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Dil Hi Toh Hai 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update

Rohit And Setu Run Away From Mahender’s Den


Dil Hi Toh Hai 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update, Dil Hi Toh Hai Written Update on

Dil Hi Toh Hai 31st July 2018 Episode Start With Mahender Singh aims the gun at Ritvik’s head. Ritvik keeps asking about Palak. Setu tells Ritvik not to do anything. Palak is fine. He refuses to give money without seeing Palak. Palak throws the stone at Mahender Singh’s hand. Ritvik is distracted. Goons bring Palak inside. Mahender Singh says this is kidnapping and not some love story. You love her right which is why you can do anything for her? Ritvik says I will do anything for her. Setu and Rohit look at each other. Mahender Singh says I got the money but this girl (Palak) will go with us now. Ritvik offers to give him more money but Mahender Singh denies. Ritvik grabs him angrily and pulls the gun out of his hand. He holds Palak’s hand and asks Setu and Rohit to run from there. Setu is reluctant to go but Rohit reasons that they can bring help.

Ritvik threatens to kill Mahender if anyone takes a step towards them. He next asks Palak to leave. She is reluctant to go even though he promises her he will come back. She shakes her head. Another goon takes the opportunity to snatch a gun and aims it at Palak’s head. Mahender Singh pulls his gun out of Ritvik’s hand. Is this some game? Should I kill Palak? It wont take another second. Ritvik says I will bring whatever you will ask for. Mahender asks him who called police. Ritvik says it would be the parents of the couple who just ran away. Leave Palak. I will get you any amount of money you want. He keeps his cards and cash. Keep this and the car that is at the lodge. I can bring more money but let her go. Palak keeps looking at him.

Rohit asks Setu to come. We have to seek help from someone. Goons are following them. Setu and Rohit hide and manage to avoid the goons.

Mahender’s goons count the notes. He makes his men throw the cards away as they can be tracked this way. Ritvik tells him that the money is complete. You got the cards and everything. Let us go now. Mahender asks for his watch. It looks expensive. Ritvik goes quiet. He remembers that it was Vijay who gave him his watch that he had purchased with his first salary. It is very lucky for me and would be lucky for you too. Keep it close and safe. Ritvik says I wont take it off ever. He hugs his father. Flashback ends. Ritvik relates the story to Mahender. It is just an emotional thing for me. Please don’t ask for this. Mahender tells him that he got the gun from his father. give me this watch if you love your life. Ritvik outright refuses. Kill me but I cannot give this watch to you. I gave you everything you asked for and more. Mahender asks him if he does not care about his life or Palak. Shall I kill her? Ritvik looks at Palak.

Aman, Ananya and Reeva are at the lodge. They find out that the girls are kidnapped. He wants to inform police but Ananya does not want to risk anyone’s life.

Ritvik removes his watch against his wish. Let her go now. The goon withdraws his knife from Palak’s neck and pushes her towards Ritvik. She hugs him and he holds her tight. Mahender Singh wears the watch. He asks them to leave.

Rohit and Setu are still running. Rohit finds a drunkard there and picks his phone. He calls Ananya and tells her everything. Aman suggests calling police but Rohit says they are with the goons. Aman asks for their location. Let’s meet at midpoint.

Ritvik and Palak are about to walk out when Mahender calls him by his name. You are my real treasure. They don’t let them go. Palak requests Mahender to leave Ritvik. You got whatever you wanted. Ritvik seconds her. My Dad will give you whatever amount of money that you will ask for. Let her go. She refuses to leave him alone and pleads for his freedom again. Mahender tells her to stay quiet. Ritvik is right. It will be fun now.

Mamta is talking to Mrs. Puri. Mr. Puri is talking to himself in the background. Ritvik said Rohit wont marry but I feel Rohit eloped to marry. Mrs. Puri tells Mamta that his BP is high now. He is in hyper mode. Mamta is worried for the kids. Mr. Puri says Ritvik is my would be SIL. I will talk to Vijay. Mamta says Ritvik dint push anyone. It was Rohit’s decision. Ritvik only went there to stop him. Mr. Puri says this isn’t the time to discuss all this. Let’s hope police and kids are able to find them.

Ritvik and Palak stay put on their arguments. Mahender asks her to leave. Don’t tell anything to police or we wont spare this boy! Palak insists she wont go but Ritvik tells her to leave. Mahender pulls her out of there while Palak and Ritvik keep looking at each other. Samjhawan plays in the background. Palak cries and bends down on her knees. Ritvik thinks of all the moments spent with Palak and wipes his tears. He remembers wishing for Palak’s well being on his way here. Palak also thinks of their past moments together.

Mamta says I used to worry only about one kid of this home. Saanchi says he is the strongest. Mamta says such people are the weakest when it comes to them. During Reeva’s time, everyone accepted the truth but Ritvik was upset with God as to why Reeva had to go through this. He punished himself, Palak and her mother. It is his problem. He blames himself and does not know how to think about himself. Saanchi gives her coffee. She receives a call from someone.

Rohit is upset with Aman for calling police. Aman says Puri uncle had done it already. Rohit says he did it to find us. Setu adds that local police has setting with the goons. Aman knows someone in police team and assures them that Palak and Ritvik will be fine.

Mahender aims gun at Palak. Leave! Ritvik tells him not to worry. She will go. Someone informs them that police is headed towards jungle. Mahender asks his goons to take Ritvik with them. Palak is left behind. She goes after them on foot.

Saanchi tells Mamta that Mrs. Suri called. I feel Mr. Puri is reacting too much. We are worried for Rohit and Ritvik but uncle’s behaviour isn’t right. Hope they wont blame Ritvik for everything. Mamta says I tried everything but he is like that since always. He creates a fuss and calms in the end. Saanchi says Dad has been in a better position than uncle and same is for Ritvik. Maybe Puri Uncle thinks that way and is trying to find faults in Ritvik. Mamta has faith in Ananya. We have old bond with Puri’s. I am very worried for Ritvik. He has been responsible always. He calls or informs someone. I just hope he is back safe. Saanchi assures her he will be fine. Mamta says everyone thinks Mamta is a cool mom. This time I have a feeling that something will happen which will change everything.


Dil Hi Toh Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Palak tells Ritvik not to worry for her. Just go from here. Mahender is fed up and tells them thus. She hits him and pushes him away. The goons hold Ritvik while Mahender shoots at Palak. Ritvik is stunned.


Dil Hi Toh Hai Details

Dil Hi To Hai is an  Indian romantic family drama television series which will start from 18 June 2018 on Sony TV.. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms.The show will star Karan Kundra and Yogita Bihani. Initially Omkar Kapoor was cast in lead role, however he backed out at the last minute and Kundra was bought in as replacement.


Yogita Bihani
Karan Kundra
Poonam Dhillon
Pooja Banerjee
Rajat Tokas
Akshay Dogra
Asmita Sood

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min