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1st Epi – Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Bakula Bua’s big mansion Raja Sadan is shown. Munna runs to Rekha daadi’s room and says Bakula bua. Rekha says she is here since she came here after marriage. Munna says she is dead. Rekha and her husband Vinay are shocked. Munna says Bakula bua daadi is holding her knee and crying that she died due to knee pain. Vinay says he frightened them. Munna says thank you thank you, he will inform everyone that Bakula dadi bua is dead. Rekha says Bakula ben’s yearly checkup reports have come. Vinay asks if reports are fine. She seriously says heart and kidney…no sugar and BP also…Vinay relaxes and says she is very jovial. Rekha says god does not want to call back Bakula bua.

On sky, a man argues with Yamraj that he is also god and needs his place. Yamraj says he can take people’s lives. Man says even he is a contract killer and kills people. Yamraj sends him to hell. Narad comes and tells Yamraj that Vishnu ji has invited him to solve a problem. Yamraj asks where. Narad says Raja Sadan. Yamraj searches and finds Raja Sadan in Gujrath. He sees Munna trying to read Raja Sadan name plate. His siblings say first character has fallen, so he is unable to read it. Drama continues. Yamraj asks Narad where is the problem there. Narad says must be inside, showing Bakula praying Krishna Bhagwan. Yamraj says he does not seen any problem inside. Narad says problem must be coming from outside. Two thieves Vilas and Kailash are seeing riding cycle. A dog barks on Vilas. He says not to bark, his bhabhi does not like it. Kailash asks if dog is his brother. He then describes about a man Rana who build this colony and made people rich, so they are going to loot his house Raja Sadan. Raja’s family is very rich.

Rekha chats with her bahus Madhuri and Rupal that they have to give expense calculation to Bakula bua. Madhuri says their house is in such a dilapidated stated that walls have lost paint, a big hole in sofa, etc. Rupal tries to hide broken wall under painting. Their drama continues. Bakula prays god that she made pure ghee sweet for him, he should enjoy it, she serves him, but he enjoys with Radha and Rukmani. Rekha with her bahu jokes. Bakula then shows prasad and eats herself, asks them to give expense bills. Rupal gives remaining money and says she saved by doing household chores herself. Madhuri jokes and Bakula laughs on her. She then asks Rekha to give expense bill next. Rekha says she gave 6000 rs for groceries and 60 rs are left. Bakula says 260 rs, why she steals such a small amount. Madhuri says because she does not give much money. Bakula taunts her that her husband Chandu is fit for nothing. Drama continues. Chandu returns home from shop and asks Vilas and Kailash who are they. They introduce themselves as brothers. Chandu asks where they studied and says he worked there as peon, but only for one day. He asks them what they do. Vilas says chori/thief. Kailash says chokidar/watchman. Chandu says they don’t have anything in their house and Bakula bua even fired cook and other workers, she feels family should do their work themselves.

Bakula continues scolding Rekha and calls her thief, she should be named Chorkha. Rekha asks not to call her thief, she did not steal money. Bakula calls Rupal’s son Aditya. Aditya is busy joking with Munna, Megha and Malhar. Megha says Munna is saying B for mango. Munna says he does not like banana and likes mango. They say he can say anything else. He says B for Bakula daadi bua. Bakula calls Aditya to come down, else she will cut his pocket money. He rushes down. She asks him to show Rekha’s secret video which he recorded and calls him Rana bhau’s mithoon chakravarthy. He shows video were Rekha butters vegetables vendor as her brother and asks to write 200 Rs more in calculation. She says he can keep 50 Rs. Bakula continues her drama. She then sees prasad missing and thinks krisnaji ate hr prasad and happily informs family. Aditya shows Munna, Megha and Malhar finishing prasad. Bakula scolds them. They say it was very tasty. She asks if they took permission. They say Krishna’s. She asks if he permitted. They say did not deny also, she call them evil, so it is evil’s duty to eat god’s prasad.

Yamraj walks to Shivji limping and complaining that his buffalo Mahesh took leave today and he has knee pain. He wishes Shivji who shows Bakula bua’s image. Yamraj says she looks a normal woman. Shivji says it her time to come to heaven, but Krishna Bhagwan does not want her to come to heaven. Yamraj asks why. Shivji says only Krishna ji will tell. Krishna Bhagwan comes and shows Bakula scolding him and saying he does not love her and come here, but once she comes there, she will see him. Krishna says her anger is more than her love. Bakula sings bhajan and then sings Piya tu abto aaja…and dances. Krishna gets shocked seeing that. Bakula then goes to Rekha’s room and sees Rekha and Vinay romancing. They get shy. She asks Vinay if his honeymoon is still continuing in this age. He says when he did not stop his honeymoon with life even after 60 years, how can he stop honeymoon with Rekha just after 40 years. Drama continues. Bakula asks Rekha to gather everyone in living room. Whole family gathers. Bakula says tomorrow is her 50th wedding anniversary and she wants them all to gift her and whoever gets best gift, she will gift them something good. Family drama continues..

Bakula sleeps. Yamraj comes and takes her soul. She asks who is he, why he entered as thief. He says he is Yamraj and came to take her life. She says he cannot take her as she has a lot of issue to solve her. She tells about vegetable vendor giving gents finger instead of ladies finger, etc.. Yamraj warns to stop her nonsense, she cannot escape. She snatches his weapon and warns to dare try now. He says he will send her to hell. She says his duty is only to submit her life to Brahmaji. Her soul goes back to her body and she wakes up. She thinks why she is seeing same dream. She fights with Krishnaji not to let Yamraj take her soul. Krishna says tathastu. Yamraj says he has to take Bakula’s life, else he will be blamed, why did he bless her. Krishna smiles, Bakula will neither be alive nor be in heaven, she will roam as Bhoot, Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot.

PRECAP: Mohit’s fiance’s father asks Bakula why he feels she is insulting him. Bakula says she is really insulting him. Yamraj hires Yamduth and orders him to bring Bakula’s soul.

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