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Dil Hi Toh Hai Spoiler Update 3rd October 2018


Dil Hi Toh Hai Latest Spoiler 3rd October 2018

Coming up interesting storyline in Dil Hi Toh Hai will gear up for a huge revelation.Palak announces a grand party for Ritwik’s birthday where she secretly plans a big surprise for Ritwik and invites Vijay Mamta and his family.But things doesn’t come in her favor as Vijay badmouths Palak in the birthday party and also insults her which enrages Ritwik’s anger at hell.

Ritwik loses temper shocking Palak

Ritwik’s incensed anger brings a drastic havoc when he breaks all gifts and lashes out over Vijay’s ill behavior towards Palak.While Palak tries to console Ritwik, Ritwik loses his temper when he sees Big Daddy’s photograph in one of the gift.

The viewers will get to see high voltage drama in Ritwik’s birthday party where at the end Ritwik will leave the house in anger shocking Palak, Setu and Rohit.

Ritwik and Palak’s life seems to be moving forward but many more hurdles are obstructing their way.Rishabh is leaving no stone unturned to create trouble, whild Ritwik had now lost his job.Palak knows that it is creating trouble for Ritwik and thus decides to talk to Geeta for Ritwik’s job.Palak seeks Geeta’s help for Ritwik,Palak does her biggest mistake that is to seek help from an enemy that is Geeta who is already playing games.

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Palak and Ritwik’s life is going to get more complicated as Geeta will agree to help Ritwik but with secret motive.

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