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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya asking Janki to wear jewellery fast thinking someone offered her free shopping and asked her to loot the jewellery. Janki says she will wear all sarees. Jaya says there will be no distribution for sarees and asks her to just wear jewellery and continue wearing it so that they don’t have to give their jewellery for partition. Radhika comes and says if partition don’t happen then. Jaya asks didn’t you see how Aastha filled everyone’s ears, and says bhedi/twin will loot everyone. She says until this partition happens, the fire will not set off. Janki says she might have a plan to stop partition. Radhika says I have an idea to stop it. She says we have to do something to make Shiv’s brother leave the house.

Lakshmi tells Aastha that her son would have gone if you haven’t talked to him and says she will not forget her favors. Aastha says we have to think how to change his hatred. Shiv says his hatred is of 25 years, how to change his heart. He says how to make him believe that we don’t hate him. Janki says we will not let him stay here. Radhika says Aastha wants to get his rights but we won’t let that happen, but will make him leave the house. Jaya says I want to ask her something and asks what is her advantage. Why she wants to join us, she shall support her to be husband and asks why she is going against Shiv. Lakshmi says someone has to make him understand., he was away from me and was in pain, but I couldn’t felt his pain. Even we have done unknowingly. She says he was punished and now we are punished. Aastha says this distance will go and says he came infront of us and there might be a reason for it. We have to make him believe about your love and then he will refuse to leave the house. Lakshmi says I got my son after 25 years, and don’t want to leave him. Shiv says we have to make him feel special and says he wants Lakshmi to take a first step towards him.

Radhika says she is not against Shiv, but against Aastha. Janki gets happy. She says Aastha told wrong about partition and that’s why she don’t want to support her. She says it is bahu’s duty to thought about the betterment, and I can’t see Aastha breaking the house. She says if you don’t believe him then its ok. Jaya says we will take your help. Radhika says we are a team now. They shake hands. Radhika says tomorrow Navratri’s first day will be last day of Shiv’s brother.

Aastha comes to Twin’s room, switches on the lights and asks him to come to hall as everyone is waiting. He asks why? Aastha says it is a surprise. He says he don’t want. Aastha asks him to come for once.

Pandit ji asks the family that the name shall begin with O or K and asks them to write their suggested names and put chit in bowl. Twin comes and asks what is all this? Lakshmi says they are doing his naam karan/naming ceremony. Nand Lal tells that they thought about his words and that’s why thought to keep his name, and wants to rectify their mistake. Shiv says we will call you by your name from now on. Twin asks with whose permission you have kept my naamkaran, and asks them to stop it. He says I don’t want any name, identity or anything. Janki smiles. He asks them to stop the drama and is going back. Shiv asks him to stop and says don’t get angry. Twin says I am not angry at you, whatever happened with me, you were unaware of the happenings with me. We both couldn’t stop the happenings.

Shiv says you said right, but now I can stop you. He says I can’t talk about the past, whatever happened was bad and tells that yesterday Aastha told you about your rights. He says those two alphabets came from Kundli and says even name is your right. He asks him to sit and not to snatch his happiness and brother from him. Twin says this happiness have no future. Shiv says but I am happy and asks him to sit for 10 mins. He says we need your name for the property papers and asks him to sit for naming ceremony.

Lakshmi gets up and makes him sit. She then sits and asks Pandit ji to start. Pandit ji asks them to suggest some names and give to him. Everyone writes their suggested names on the chit. Gurumaa is also giving the chit. Lakshmi stops her and throws the chit. Pandit ji puts ashes around the box. Radhika thinks she can’t go near the box now and have to think something else. Pandit ji says we will do havan first and then think of a name. He does the havan and asks them to do dhyaan for 5 mins so that twin can get a good name. While everyone closes their eyes, Radhika looks at the box. Jaya and Janki are with Radhika in her plan.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Twin tells Lakshmi and Aastha that they will not accept their words and will never forgive her. He says he can’t forget that he stayed in the underground room, signs on the papers and asks her to sign too and forget that he has other son also. Lakshmi is sad.