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Dev 2 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Mahek Gets Kidnapped


Dev 2 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update, Dev 2 Written Update on

Dev 2 25th July 2018 Episode Start With Dev comes to Aarti, Aarti says I know you are a famous detective. Dev says we usually feel post trauma after shock and we remember things from the incident, did that happen with you? she says no. Dev says it happens when you are not in the incident but it was planned, I read your statement, watched your both statements but they were totally same, as per you, you were raped, killed your husband, remained in that house then came to police but you didnt have trauma, you were able to remember word to word statement, court will agree with me. Aarti says they will not listen to you.

Narvekar and Arjun are hearing their conversation. Dev says to Aarti that you have marks on your back so someone is helping you, Aarti says Parag tried to rape me, Dev says your body have scratches but as per postmortem, Parag’s nails doesnt have your skin element, he tried to rape you as per your marks but if you stopped him then he must have marks, Parag didnt attack you so did Santosh attack you? he came to your building but you dont know him as you say so only Arjun remains, he was at home that day but he is your brother so how can he let rape attempt happen on you, what if Arjun is not your brother? we will find out, if he is not your brother then he is your lover.

Aarti gets angry and says how dare you? bring proofs against me. Dev says we have found Santosh’s car. Narvekar says to Arjun that we have found about Santosh, his body have marks of knife which Aarti used to kill Parag, accept your crime otherwise you will be hanged. Arjun cries and says I dont want to die, I will tell you truth. Dev is hearing this on call, Aarti says dont tell them the truth. Arjun says to Narvekar that Aarti is not my sister, we love each other, Santosh was our friend, we trapped Parag and we wanted his property and money, we would have killed Parag’s father too. Narvekar says how many others you fooled? Arjun says 6, Aarti used to lure them in her love then we used to robe them and kill them but used to plan it that would look like suicide. Narvekar says you killed Sonu too? Arjun says no I helped Santosh to kill Sonu, Santosh wanted his car, we cut his body and threw it in water.

Narvekar asks how you killed Parag? Arjun says we planned to make him overdose on drugs but Parag got to know about my and Aarti’s relation so we planned his death. Flashback shows that Arjun, Santosh and Aarti plans Parag’s murder. Parag comes there. Arjun offers him drugs but he says I dont need it. Aarti offers him drugs mixed salad but Parag denies it. Parag says to Arjun that I know your cheap relation with Aarti, Santosh asks him to take drugs. Parag says I will tell your truth to police. Santosh takes out knife and tries to kill him but Parag takes knife and stabs Santosh, he kills him. Parag throws knife in shock. Aarti gives drugs induced injection to Parag, Arjun takes knife and stabs Parag, he kills him, Aarti asks him to stab more. Aarti says we have to take two bodies out.

Flashback ends. Arjun says we destroyed Santosh’s face and threw his body on beach and decided to throw Parag’s body in morning but Parag’s father calls his number and messages that he is coming. Arjun says I told Aarti to runaway but she said that she slept with Parag for a year for this flat. Flashback shows Aarti saying to Arjun that I wont leave this flat, she gives him knife and asks him to hurt her, he says I cant do it, Aarti says you have to. Arjun attacks Aarti with knife, he attacks on her back. Flashback ends. Arjun says Aarti attacked herself to make sure it looks like Parag tried to rape her then she went to police station, flashback ends.

Narvekar shows Parag’s suicide note to Parag’s father and says Aarti made him write in drunk state. Parag’s father says I cant believe that he loved her and she did this. Narvekar says you decided to go to his house that day and they get caught because of that. Father says my son got justice because of you people, thank you. He leaves.Narvekar gets his spy’s message that a man has come to Mahek’s house and he looks dangerous. Narvekar says to Dev that Mahek’s life might be in danger, he shows him message.

Narvekar’s spy is waiting outside Mahek’s house, he sees a man with half burned face going inside, he recalls how he saw him in market where Mahek was too. He tries to call Narvekar but number is not available so he messages him. He is about to leave but thinks that only ladies are in house.Spy comes to Mahek’s room and ties her. She asks him to leave her. He lights lighter and says where should I burn your face from?

Dev is going to Mahek’s house, he recalls how Mahek asked him to stay home, she feels like something bad is going to happen. He recalls how Dwani told him that Narvekar got a letter which said that Mahek’s life is in danger.

Spy goes in Mahek’s house and looks around. He sees a bed knocking and tries to take off the mattress but bomber grabs him from behind and starts beating him. He strangles him, spy dies.
Dev arrives home and shouts Mahek.. Apa. He looks around. He comes to room and sees spy’s body, he looks around and sees bed wood stuck in his nails. He looks at bed and takes off mattress, he finds Apa tied and lying there, He asks her to wake up, she is unconscious.


Dev 2 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahek is kidnapped by the bomber. Bomber says I was fooled by you once but not again, tell me where is Munim. Mahek says I dont know where Munim is.Dev is kidnapped by bomber too and Mahek. Bomber asks Dev to ask Mahek to tell him where Munim is and I will tell you where your mother is.Bomber has put a bomb on Mahek, he leaves from there. Dev tries to diffuse her bomb, she asks him to leave her, he says I cant.A bride is shown celebrating her wedding night in a godown.


Dev 2 Details

Dev (previously Dev Anand) is an Indian suspense drama television series produced by Peninsula Pictures. The seies revolves around Dev Anand Burman – a detective battling inner demons. The crime storys are suggested by real life cases.The first season premiered on 5 August 2017 with Ashish Chaudhary, Sumona Chakravarti and Puja Banerjee as the main cast. The first season ended on 12 November 2017 after the planned 27 episodes and was replaced by Entertainment Ki Raat. It has a planned sequel called Dev 2.


Aashish Chaudhary
Pooja Bose
Sumona Chakravarti
Rajesh Khera
Amit Dolawat
Jayshree Arora

Seasons : 2 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min