandini that Viraaj will take Jahnvi from here now and Nandini can dance with Aakarsh. Viraaj walks to Jahnvi and insists to kiss him. She resists and says she does not love him. Viraj forcefully tries to kiss her. Aakarsh angrily pushes him and he flies in air and falls far away down. Everyone are shocked to see that. Chachaji tells Veer that Aakarh is daayan for sure, only evil can have such immense powers. Veer shows video to Jahnvi and says Aakarsh is daayan. Aakarsh rushes to Viraaj, rushes him to hotel and calls doctor. Doctor checks Viraaj and he is injured, but will get well soon. Aakarsh apologizes for harming Viraaj and says he was just rescuing Jahnvi and did not mean to harm Viraaj. Chandrika says Kundini is Viraaj’s wife and he can do anything. Aakarsh walks to his room and shouts angrily, then says his secret would have been out today.

Daayan calls Betalini for help and when she emerges pleads to help her relive dead king as she is waiting since 500 years, she knows what all happened. Betalini says she knows everything and says Daayan will not succeed in her goal. Daayan pleads not to say that and requests repeatedly to help her. Daayan says a girl with reverse trishul mark on her will solve all her problems and she can be found in palace itself. On the other side, Viraaj wakes up and shouts at Jahnvi why did not she oppose Aakarsh, he will not spare Viraaj now. Jahnvi asks him to calm down. He locks door from outside, walks to receptionist and asks where is Aakarsh. Receptionist says sir is in his room, but he cannot go there now. Viraaj walks towards Aakarsh’s room. Receptionist informs Chandrika and Nandini. Viraaj breaks open Aakarsh’s room and shouts him to come out. Jahnvi reaches there and asks to calm down. She also does not find Aarkarsh in and thinks with door and windows locked from inside where did he go. Viraaj walks into bathroom and walks out shouting with lizards on him. He frees himself from lizard and shouts what kind of hotel is this. Chandrika walks in and warns Viraaj for trespassing and They walk in corridor. Jahnvi falls down. Viraaj shouts this hotel does not even have a generator. Daaayan watches Jahnvi and not finding reverse trishul on her thinks she has to find some other person with trishul. Aakarsh returns and apologizes Viraaj for his misbehavior. Viraaaj angrily holds his collar and shouts he will not spare him. Aakarsh also gets angry and punches Viraaj. Jahnvi slaps Aakarsh and warns him to stay away from Viraaj. Aakarsh fumes that he helped her and she is yelling on him.

Viraaj walks to his room and packs his clothes. Jahnvi asks him to calm down. Viraaj asks why she wants to stay here even now. Jahnvi lies that she heard there is wealth hidden in his palace, so she is staying here to search it. Viraaj asks why did not she inform him before, now they both will search wealth. Once he leaves, Rimpi walks in and asks Jahnvi why she looks tensed, she can tell share her ordeal with her. Jahnvi says she is fine. She walks out and sees Prithvi and Vishakha looking at ceiling, walks to them and asks what are they doing here at this time and what are they looking at. Prithvi strangulates her.


Daayan 30th March 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Pritvhi sees Rimpi having bandage on her head and asks how did she get injured. Rimpi says Jahnvi asked not to inform anyone. They catch her and find reverse trishul mark on her forehead.