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Dev 2 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update

Dev Blames Mahek


Dev 2 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update, Dev 2 Written Update on

Dev 2 23rd July 2018 Episode Start With Dev sees Dwani sleeping on his couch and murmuring that papa and Dev will save me. Dev covers her with blanket, she unconsciously holds his hand. Mahek comes there and sees it. Dwani murmurs Dev dont leave me. Dev says to Mahek that she was tired and slept. Mahek nods and says you should take rest. Dev says you need rest most. Mahek says I need you most and you are taking care of someone else, she looks at Dwani. Dev says its night, go and sleep. Mahek says give my shawl back, Dev sees that he has given Dwani her shawl.

In morning, Dev recalls how Zohra apa said that Mahek is hiding something, how Mahek kept looking at her and hid it from Dev. Dev thinks that there is something in Mahek’s phone which she is hiding.

Dev comes to Mahek’s room and finds her phone,its locked, he puts password ‘Dev’, ‘Burman’, their marriage anniversary.. nothing works out. He sees a cat there and says it can be madhubala, phone unlocks. Dev checks it.

Dev sings baba black sheep. Mahek comes there and asks if she is searching for anything? Mahek says no, I am going out to meet gyne and then for shopping, do you need anything? Dev says what bomber wants from you? he killed Meera but he doesnt want to kill you, why? Mahek says so you feel bad that he doesnt want to kill me. She tries to take her phone but he says you love this phone too much, I will keep it with me today. Mahek says give it back. Dev says what does this have? Mahek looks away. Dev says let me tell you, he plays voice recording of baba black sheep, there were Mahek, Munim and him. Apa hears it too. Dev says you said you didnt know anything about bomber. Mahek says Munim is doing all this. Dev says who killed Meera? Mahek says I dont know. Dev says you knew who made bomb for Meera, did you want Meera to die in that blast or you knew that? Mahek says you can think anything, if husband and wife trust each other then they dont have to give explanations. Dev angrily leaves from there.

Scene 2
Dev calls Narvekar, Narvekar says lets talk about work. Dev asks him to watch CCTV footage, he shows him a car entering building and says this car might have helped Aarti, Narvekar says this car could have gone to someone else house. Dev says this car went in but it never exited, this car driver parked in a spot where CCTV footage couldnt show it, this car was not in car list, you have to ask guard how he let car in, this man was not in lift footage too, if you find out that this car was stolen then you know what to do, Narvekar says I will search for this car.

Nurse says to Aarti that nothing will happen to you. Narvekar comes there. Nurse says did is nice, bring justice to her, all leave. Aarti says you here? Narvekar says we need your and Arjun’s social media for investigation, Aarti says I will give it you.
Narvekar says to officer that you have to keep an eye on Aarti, officer says I think she is saying truth, Narvekar says we have to find the truth.

Mahek leaves house in car. Narvekar’s spy calls him, he asks him to follow her.Narvekar calls Dev and says we found that number plate was fake and this car was stolen. Dev says search about the stolen cars of this model in last 5 years.

After searching, Narvekar calls Dev and says we found 11 cars of this model stolen, only 7 were white, one was burnt, one was of a minister, 3 were returned. Narvekar says this is time waste. Dev says search for these cars.

Mahek comes to a parlour. Narvekar’s spy waits for her outside. Some time passes. He goes inside. Mahek comes out from back door and leaves from there.

Narvekar’s spy calls him and says Mahek left. Narvekar says she is clever. He says to Dwani that Dev shouldnt know about this.

Narvekar meets a family, father says we have been searching for our son Sonu, we dont know where he left, Narvekar says did have any animosity? A woman comes there and says no, we have a jewelry shop, one day he locked his shop but didnt come home, his car was never found. Narvekar asks if Sonu used to take drugs? father says why you are asking? Narvekar says we think Sonu’s car was used in another case. Dev is on call and says to Narvekar that this case is linked with Sonu’s case, he is linked with them. Narvekar says to Sonu’s father that we need Suno’s details. Dwani says I will collect information.

Officer calls spy and tells him tracked address of Mahek.

Dwani is looking at Suno’s bank statement. Sonu’s wife comes there and says let me know if you need any help. Dwani checks Sonu’s social media and finds his picture with Arjun, she asks who are they? Wife says they were Sonu’s friends, this is oriental restaurant famous for japanese food. Dwani recalls how Dev said that murder happened with Japanese knife.

Dwani is on roads, she sees her dad’s car and is about to go there but sees Mahek coming out of car. She says what Mahek was doing with Dad? She comes to her dad’s car. She asks her dad what was Mahek doing with him? Dad says what are you saying? Dwani says I saw you meeting her, she was getting down from this car. Dad says have you gone mad? she was not here. Dwani says please share with me. Dad says get out. Dwani gets down from car, her dad leaves.


Dev 2 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev watches Aarti’s confession statement again to find out if she planned Parag’s murder.A bomber strikes with Mahek in market and stealthily puts a bomb in her bag. Mahek looks on.


Dev 2 Details

Dev (previously Dev Anand) is an Indian suspense drama television series produced by Peninsula Pictures. The seies revolves around Dev Anand Burman – a detective battling inner demons. The crime storys are suggested by real life cases.The first season premiered on 5 August 2017 with Ashish Chaudhary, Sumona Chakravarti and Puja Banerjee as the main cast. The first season ended on 12 November 2017 after the planned 27 episodes and was replaced by Entertainment Ki Raat. It has a planned sequel called Dev 2.


Aashish Chaudhary
Pooja Bose
Sumona Chakravarti
Rajesh Khera
Amit Dolawat
Jayshree Arora

Seasons : 2 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min