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Divya Drishti 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Shekhar Is With Pisachini


Divya Drishti 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update, Divya Drishti Written Update on

Divya Drishti 24th March 2019 Episode Start With Pisachini tells her help you see what is next. She floats in the house.Rakshit says why did you do this. She says you saw me then why did you do this? She says I married you for a reason. Rakshit says don’t blame it on me. Drishti says I can’t tell you the reason. He says you are upto something nd tell me what is it? You fooled that girl and now she is Shekhar’s wife without her knowledge. She says I did all that for her. He is dazed.

Divya says this is crazy. I don’t accept this wedding. Shekhar says please try to understand give this marriage one chance. She says I am not stupid. I don’t believein all these stupid things. Divya says shut up. I wont accept this.
Rakshit says this wont be easy for you. I never wnted to get married to you. It wont be easy for you miss PA. He leaves.

Shekhar gives her a sunflower. She gave it to a kid in a part. She recalls. e says I have loved ou since then. She says it was you? But that wont make me accept this marriage. Shekhar says you can take your time. I wont force you into anything. He leaves. Divya says I dont’ want this marriage. I will change what happened.

Pisachini dances with her bichu. A man comes to Pisachini. she says you did the best for me. You got married to congratulations. It is Shekhar.
Drishti says Divya wont ever pardon me. Divya says says I wont pardon her. I wont let her live in this house. And that witch what has she got to do with this house.
Divya says di I hope you were with me. We could find out mother’s killer. Drishti says I hope you see the truth my sister. They both say good night to each other.

Shekhar says everything is going as per our plan. She says don’t lose in this mission . He says you know what I want. She says yeah I remember.
Shekhar comes to Rakshit and says I am sorry but this was right for you. I knew you wont be happy with Divya. Rakshit says but nothing this way. He says I saw her. i know who Lava was talking about. Shekhar says how can you be so sure? he says I saw her. Pisachhini is hearing everything. Shekhar says calm down brother. Rakshit says i know what truth is. Someone is helping her in this house and I will find out. Shekhar says go to your wife. Rakshit says why aren’t you going? Shekhar says because she is angry.

Rakshit comes to room. Drishti is asleep on the bed. she wants up. She lays on the bed and says this is my bed. And you married me. this is how couples sleep. He takes off his shirt. Drshti says what are you doing. He says if you are uncomfortable then you can leave.

Divya breaks things in anger with her power. Shekhar looks at her. He recalls what Pisachini said.
Drishti sees someone stabbing Divya. She says what did I see. Whho was that. What is happening. Shekhar takes out his dagger. Divya turns back. Drishti goes towards Divya’s room.
Divya says I miss you di. shekhar says calm down. Drishti says should I go or not. What did I see.

Drishti sees Shekhar she says if she okay? And why is the vase broken. He says she is angry. She says I am just worried for her as a human. Shekhar says she is okay I will take care of her. Drishit says thank you.
Rakshit looks for Dristi. Se leaves. Bichu comes to Shekhar and says you didn’t do it? incomplete tasks make Pisachini very angry.

Drishti comes back to room. Rakshit says do you sleep walk? She says I went for water. He says but water is in room. She says I wanted hot water. He says tell me truth. She says why do you care? She sleeps.

Shekhar says to divya you look good. Divya says this will be fun. People will see my face. Everyone will know who married who. No one has right to play with a girl’s life. Shekhar says I know you are angry.
Divya comes to Drishti and says you did all this. I will kill you. Drishti says try to understand. Divya says you always wanted this. Dirshti says listen. divya leaves.

Divya Drishti 30th March 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Another witch comes to Pisachini.


Divya Drishti Details

The story of the show will revolve around a young girl possessed by ‘Devi’ at periodic intervals.When the ‘Devi’ arrives, the girl is able to foresee events.Actors Sana Sayyad, Sangeeta Ghosh and Mansi Srivastava will be seen leading the show.Recently the promo of the show is released where Sangeeta Ghosh as partial witch steals the show and Sana Sayyad is seen in innocent girl avatar who can foresee future.It would be really interesting to wait and watch for this show as the VFX of the show looks promising.

Cast : 

Sangeeta Ghosh
Mansi Srivastava
Sana Sayyad

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 42 Min