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Krishna Chali London: Divorce Drama Krishna Radhey’s new villain, Fight between Radhey Prashant


A serious fight between Radhey (Gaurav Sareen) and Prashant (Ishaan Singh Manhas) for Krishna (Megha Chakraborty) in Krishna Chali London

Star Plus daily soap Krishna Chali London is up for a major twist in the storyline.So far we have seen that how Prashant and Krishna’s past relation gets revealed to Radhey.Where Radhey accepts Krishna’s past and Krishna chooses Radhey, not Prashant.Prashant determines to get back Krishna in his life at any cost and there he comes to meet Krishna.Prashant confesses love to Krishna,Where Krishna doesn’t want to maintain any relation with Prashant, Prashant confesses his love.

Radhey gets infuriated seeing Prashant back, and there he loses his temper and beats Prashant.However, Krishna manages the situation, it would be quite interesting to watch how Prashant will turn new villain in Radhey and Krishna’s love story.Radhey (Gaurav Sareen) finds him helpless after he fails to earn money for Dubey’s bail.And now this will knock in big double trouble for Radhey and Krishna as Radhey endangers his life for money.Where Radhey comes to get Dubey’s bail, Prashant gets Dubey released from jail,Krishna Radhey’s new villain.

The viewers will see unexpected high voltage melodrama in Shukla house.Shukla will insult Krishna over her relation with Prashant, while Radhey will take stand for her, the duo will lastly end up realizing true love.But now Prashant will turn new villain in their love story, and soon Prashant and Radhey will face off deadly fight.

Krishna was in love with Prashant, since he is educated and sensible. Prashant has mentored her for a bright future. Krishna had plans to elope and marry Prashant. She was compelled to marry Radhe, because of Dubey’s false threatening. Krishna develops a soft corner for Radhe after knowing him well.

Things take a turn when Shukla vents out his enmity on Dubey. Dubey faces a big humiliation post his arrest. He regrets over his decision to force Krishna for marrying Radhe. He believes that he should rectify his mistake. He wants his daughter to be happy again in her life. He never imagined that Krishna would face tortures in her in-laws. Prashant suggests Dubey to get Krishna and Radhe separated. Dubey comes up with a divorce plan to protect Krishna. Radhe finds his growing bond with Krishna suddenly falling apart because of Prashant. 

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