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Dil Hi Toh Hai Update: Geeta Palak’s open war, Gita meets Palak and Ritwik


Dil Hi Toh Hai: Mystery Unfolds! Gita exposes Vijaypath Noon ugly past clears off Ritwik’s big fat misunderstandings

Upcoming high voltage melodrama in Sony TV Show Dil Hi Toh Hai will finally unveil the unspoken secret of Vijaypath Noon, Gita and Mamta’s past.Where Palak finally learned about Gita being Ritwik’s bilogical mother,Gita is hurt realizing Vijay has proved her totally evil in everyone’s eyes where Ritwik hates her at hell even when she is innocent.

Gita meets Palak and Ritwik

Gita wants to reveals her truth where now she announces Vikrant Tara’s wedding to come in close contact with Palak to reach Ritwik.It would be highly intense to watch how Ritwik will learn his father Vijay’s evil identity and how Gita will get justice.Palak has found Geeta’s truth of being Ritwik’s real mother and knows that she is upto something.

Palak had learned a shocking truth about Geeta and now is trying her best to keep Ritwik away from Geeta.Palak knows what is the affect on Ritwik’s mind when he saw Geeta’s picture and can’t afford to let Geeta come infront of Ritwik.

Palak also knows that Ritwik will never be able to bear seeing her infront of him and thus tries to keep them away.While here Geeta is determined to tell truth to Ritwik as what had happened in past and wants Ritwik to know it.

Palak and Geeta’s open challenge

Manjeet had turned wedding planner for Vikrant and Tara’s wedding, Palak tries to keep Ritwik away from Geeta.Here Geeta gives open challenge to Palak that now she will meet her son Ritwik and Palak takes up this challenge to shield Ritwik.

Palak understands what Geeta is trying to do as she hires Manjeet as wedding planner and is playing bitter game.Palak takes up this challenge to safeguard Ritwik at any cost and not let Geeta get successful to destroy Ritwik and his peace of mind.

Will Palak support Gita? Let see what will happen next in the show. Tune in to for more upcoming updates and latest news.