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Devika’s vengeance marriage with Varun Alekh returns with a plan (Upcoming Twist)


Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More: Varun (Shoaib Ibrahim) and Devika (Yesha Rughani) gets married, Alekh returns back with a plan

The upcoming episode of Zee TV‘s popular daily soap Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.

Devika had married Varun, Varun had forced Devika to marry him at gunpoint and now Maasa’s mission is also complete.

Maasa just awaits the money and property before she can throw Devika and Varun away while Devika and Varun starts their married life.

Devika and Varun’s marriage syappa

Devika hates Varun all the more after what all happened in marriage and doubts that he had kidnapped Alekh to stop the marriage.

Devika now begins vengeance marriage journey with Varun and is ready to teach lesson to Varun while Alekh will also make his return.

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