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Dil Hi Toh Hai Update: Vijay ditched Gita, Big Daddy targets Ritwik


Dil Hi Toh Hai: Not Ritwik’s mother, but Vijay ditched Gita, A big fat mystery of Past

The dramatic storyline of Sony TV Dil Hi Toh Hai is gearing up for Big Daddy aka Gita’s huge revelation.Gita is Ritwik’s real mother aka Vijaypath’s first wife…While in the storyline, it is revealed that Gita ditched Vijay for money and married a rich business tycoon.

Ritwik and Vijay hate her at hell and this is the reason Vijay has yet not accepted Palak as he fears if Palak will be alike Gita and will ditch Ritwik for money.

Gita returns in Vijay’s life

Gita has made her return in Ritwik and Vijay’s life while the duo are unaware of her presence.While Vijay still regrets of loving Gita and trusting her blindly, Gita feels upset seeing Vijay with Mamta and his regret over the past.But the twist in tale will soon come forwar when the real truth will come out that not only Gita, but Vijay is also responsible for what all happened with him in the past, and truth will change everyone’s life.

Palak wants Vijay to take his time and then understand her and trust her, Ritwik’s love for Palak is getting more strengthen.Where Ritwik is proud on Palak that she planned sting operation on Vikrant and praises her bravery, Ritwik plans to make Palak feel more special that now he will be planning a romantic date for Palak.

Big Daddy aka Gita targets Ritwik

Ritwik and Palak’s romantic date in park and their bench love is going to bring a treat moment for Dil Hi Toh Hai fans.Where they are sharing their immense passionate and true love and are living a happy marital life, There Ritwik’s real mom Gita has returned back in Ritwik and Vijay’s life where her first target is Vijay’s weakness that is Ritwik.

Let see what Gita is up to and what Vijay is hiding from Ritwik, Mamta and his family.

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