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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv’s brother that his thinking is 25 years away from family and says if they know what is family? He says you all don’t know about my name. He says this Lakshmi, my mother gave me birth, but couldn’t handle me. Why you couldn’t feel that your son was locked in the underground room, what is my identity, Shiv’s twin brother or young brother. He asks did you have any answer. Why didn’t you save me from that underground room, and says I was locked in this house only and you couldn’t feel my cry and my existence. You haven’t given me birth, but life imprisonment. He says what is father’s duty, a son gets his father’s name, but I didn’t get even my own name. He says where were you? Guru maa smiles. While Lakshmi and Govind looks on sad. Their son asks where was they when he needed them. He turns to Shiv, and says Angad, Gayatri and Balwan are this family’s life. He says what do you think we have no difference. You got this family’s love and happiness of life, but I did get all sorrows and pain of this world. You got the name and I was sacrificed. He asks him to bring knife and says your blood will be red and my blood will be black.

Lakshmi says it is not like that and asks them to think whatever happened is because of Maa Durga. He says I can’t hear this world. He says even no leaf is moved without Goddess’ wish, then why did she let this happen. He says ok, whatever happen now will be with Goddess wish. He goes to temple and comes out. He says I am not from this family as I am black spot on this family. I am Kala teeka. Lakshmi says you are not kala teeka, but my son. She says although you was not part of house, but was still in the house. She says maa durga kept you separately from us, but didn’t keep you far. Twin tells that he was separated from them when they disowned them and can never join them. Lakshmi calls him beta. Twin asks her not to call him son and says you had left me 25 years ago and taken a decision. Now I will leave you alone. Lakshmi asks him not to leave and asks Govind to stop him. Gurumaa asks him to stay back. Twin says I respect you, but don’t stop me. He is again walking out.

Aastha stops him and says I am not stopping your or will say that you are wrong. She says whatever you said was right. She says this family have broken relation with you 25 years back and now got you back. She says your wish, need and feelings don’t mean to them, bad thing have happened with you. Your brother have spent a lavish life here, while you have spent an imprisonment here. You have no reason to stay here and have many reasons to leave this house, didn’t get you love and respect, but there is one reason with which you can stay here, your right, you have right on this property, who have equal rights on this house property which you shall take. She says you are this family’s son and that’s why I am asking you to take your rights so that you don’t have to live a bad life. Twin says he don’t need any money. Aastha says it is not about money and says you shall lead a good life, for which you need money. She says Durga Pooja will start from tomorrow, and asks him to take papers after 9 days and leave. Twin goes to his room. Lakshmi smiles.

Jaya asks Janki to wear all the jewellery fast and asks her to think that someone asked her to loot it. Janki says until when she has to wear it. Jaya says if we wear them then our jewellery will be saved from getting distributed. Janki says ok.

Gurumaa comes to Twin and says she supports his decision and will not stop him from leaving. She says whatever I did was for your betterment. She says I didn’t know that these people will misbehave with you and asks him to go. She says whatever happens is because of destiny. Twin says God forgot to write by destiny and asks her not to blame herself. Gurumaa says I will pray for you and asks him to go for his betterment. She says she will make herself understand and will keep stone on her heart. She smirks.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Pandit ji asks everyone to suggest names for Twin. Radhika and Gurumaa changes the chits. Pandit ji reads the name. Everyone is shocked.