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Dil Hi Toh Hai 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Palak And Setu Are Kidnapped


Dil Hi Toh Hai 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update, Dil Hi Toh Hai Written Update on

Dil Hi Toh Hai 27th July 2018 Episode Start With Palak is looking at the rain. Ritvik asks her if she is thinking about him. He walks closer. I know you are thinking about me. She asks him if he isn’t sleepy. He asks her the same question. You said inside that you were sleepy but you are still here. She lies that he was boring her. He inches closer. Lie! You left as you want to avoide me. She says it is good that you know. She begins to go when he holds her hand. Why are you lying? It is the biggest lie to lie to yourself! You wanted to know if I love Ananya or not? She denies. He asks her what was the need to think of him again and again; and why is she so curious to find out more about him. She tells him not to believe Setu.

She is mad. He asks her why she is lying. She calls it wrong. You are engaged. He says you know it but you still love me. Stop fighting. You don’t have to go away from me. I am near you even when I am away from you. Don’t do this to yourself. I have seen it in your eyes when you are near me. Your heartbeats increase. Don’t fight with yourself! She closes her eyes as he moves her hair aside. Romantic song plays in the background as they look at each other. She withdraws from his clasp and walks away.

Setu wakes up Palak. What happened? Palak looks around and runs out in the balcony. What’s happening to me? I am seeing him in my dreams too! Setu asks her if she is fine. What happened? Palak asks her to leave her alone. She goes outside. Palak mentally tells herself to have a grip on herself. It isn’t possible! Setu follows her. Someone is looking at them. Both the girls close their eyes because of the sudden flash.

Rohit and Ritvik are having tea. Rohit is worried as to how his parents will react. Ritvik tells him he dint elope and marry. Rohit knows there will be war. Ritvik does not mind. Rohit smiles. I have a great plan. Finish your tea. I will tell you then.

Manjeet ji is unable to reach Palak. The phone is lying on the ground next to the car where they were seen last night.

Rohit knocks at Setu’s room’s door. He wants to send the girls back before everyone reaches here. They get inside the room.

Vijay says sorry to Rishabh for running away from the meeting. This was a real opportunity for the company. You had to be embarked because of what I did! Rishabh says everyone knows family comes first for us. Plus, Puri’s are our family now. Vijay says I also dint want any misunderstanding to break Ritvik’s alliance. Ananya is the best match for my Ritvik. She is perfect for him. Ritvik agreed to marry after so long! I don’t want to lose her. Rishabh assures him it will happen.

Rohit and Ritvik check everywhere but they are nowhere to be seen. They ask the hotel guy and one staff member informs them that they were last seen outside. The guys think they went for a morning walk. Rohit tries Palak’s number and they hear the phone ringing. Ritvik finds the phone. Rohit and Ritvik get alert. Someone is wrong.

Rohit asks the hotel manager something when they see some news about a Meerut goon. Ritvik asks manager to take them to the terrace. A guy gives a phone to Ritvik / Rohit. It is the same goon. Rohit mistakes him to be Setu. You are a great mimic. Mahender Singh (goon) says it happens in love. Come in your senses or I will kill both the girls! Rohit asks him what joke is this. Mahender Singh advises him to come out of the lodge and see for himself. The staff member also tells them those guys seemed strange.

Rohit and Ritvik step out of the lodge. Mahender Singh calls them again. He asks them to sit on the scooter parked outside the lodge and come to the said location with 50 lacs. Setu shouts from the background. I am really afraid. Just get me out of here. Rohit tells her to stay calm. Ritvik asks for Palak but Setu has no clue. He challenges the kidnapper who doubles the amount and ends the call. Both Rohit and Ritvik are panicked. Ritvik keeps taking Palak’s name. I brought Palak here. What kind of security is this? What kind of a hotel is this! They decide not to tell the police. Rohit runs towards the scooter. I cannot let anything happen to Setu. Ritvik stops him. Let’s think with a clear mind first. Let’s not panic.

Mahender Singh asks his men from where they got these girls. He tells them that he overheard them talking. One of them ran away from her house to marry. The other one is her friend. Mahender Singh asks about the other girl (Palak). His men inform that Palak was beaten as she was fighting too much. She might not survive. Mahender Singh does not mind. The other girl was the runaway bride. Her groom will give any amount to save her. Let the other one die! Doesn’t matter!

Ritvik calls someone to arrange cash. Rohit feels bad. They are in this situation because of me.
Ananya scolds them for not charging their phone. Ritvik requests her to take everyone back somehow. Don’t let them come here. Ananya asks him if they are fine. Ritvik nods and hands over the phone to Rohit. He too requests her to take everyone back. Ritvik assures her nothing will go wrong. trust me. She tells him she trusts her. She asks her Papa to take some alternative route. I will switch on GPS. You can follow me. Aman nods. She looks tensed.

Manjeet ji calls at Palak’s number but Ritvik picks the call. He tells her that Palak, Setu, Ritvik and Rohit came together for work. The girls have gone out for something and Palak forgot her phone. She tells him to ask Palak to call her once she is back. He agrees and ends the call. Manjeet ji wonders when Palak went out.

Aman stops the car. This route seems wrong. He asks a random guy about Sangam Lodge. The guy tells him it is the wrong way. Aman tells Mr. Puri. Ananya says I was just following GPS. Reeva confronts Ananya. What are you up to? Ananya confesses that she misguided them intentionally. Ritvik called. Aman is certain there is some problem. They all nod. Ananya suggests sending everyone back if they have to help Ritvik. We will stay back. Mr. Puri asks them what they are doing. Ananya, Aman and Reeva begin to argue about the route. Mr. Puri scolds them for childishness. I will call the Deputy Commissioner. He is my friend.

Ritvik and Rohit reach the said hideout.

Mahender Singh shoots a guy. He receives Ritvik’s call. Mahender Singh tells him to throw this phone there. One of my guy is there. Take another phone from him and follow him quietly. Don’t act smart. Ritvik assures him they wont act smart. I got the money. Just keep Palak and Setu safe. I can even give you more money if you want. Mahender Singh says I don’t have to do anything with the girls. Give me my money and take the girls. He disconnects the call. Ritvik tells Rohit what Mahender Singh told him.


Dil Hi Toh Hai 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Mamta says Ritvik dint push anyone. It was Rohit’s decision. Ritvik only went there to stop him. Saanchi hopes nothing goes wrong. I am really scared. Mamta asks Saanchi when Vijay and Rishabh will return. Saanchi shares that they are just boarding the flight.


Dil Hi Toh Hai Details

Dil Hi To Hai is an  Indian romantic family drama television series which will start from 18 June 2018 on Sony TV.. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms.The show will star Karan Kundra and Yogita Bihani. Initially Omkar Kapoor was cast in lead role, however he backed out at the last minute and Kundra was bought in as replacement.


Yogita Bihani
Karan Kundra
Poonam Dhillon
Pooja Banerjee
Rajat Tokas
Akshay Dogra
Asmita Sood

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min