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Dil Hi Toh Hai: Ritwik post marriage with Palak, family disowns


Dil Hi Toh Hai: Ritwik betrays Ananya marries Palak (Yogita Bihani), Noon family disowns Ritwik (Karan Kundra)

The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Dil Hi Toh Hai is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.Ritwik and Ananya’s wedding day finally arrives and everything seems to be perfect, Noon and Puri’s are too happy.While Ritwik is confused and sad over this marriage, Ritwik and Ananya’s wedding rituals begins and Ritwik is clueless.Ritwik is clueless what to do and thus finally takes a decision to stand up for his love, Ritwik leaves Ananya in wedding mandap.Ritwik and Palak’s marriage dhamaka.

Ritwik proposes to marry Palak and express her love, while Noon’s and Puri’s are shocked with it and doesn’t know what to do.Ritwik and Palak’s this marriage decision will bring new havoc as Ritwik’s father will disown Ritwik for ruining their name and disowns her.

Dil Hi Toh Hai Spoiler Alert 9th August, 2018

Ritwik and Palak’s love seems to be unstoppable and things are going out of hand as Ritwik and Ananya’s wedding day are coming close.Ritwik is restless as he can’t marry Ananya and loves Palak but he also can’t go against his family to choose Palak.Palak is also in tears but still makes arrangements for Ritwik’s wedding with heavy heart, but Palak’s sadness is conveyed to Ritwik.Ritwik and Palak’s love syappa.

Ritwik knows that Palak is shattered and in pain and so does Ritwik but they couldn’t do anything to stop this.Ritwik and Ananya’s wedding day finally arrives and now it’s time for final day, Ritwik and Palak looks into each other’s eye and part ways.

What more twist awaits next is to wait and watch for, stay tuned for more exciting updates

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