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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji asking everyone to close their eyes and do dhyaan so that Shiv’s brother gets God’s blessings. Jaya, Janki and Radhika have their eyes open. Radhika takes out Runjhun’s hair clip and signs Jaya to give the stick. Jaya gives her stick and thread. Radhika ties hair clip with the stick and manages to take out all the chits altogether. She then puts the chits in it. Aastha coughs while her eyes still closed. Radhika signs Aastha that the work is done. Pandit ji says dhyaan time is over. He takes out the chit and says the chosen name is Kaali. Lakshmi and her son are shocked. Radhika smirks. Shiv looks at his brother’s face. Twin takes the chit and reads the chit. He asks who has written this. He reads others chit and finds Kaali written on it.

He says you all have done good naamkaran of me. He breaks the glass bowl. You tried to give me name according to my complexion. This is not a co incidence. He asks if they all enjoyed. Lakshmi says we didn’t choose that name. Twin says if I am not good looking then you will name my Kaali. Radhika, Jaya and Janki smiles. He asks them to answer.

Aastha says dark complexion is not bad, but good and Kaali is not a bad word. She says my mum used to say that when God made humans, he made wheatish people, as his first choice was that. One day he saw some whitish thing on a wheatish face boy, and thought of an idea to make white complexion people. She says whitish people are called as beautiful, but for God dark complexion is his favorite. She says if you are wheatish then you are God’s favorite child. She says God Vishnu is this world’s creator and his avatar God Krishna is his avatar, says Sawla color completes other colors and says it is people thinking that it is auspicious, but my believe is that it saves a child from bad sight. She says in my view Sawla color is auspicious.

Lakshmi tells that first human born on this world was sawla and the first word said was Om. She says this is God’s name and sacred, Om is an identity, it has Shakti and Bhakti both and that’s why my son’s name is OM from today. Pandit ji likes the name and says there can be no better name than this, and says his troubles will be gone just as you all call him. He says you have given him a big blessing. Lakshmi holds his hand and writes Om on rice with his finger. She says Om…my son Om. Twin gets happy with his name and says Om Om.

Aastha says just like every mantra is incomplete without Om, this house is also incomplete without you and you have accepted us and proved this. Servant comes and says someone brought courier. Lakshmi checks the papers and says who got this papers. Om says he called these papers. Lakshmi says yesterday you got your name and asks why did you get it. I thought to take you out to Kolkata outing. She tells that they will go to Birla Temple and asks for a mannat for him. Aastha says he will come and will be happy.

Om says he never felt happiness. I sat on naming ceremony for Shiv as he didn’t have any mistake. He was also small like me, but you all knew about my existence. He says his voice was suppressed in that underground room and says you can’t think what I have went through. He questions Lakshmi if she can think of his pain. Om says I am sad to stay away from my brother Shiv. He says I will agree to all of your sayings. Radhika smiles. Om says he will never forgive them and can’t forget his stay in the cellar. He says I can’t stay here, if I want to forget everything then I have to go. He signs on the papers and gives to lakshmi asking her to sign too, and give him rights. He asks her to forget that he has another son. Shiv comes and asks Om not to go and asks him to keep his share too, but don’t leave. He says we will give you so much happiness in 25 days and will make you forget the past 25 years pain. He says we will do all the things together, play etc. I am ready to go to college with you again, we will study together and asks him to agree. He says life don’t give a second chance to anyone again, but grab the chance with both hands and folds his hand.


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gurumaa asks Lakshmi to let Om go if he wants to go and says Dosh is of his kundli, this is destiny etc. Lakshmi asks her not to utter a word and says if my son is leaving then the reason is you.