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1st Epi – Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool buying vegetables in two baskets. He tells that he has two wives and two homes, Sheena and Jigna. He tells that there is a good rhyming in their names and when they came in his life, his timing was wrong. He says he didn’t get marry wishfully, but due to accidents. He says he got married first when his boss Ranjeet got heart attack and he was taken to the hospital. In the hospital, he sleeps and the servant hits him saying he died. Ranjeet wakes up and tells that he is just feigning to get heart attack so that Sheena agree to marry his employee Bakool. He asks him to make a sad face. Sheena comes there and gets worried seeing her Papa in heart attack and says you shall not take tension of office. Ranjeet says he is just worried about her marriage. She asks him not to act as TV shows dad. Ranjeet asks did you like Bakool and asks if I fix your marriage with him, then will you agree? She asks him to say yes. She says yes…He gets happy. Bakool comes there.

Ranjeet starts feigning pain again and asks him to do his work. Bakool says I have completed my 50 Lakhs target. Ranjeet says he is not taking about target, but responsibility. He says I want to give Sheena’s hand in your hand. Bakool says I am not suitable for Sheena. Ranjeet says Sheena likes you. Bakool is surprised and asks her. Sheena says yes, but. Ranjeet says no but..and call registrar. Bakool says you called registrar also. Ranjeet asks them to sign on the marriage papers. Bhaag Bakool plays…Registrar takes Bakool and then Sheena’s signs. Registrar declares them husband and wife. Ranjeet gets happy and says I got fine and feeling like dancing. Bakool and Sheena are shocked.

Ranjeet calls Nurse. They give garland.. Bakool and Sheena exchange garland. Ranjeet asks Nurse to make arrangements of buffet in the ICU. Bakool is surprised and shocked too. He says he got married in a hurry and his friend Harry get happy. Bakool says everything was planned and says registrar was already present there. Harry asks him not to take tension and says locker is saying that his keys are yours. Bakool says who will tell my mum that I got married. Harry asks him to take his wife home and take a chill pill. Bakool says when he reached home, other thunderstorm was waiting for him at home.

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He reaches home and calls Baa. He asks if you have a good journey. Baa emotionally blackmails him. He says I got a good news for you. She says I have more good news for you and calls Jigna. Jigna comes. Bakool calls her Namaste Behenji. Baa tells him that she is your wife and says you were married to her when you was 5 years old. She says we thought to bring her home when you start working. Jigna runs after him. Baa praises Jigna and tells that she is village’s clever girl and can count well from 1-20, but Jigna couldn’t count after 12. Baa says even time don’t go beyond 12 and says you will be more happy. Bakool refuses to acknowledge her as his wife and refuses to take her responsibility. She asks did you see any city girl? Bakool says yes. His mum threatens to kill herself. Bakool stops her. He tells her that he was talking about his office branch.

Baa convinces him and says today is your suhaag raat. Bakool says he has office work and runs away. He goes to Harry and tells about two suhaagraat in a night. Harry asks him to leave village girl. Bakool says he will leave sheena as he can’t refuse Baa. He tells that he can’t ruin two girls. Harry says when you can have two mobile sim in a phone then why can’t you have two wives in your life. Bakool says he is not a cheater and says he will break his marriage with Sheena.

Bakool goes to Sheena’s home and tries to talk to Ranjeet. Ranjeet hugs him and calls him Papa. Bakool says I want to talk to you. Ranjeet asks him not to talk about his salary etc. He says I will bring Sheena. Bakool asks him to listen first that he has one more wife. Servant hears him and looks doubtful. He asks Bakool if you said anything. Bakool says no. He wonders what to do.

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Sheena comes and hugs Bakool. Baa gives saree to Bakool and tells that she brought it for Jigna. Later Sheena wears the saree which Bakool kept for Jigna.

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