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Dil Hi Toh Hai Spoiler update 30th September 2018


Dil Hi Toh Hai Spoiler Alert 30th September 2018

Ritwik (Karan Kundra) and Palak’s (Yogita Bihani) love life is once again turning head over heels.Mamta wants Vijay to understand Palak and trust her, while Rishab is adamant to instigate Vijay against Ritwik and Palak.

But what is cooking between Vikrant and Gita will now bring ahead new problem for Ritwik and Palak while Palak decided to work with Gita unaware of the truth that she is Ritwik’s real mom.

Palak turns protective for Ritwik

Palak wants to shield Ritwik from his real mom as Ritwik believes that she will ruin back and will try to ruin their happiness.While here Mamta wants Palak to never break Ritwik’s trust or Ritwik wiill not be able to live his life.

While Palak feels Mamta and Vijay’s concern for Ritwik, Palak will now turn protective for Ritwik and will shield him from further problems.Let see if Palak be able to realize Vikrant and Gita’s conspiracy before it gets too late.Palak and Ritwik are sad over what all happened, Ritwik fails to make his father Vijay understand that Palak osinot wrong but of no use.Vijay warns Ritwik that Palak will leave him like Geeta left him, Palak consoles Ritwik.

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Palak asks Ritwik if he ever had doubt over her and Ritwik confess yes and tells that it’s his painful past which makes him more doubtful.

Palak’s promise of trust to Ritwik

While Palak makes a promise to Ritwik that she will never betray him and will always stand by her.Ritwik and Palak’s love seems to be strong but for how long as Vikrant and Geeta are up for big game.

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