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Dadi get Sameer arrested for robbery (Upcoming Story)

Sameer avoid Naina with teary eyes


It is seen that Naina fail to meet Sameer at various occasions and thus pray hard to God for some miracle.Sameer is depressed by Vishaka’s ill health but recalls Naina’s words to be strong.Somehow, Sameer feels Naina’s presence around him and misses her very much.Further, Sameer will think of getting Naina’s letter from Amrita’s house somehow.

Sameer get shocked to know that Naina is in Delhi for him but things go awfully wrong as Dadi accuse Sameer of robbery by breaking into neighbors house.Dadi tag him as unlucky and warn him to stay away from Vishaka for her wellbeing else he will loose her like his Nanu.

Sameer feel insecure by Dadi’s words

Dadi’s words prick Sameer and he too feel that his closeness and presence is unlucky for his loved ones.Thus, in a heart-wrenching scene, it will be seen that Sameer will see Naina from a distance but will not meet her for the fear of loosing her too.However, Naina’s never-ending love and hope in her eyes to meet Sameer will bring tears in Sameer’s eyes.

Vishaka’s deteriorating health pushes Sameer into Nanu’s flashback

As seen, Naina reach Sameer’s house but Dadi send her away saying its wrong address.Further, Naina hope to see Sameer at the school but they miss each other and fail to meet.Moreover, Sameer returns back home due to Vishaka’s ill health which makes him feel insecure.

Naina win competition but her mission remains incomplete

Sameer had just developed the bonding with Vishaka but her bad health takes him to the flashback of Nanu’s death.On the other hand, Naina gives up hope of seeing Sameer at school and proceeds with her competition.Naina will win the competition but her heart will be sad for not being able to meet Sameer.

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