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Dil Hi Toh Hai 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Clash Between Puri’s And Noon’s


Dil Hi Toh Hai 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update, Dil Hi Toh Hai Written Update on

Dil Hi Toh Hai 26th July 2018 Episode Start With Rohit and Setu confront Ritvik and Palak separately. They both cover up saying that they were with each other since morning so they are taking their names. Setu reminds Palak that Ritvik is engaged. Palak nods. I am not interested in him. Ritvik and Palak walk away but are lost in memories of their past moments. Ritvik gets a call from his mother. She asks him if everything is fine. Your phone wasn’t reachable. He says there was network issue. She asks him to make her speak to Rohit. Ritvik lies that he is taking bath. Palak notices him and recalls her convo with Setu. Mamta puts the phone on speaker. Talk to Mr. Puri.

Ritvik has kept his phone aside not realising that the line is still on. Palak tells Ritvik that Setu too feels they must not marry in haste. Ritvik and Rohit’s families hear this and are stunned. Reeva blames Palak for it but Mr. Puri is unhappy knowing Ritvik is involved as well. Ananya stops everyone. It is true that Rohit wanted to elope with Setu and get married but he will bring them back. Her father is upset. You knew about it already? Reeva says I knew it. This is why Palak was around Bhai all the time. Mamta tells everyone to stop assuming. We don’t know the truth yet. She also tells Reeva to stop talking too much. Mamta sends Aman to find out where Ritvik and Rohit are. He nods.

Ritvik and Palak are worried about the reactions of Rohit and Setu’s families. She nods. I understand but you have to talk to them. You also have to talk to Ananya. He nods. Rohit joins them. He tells them that Setu will doubt his intentions if he will keep postponing the wedding like this. If you don’t help me then your story will be in the next series in Crime Patrol. Setu comes there and shares that an extra room has been arranged. They look at her. Ritvik tells her that he has seen her looking better. You both got a new room. Rohit and I will go in our room and plan something too. Rohit taunts Ritvik for not letting him spend some quality time with Setu too. Setu takes Palak with her. Ritvik asks Rohit why he dint tell Setu anything. Rohit says she was wearing her lehenga. How can I break her heart again?

Setu is asking Palak about her attire. Palak suggests her to speak to Rohit once. Rohit knocks at the door. Palak steps out of the room so they can talk privately.Palak’s phone’s battery is dead. She knocks at Ritvik’s door. He is taken aback to see her. She asks for charger. He too has not brought it. I will arrange it though. She says I have told at home already. Nothing to worry. Ritvik says Rohit is also talking at home. I guess they will manage it on their own afterwards. She shares that he is talking to Setu which is why she is here. They both stand there awkwardly. She tells him to let her know if he gets the charger. I have to shift back to Mumbai so I am waiting for some Emails. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry. He offers to go with her. She asks him if he is talking about Mumbai. He shakes his head. I am hungry. Let’s look for a juice stall? They collide as they walk at the same time. He stops and says sorry and follows her.

Saanchi is trying to reach Rohit or Ritvik.Vijay is happy with the way their contract is progressing. Vijay stops back to check his missed calls while Rishabh starts the meeting. Vijay is on call with Saanchi. He asks her to hand over the phone to Mr. Puri. She agrees.Rishabh comes out to look for his father.Vijay tells Mr. Puri that their kids can never do anything wrong. Mr. Puri repeats Reeva’s words. I cannot make that girl our DIL. Aman is unable to get in touch with Rohit or Ritvik. Mr. Puri blames Ritvik for supporting his son in his wrongdoing. Ananya and Mamta tell him to calm down. Ananya said that Ritvik will bring Rohit back. Mrs. Puri says he is involved in the plan though. Mr. Puri says relations will be spoiled if this wedding happens (as a cold warning). Vijay tells him he does not break relations like him. Ananya explains to her father that Ritvik can never break their trust. Mr. Puri emotionally says he will understand his position the day Ritvik does something like that. Vijay is upset with Mr. Puri’s words and tells him this. I am coming back asap. You should atleast trust your daughter.

Rishabh tells his client he is unable to find his father. The meeting his cancelled. They lose the deal.Palak tells Ritvik she got the job. I will finish the project and then maybe shift to Mumbai. Ritvik says Delhi NCR also has lot many opportunities for a doctor. You will find a job here as well. She nods. I don’t feel at home here anymore. He sips his juice quietly.Rohit tells Setu it is a question on their relationship’s dignity. We haven’t done anything wrong. We must not marry like this. She isn’t positive that their parents will agree but he agrees to pacify them. He hugs her.

Palak asks Ritvik if he smokes to look cool. This isn’t trend anymore. He calls it once in a moon thing. She speaks of a seminar wherein she was told to think of the one who they love very much whenever they try to resume what they are addicted to. He points out that it is his family who he loves very much. She asks him if his fiancé’s name isn’t in that list. He says such love does not exist. It’s only in films and books. She calls it real. Love just happens. You forget all this and yourself then. When you feel like doing anything for someone then its love. It is love when you think of someone else before you. He speaks of practical love. Ananya and I are sorted in this matter. She calls it wrong. Every girl deserves such kind of love. I hope you are able to give that much love to Ananya. She agrees. It is time to go. She begins to go when he asks him to let her know if she isn’t done thinking / talking about love. I will do what Manjeet aunty couldn’t do. I will find a good guy for you. She says no thanks. I am not so obsessed with love yet. Saying so, she walks away.

Aman tracks Rohit’s location. Puri’s decide to head there.Rohit asks Ritvik why he told Ananya. Ritvik says I did what I thought was right. You dint tell anyone at home? Rohit says I wanted to tackle Setu first. Ritvik makes him call Ananya. Ananya begins to scold him when Rohit tells her he isn’t married yet. We will be back tomorrow. Ananya says everyone knows it now. Mom Dad have already left for the lodge and are very upset. He asks her if she told everyone. She denies. Ritvik was speaking to someone on phone and we overheard. He asks her to stop them but she tells them to let them come. Papa and Ritvik’s parents had an argument and the situation isn’t good. He tells her not to tell anyone that he called. She ends the call hurriedly as someone calls out to her. He looks panic stricken at Ritvik.


Dil Hi Toh Hai 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Rishabh sas everyone knows family comes first for us. Plus, Puri’s are our family now. Vijay says I also dint want any misunderstanding to break Ritvik’s alliance. Ananya is the best match for my Ritvik. I don’t want to lose her.


Dil Hi Toh Hai Details

Dil Hi To Hai is an  Indian romantic family drama television series which will start from 18 June 2018 on Sony TV.. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms.The show will star Karan Kundra and Yogita Bihani. Initially Omkar Kapoor was cast in lead role, however he backed out at the last minute and Kundra was bought in as replacement.


Yogita Bihani
Karan Kundra
Poonam Dhillon
Pooja Banerjee
Rajat Tokas
Akshay Dogra
Asmita Sood

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min