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Dil Hi Toh Hai Update: Palak to Unfolds identity of Ritwik’s biological mother


Dil Hi Toh Hai: Mystery unfolds Palak finds a shocking identity of Ritwik’s biological mother

An interesting chapter in Dil Hi Toh Hai will now get unfold when Palak will announce Ritwik’s birthday party.Palak invites Ritwik’s family but things take troll when Vijay insults Palak in party and badmouths her character enraging Ritwik’s anger.

Meanwhile, the situation gets worsen when Ritwik loses his temper and starts breaking all the gifts and finds Gita aka Big Daddy’s photograph.Ritwik recalls Gita’s betrayal and leaves the house feeling brokendown while Setu Palak and Rohit are shocked, Palak sees Big Daddy’s photograph and realizes a big truth.

Palak turns to protect Ritwik

Palak will finally find out an unspoken truth of Vikrant’s mother Big Daddy that she is Ritwik’s biological mother.Palak faces a deep trauma realizing Big Daddy and Rirwik’s connection and recalls how she gave promotion to her and how she was running from Ritwik when Ritwik caught her in office.

It would be interestting to watch ahead how Palak will now protect Ritwik from his mother Gita aka Big Daddy and how she unveil the mystery behind her betrayal.Will Ritwik be able to gulp this truth that Palak works for Big Daddy, his mother?

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